Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas (Easy and Stylish)

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  As the summer winds down, you might be thinking of ways to decorate for fall.  After all, isn’t fall everyone’s favorite season?  To get you started, today I’m sharing some easy fall coffee table decor ideas to try!

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Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Group decorative objects in a large tray:

If you want an easy way to decorate your coffee table for fall, gather some natural elements like I did for my Neutral Fall Decorating Ideas.  Simply, group them in a textured tray and place them in the center of your coffee table.  To make my fall table centerpiece even cozier, I placed a neutral throw blanket under the tray.

coffee table with rattan tray and neutral throw blanket - fall decor ideas

Basically, you could put anything fall themed in the tray.  For mine, I chose candles, pampas grass, a dough bowl, wicker spheres.  When you decorate with a tray, you can even hide the TV remote in there.

Create a Color Scheme with Fall Flowers and Apples:  

When I decorated for early fall one year, I cut a bunch of green hydrangeas and placed them in several vignettes around the house.  To continue the color scheme, I added some green apples and a splash of navy blue to coordinate with my existing family room decor. green apples and hydrangeas on rattan tray - fall coffee table decor ideas

If you’re placing a floral arrangement on your coffee table, you might want to reconsider using anything too tall.  This is especially important if you watch TV in that room.  Otherwise, you’ll be sliding your fall decor to the side all the time.

For those of you who don’t have flowers in your yard, head to the grocery store or a farm stand.  Most of the time, you can find gorgeous seasonal flowers at reasonable prices.  Recently, I visited a sunflower farm which had a huge variety to choose from.  If you want to use sunflowers in your arrangements, read – 7 Ways to Decorate with Sunflowers.

Decorate with Warm Colors and Lots of Texture:

Since warm colors feel extra cozy in the cooler months, consider using them on your fall coffee table.  One year, I coordinated my coffee table  with my living room by repeating similar colors and textures. With my seagrass chairs as inspiration, I continued the brown with woven pumpkins, pine cones and feathers.  Then, I carried the gold from my pillows and wheat bundles onto the coffee table with candle holders and velvet pumpkins.

White pumpkin and neutral accessories in living room - fall coffee table decor ideas

Normally, I also decorate with a stack or two of coffee table books.  For this table display, I moved the books to make room for all the fall accessories.

Decorate an Outdoor Fall Coffee Table:

If you have an outdoor seating area with a coffee table, decorate it for fall!  When I decorated my patio for fall, I used a large mum, flanking it with white pumpkins and lanterns for my fall table centerpiece.  

patio table decorated with mums, pumpkins and checked table runner

Obviously, the buffalo check table runner and the various pillows and blankets couldn’t stay out all the time…but they were great for fall entertaining.

Shopping Ideas for Fall Coffee Table Decor:

If you plan to place a tray in the center of your table, this rattan tray comes in a variety of sizes in colors!

For inexpensive lanterns, these are the ones I used on my outdoor coffee table.

Since you can’t go wrong with faux pumpkins when decorating for fall, here is a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from!

For even more fall coffee table decor ideas, here are a few finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, some of these creative ideas will help you begin your fall decorating!

Will you be decorating your coffee table for fall?

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Ways to decorate your coffee table for fall

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    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! Even though I’m still savoring the last weeks of summer, I am looking forward to the coziness of fall!

  1. Hi Shelley! I’m excited to decorate for fall and love all of your ideas! I’m going to share this in my weekly newsletter on Friday! Blessings, Donna

  2. Hi Shelley – I love all the textures you used for decorating the coffee table. Thank you for sharing this post with the Home Imagined Link Party.

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