Christmas Coffee Table Decorating Ideas (Easy Tips)

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Have you finished your holiday decorating yet?  In my home, I decorate in stages so I’m not quite finished yet.  If you don’t have time to decorate your whole house, consider styling a few areas of your home.  Since you’ll probably be spending time in your living room or family room, focus on decorating your coffee table.  To inspire you, today I’m sharing some easy Christmas coffee table decorating ideas to try!

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Christmas Coffee Table Decorating Ideas:

Easy Tip #1 – Add greenery and ornaments to your table…

On my living room coffee table, I normally display a few stacks of decorating books.  Rather than remove my everyday decor, I simply added a bit of greenery, some ornaments and a bit of holiday plaid.

Red plaid napkin, ski ornament, candle and basket of pine cones and red ornaments on coffee table - Christmas decorating ideas

That plaid fabric is actually just a cloth napkin.  Because that ski ornament was a little large, it looked awkward hanging on my Christmas tree…but I loved how it looked on top of the napkin.  Plus, it’s always more interesting to decorate with different shapes and sizes.  To pick up the red from the glass balls in the seagrass star basket, red plaid was the way to go.

Several years ago, that star basket was such a find.  Back in the day, I think I bought it at Pier One.

Obviously, I like decorating with the basket because here it is again with another Christmas coffee table vignette.

Ornaments in star shaped basket with greenery and candles on Christmas coffee table

That time, I actually removed the stack of coffee table books and everyday decor.  With candles, pine cones, red flowers, greenery and ornaments, the table vignette had a true Christmas vibe. 

As you can see, I chose items with various heights to keep it more interesting.  When decorating, you can also choose an odd number of accessories for a more appealing look.  In this case, I used an odd number of taller items.

Easy Tip #2 – Coordinate your coffee table color scheme with your room…

Yes, these are the same coffee table decorations from the photo above.  Basically, I’m sharing this photo to demonstrate how the reds from the table coordinate with the room.  Though, I’m not exactly sure my Christmas tree has a color scheme!  Since this is our family tree, anything goes as far as colors and decorations.  Anyway, besides the tree, you get the idea about the red color palette.

Christmas tree in living room with decorated coffee table and golden retriever on rug

Plus, this photo has my precious baby Rosie in it.  This will be our second Christmas without her…I miss that girl so much!

Easy Tip #3 – Group Christmas decorations in a large tray on your coffee table…

If you want an easy way to style your coffee table for Christmas, group your decorations in a tray. To make this Christmas coffee table centerpiece more festive, I layered a red plaid table runner under the tray.

Rattan tray with dough bowl and candle - Christmas coffee table decorating ideas

This time, I used a dough bowl to hold my ornaments and Christmas greenery.  Then I filled a cute little reindeer bowl with some Hershey’s kisses…just in case someone needs a treat.  A container of candy canes would also work.  Not only did I coordinate my coffee table colors with the rest of the living room decor, but I also decorated with a few “Merry” pieces.  To see the whole tour, read – Christmas Home Tour.

For this year’s Christmas decor, I went with a similar look but this time I placed a plaid tablecloth under the tray.  Yes, that tablecloth actually matches the napkin in the first photo above.  Obviously, you can’t go wrong with plaid for Christmas!

Rattan tray with candle and greenery over plaid tablecloth - Christmas coffee table decorating ideas

Since this is our family room coffee table, I try not to decorate with anything too high.  After all, my guys can’t have objects blocking them while they watch their sports on TV. Bonus…when you decorate with a tray, you can even hide the TV remote in there.

Easy Tip #4 – Make a centerpiece out of a wreath and candle…

Since I usually end up tweaking my Christmas decorations throughout the holiday season, I already ended up trying a new look for my coffee table.  To create a simple centerpiece, I placed a red pillar candle in a glass hurricane in the middle of a wreath.  Honestly, I don’t know why I’ve never tried this on my coffee table before!

Wreath and red candle centerpiece on coffee table - Christmas decorating ideas

If you’re thinking of doing the same look in your home, be sure to measure the opening of the wreath.  That way, you can find the appropriate sized glass hurricane to place in the center.

Not only is this a super easy way to style a coffee table for Christmas but it’s such classic look!  Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of space so you can put down drinks or snacks without having to move everything.  Of course, my boys will probably use the extra space to put up their feet.  Yeah, we have to pick our battles…

Easy Tip #5 – Display a white ceramic Christmas village on your coffee table…

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I love decorating with white ceramic houses!  Needless, to say, I decided to display some on my coffee table.

White ceramic houses and candles on coffee table - Christmas coffee table decorating ideas

To create this centerpiece, I started with a long charcuterie board.  Then I lined up some of my favorite white ceramic houses, mixed in some greenery, lit a few candles and I was done!  Of course, a safer option would be to use battery operated candles. Since, I was just experimenting, I used real candles this time.  Though, I did place a few mini flameless candles inside some of the houses for an extra glow.

*Decorating Tip – If any of your little houses have large openings in the back, fill them with a battery operated candle or a mini bottle brush tree like I did.  That way, if you’re sitting on the couch, you won’t see a bunch of gaping holes in the back of your coffee table centerpiece.

Shopping Ideas for Christmas Coffee Table Decor:

Here are a few finds to help you decorate your coffee table for Christmas…

If you plan to place a tray in the center of your coffee table, this rattan tray comes in a variety of sizes in colors!

For a simple wreath to use as a coffee table centerpiece, this wreath is pretty and classic and is also prelit!

If you love white ceramic houses as much as I do, you know they sell out fast.  As of now, these houses are still available and are very cute!

If those are gone, these are super cute too! 

For even more Christmas coffee table decorating ideas, here are a few finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, some of these festive ideas will help you conquer your Christmas decorating!

If those aren’t enough, here are a few blog posts to read…

Will you be decorating your coffee table for Christmas?

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  2. Hi Shelley – With the holiday season being so hectic, I appreciated the easy and straightforward tips you provided. You gave us a way to decorate that was relatively quick and doesn’t break the bank. Thank you for linking up with the Home Imagined Link Party.

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