Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023

Yes, it’s that time of year where we’re all making goals and resolutions.  If you’re like me, you probably also have a list of all the home projects you’d like to accomplish this year.  Before we look ahead to those, let’s take a look back at 2023.  And…since we all love a good countdown, today I’m going to share my 10 most popular blog posts for 2023.  Let’s get started…

Countdown of My 10 Most Popular Posts of 2023:

Please click the links provided to read each full blog post.

As you read through my list, you’ll notice it consists of blog posts that were actually written in 2023.  Then at the bottom of this page, I also added some blog posts that were written in previous years, yet remained popular in 2023.

#10 Most Popular Blog Post of 2023:

Fall Coffee Table Ideas…

When decorating for a new season, sometimes just a few simple changes are all you need.  For my blog post – Fall Coffee Table Ideas, I shared a bunch ideas to inspire you for fall decorating!

coffee table with basket and neutral fall decor

Fall Coffee Table Ideas (Easy and Stylish)

#9 Most Popular of 2023:

My Fall Home Tour…

Each year, I participate in a ‘blog hop’ where a group of bloggers share our fall home tours.  For my stop on the tour, I shared My Simple Fall Aesthetic which included neutrals with navy blue mixed in.  If you’re already thinking ahead to next fall, be sure to check out my blog post where you’ll also find links to 25 home decor bloggers on the tour!

Mirror, artwork and wheat wreath leaning on rustic wood mantel - fall home decor

Simple Fall Aesthetic (Ideas to Decorate Your Home)

#8 Most Popular Blog Post of 2023:

My Christmas Home Tour…

Just like previous years, Christmas decorating was popular again!  This year, I shared my Cozy Christmas Home Tour which included classic decorating accessories like plaid, checks and plenty of red and green.

Seagrass basket with plaid bow and greenery - most popular blog posts of 2023

Cozy Christmas Home Tour (Classic Decorating Ideas)

#7 Most Popular of 2023:

Summer Foyer Ideas…

If you like to decorate in a coastal style, be sure to read Summer Foyer – Decorating Ideas for the Entryway and Beyond.  For that home tour, I mixed in crisp white accessories along with touches of blue.  

Foyer with traditional staircase, console table and hardwood floors

Summer Foyer – Decorating Ideas for the Entryway and Beyond

#6 Most Popular Post of 2023:

Spring Home Tour…

Yes, another home tour made the list of most popular blog posts of 2023.  On my Spring Home Tour, I decorated with blue and white (how surprising) along with pops of cheerful pink!

Stainless steel stove with white cabinets and spring decor on stove mantel shelf

Spring Home Tour with Blue and White (and Pink)

#5 Most Popular Blog Post of 2023:

Spring Fireplace Decor…

Whether you’re decorating for Easter, or just freshening up for spring, a mantel is a great place to start.  Last spring, I shared a bunch of Spring Fireplace Decor to give you ideas to welcome the season!

Stone fireplace with blue and yellow accessories and rattan tray on coffee table

Spring Fireplace Decor – Simple Ideas to Welcome the Season

#4 Most Popular of 2023:

Kitchen Island Decorating for Spring…

Apparently, spring decorating was popular this year!  Not only was this blog post about Spring Kitchen Island Decorating popular, but a few of the photos were some of my most popular pins on Pinterest!

Blue and white porcelain vase with flower stems on island in white kitchen

Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas to Celebrate Spring!

#3 Most Popular Post of 2023:

Spring Door Decor…

Yes, even more spring decorating ideas!  Since spring is right around the corner, be sure to read my Pretty Spring Door Decor Ideas to Try this Season. Not only did I share my ideas, but I linked to a bunch of ideas from other bloggers (as part of my Saturday Spotlight series.)

Seagrass door basket with pink gingham napkin and white tulips

Pretty Spring Door Decor Ideas to Try this Season

#2 Most Popular Blog Post of 2023:

January Home Decor…

Once Christmas is over, I think many of us feel a void in our homes.  Not surprising, that my January Home Decor Ideas were popular at the beginning of 2023.  Then this December, that blog post gained momentum again as readers started to plan for the new year!

Coffee table with stacks of decorating books and baskets of pine cones

January Home Decor

#1 Most Popular Blog Post of 2023:

Cozy Winter Home Ideas…

Once again, people seemed to be looking for ways to decorate after Christmas.  For 2023, Simple Ideas to Create a Cozy Winter Home was my most popular blog post!

White kitchen with wooden winter accessories on stove mantel

Simple Ideas to Create a Cozy Winter Home

In addition to those 10 most popular posts of 2023, the following ones remained popular during the year…but were written in previous years:

Plus, I’ve shared some of my favorite blog posts of 2023.  So, be sure to check them out too!

If you would like to see my most popular blog posts from previous years, please visit the links below:

Wow, the years really fly by, don’t they?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.  Hopefully, I’ve inspired you with my projects throughout the year.  As always, I enjoy reading all your comments and I appreciate our online friendships!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!



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White Kitchen with spring decor on stove mantel - Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023


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  1. Shelley,
    I love your decorating style. It’s beautiful, simple and not overdone. Affordability and refreshing our living spaces is important to me and others. I like to reuse and remix items and enjoy your uncluttered approach to decor. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours.

    1. Awe thanks, Barbara! Your sweet comment made my day! Thanks for stopping by and best wishes for the new year!

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