Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2022

Happy New Year everyone!  Yes, its that time of year where we’re all making goals, resolutions and basically hoping to live our best lives.  If you’re like me, you probably also have a list of all the home projects you’d like to accomplish this year.  Before we look ahead to those, let’s take a look back at 2022.  As in previous years, I checked my google analytics to see the most viewed blog posts of the year.   And…since we all love a good countdown, today I’m going to share my 10 most popular blog posts for 2022.  Let’s get started…

Countdown of My 10 Most Popular Posts of 2022:

Please click the links provided to read each full blog post.

As you read through my list, you’ll notice it consists of blog posts that were actually written in 2022.  Then at the bottom of this page, I also added some blog posts that were written in previous years yet remained popular in 2022.

#10 Most Popular Blog Post of 2022:

Simple Christmas Stocking Display Ideas…

Yes, Christmas posts are popular each year.  Not only do you like to see pretty decorations but many of you find it helpful to see different ways to display them.  Since not everyone has a fireplace mantel, I think this blog post – Simple Christmas Stocking Display Ideas was helpful to those of you looking for other creative ways to decorate with stockings!

Cream knit stockings with gold bells

Simple Christmas Stocking Display Ideas

#9 Most Popular of 2022:

Kitchen Fall Ideas…

As expected, fall decorating was popular again this year.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I try to keep my seasonal decorating simple.  Since most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, 7 Simple Kitchen Fall Ideas (to Try this Season) seemed to inspire you.  From table settings to simple vignettes, these were easy ideas that anyone could try.

Amber bottles on windowsill - most popular posts of 2022

7 Simple Kitchen Fall Ideas (to Try this Season)

#8 Most Popular Post for 2022:

How to Tastefully Decorate with Fake Plants…

Since some people refuse to decorate with artificial plants and greenery, I was pleasantly surprised with how popular my blog post – How to Tastefully Decorate with Fake Plants and Greenery  was this year.  Maybe there are more people out there with “black thumbs” like myself!  Either way, I hope I inspired you with ways to use fake plants in a tasteful way! 

Palm leaf, shells and books on cane coffee table - most popular posts of 2022

How to Tastefully Decorate with Fake Plants and Greenery

#7 Most Popular:

Coastal Table Setting Ideas…

Since coastal style has been so popular…(especially with the whole “coastal grandmother” trend this year), I wasn’t surprised that my Coastal Table Setting Ideas for Casual Summer Entertaining got a lot of attention in 2022.  From the sea inspired blues to the colorful hydrangeas, this was one of my favorite decorating posts as well!

Blue and white coastal style table setting

Coastal Table Setting Ideas for Casual Summer Entertaining

#6 Most Popular:

Kitchen Island Tray Decor…

If you don’t know where to begin with holiday decorating, a tray can be a great place to begin.  This year, to kick start some of my holiday decorating, I joined a bunch of bloggers for a “Winter Wonderland” tray tour.  Each of us decorated trays in a winter theme.  First, I chose to decorate my kitchen island tray but then continued on and decorated a tiered tray near my coffee machine.  Don’t you love it when your original ideas “snowball” into more creative ideas?  Read that blog post here – Kitchen Island Tray Decor (a Cozy Winter Theme).

silver reindeer and white metal house - kitchen island tray decor - winter theme

Kitchen Island Tray Decor (a Cozy Winter Theme)

#5 Most Popular Blog Post of 2022:

Christmas Home Tour…

This holiday season, I was inspired by all the cute snowflake and Fair Isle items I kept seeing in the stores.  So, I decided to use some of those decorations throughout my home for Christmas.  Without going too crazy with purchases, I found some creative ways to incorporate the snowflake theme in several rooms.  That blog post – 2022 Christmas Home Tour – Snowflakes and Fair Isle Decorating was part of a blogger winter home tour!

Wooden snowflake and candlesticks on white stove mantel

2022 Christmas Home Tour – Snowflakes and Fair Isle Decorating

#4 Most Popular:

Neutral Fall Home Tour…

Yes, home tours are always popular on my blog.  Normally, I decorate with more color in the fall. but this year, I was in a neutral mood – Neutral Fall Decor Ideas for the Home. Thankfully, readers seemed to enjoy the change…and so did I!  

Wood coffee table with cream blanket and neutral accessories - most popular posts of 2022

Neutral Fall Decor Ideas for the Home

#3 Most Popular:

Summer Home Tour (Coastal Style)…

As I mentioned, coastal style was popular this year.  With a blog name of Calypso in the Country, you can guess that I really enjoy decorating in a coastal-beach style!  Yes, I was definitely in my element using blues and pretty florals. Once again, I joined a group of bloggers to share our home tours for summer!  To see that tour, read – Simple and Classic Summer Home Tour (Coastal Inspired).

Stone fireplace with coastal art and accessories on wood mantel

Simple and Classic Summer Home Tour (Coastal Inspired)

#2 Most Popular:

Spring Home Tour…

Speaking of home tours, my spring one was super popular – Simple Spring Home Decorating Ideas (to Welcome the Season!)   If you’re like me, you just love the first signs of warmer weather after a long winter!  Believe me, I’m already counting the days!  Thank you to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for hosting some many of these tours that helped my posts reach the top ten for the year!

Foyer with white spindle staircase and wood floors - most popular posts of 2022

Simple Spring Home Decorating Ideas (to Welcome the Season!)

#1 Most Popular Blog Post of 2022:

How to Decorate with Round Trays…

Well, apparently it was the “year of the tray” for my blog!  Not only did you enjoy my winter tray decorating ideas but you liked my round tray ideas as well!  Yes, How to Decorate with Round Trays – Simple Tips and Photos was number one most popular blog post of 2022!  Not only are trays great for serving, but they so versatile for decorating and organizing clutter!

Round wooden tray with green apples and hydrangeas - most popular post of 2022

How to Decorate with Round Trays – Simple Tips and Photos

In addition to those 10 most popular posts of 2022, the following ones remained popular during the year…but were written in previous years:

If you would like to see my most popular blog posts from previous years, please visit the links below:

Wow, the years really fly by, don’t they?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.  Hopefully, I’ve inspired you with my projects throughout the year.  As always, I enjoy reading all your comments and I appreciate our online friendships.  In addition, I’d love to know your favorite blog posts this year.  If you’d like to read mine, I just published my list – My Favorites of 2022.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!



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Top Ten most popular blog posts of 2022


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  1. Hello Shelley, I love looking at your blog and getting ideas to decorate my own home. I was reading your most recent post and I really like the paint color you used in your family room/living space. I am really wanting to make a paint color change in my own family room and wondered if you would share what color paint you used on the walls. I have a similar neutral color scheme and your wall color looked like what I might like to try. Thank you so much. Sue

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! Our family room and kitchen are painted Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan. Hope that helps!

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