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Simple Christmas Stocking Display Ideas (Easy Tips)

Hello friends! Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight, where each week, I like to highlight a different theme or topic to inspire you.  Now that November is here, many of us have started decorating for Christmas…or have started planning our holiday decor.  If you’re still in the planning stage, I have some inspiration for you.  Today, I’m sharing some simple Christmas stocking display ideas along with some lovely finds from around the internet.  Come get inspired…

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Christmas Stocking Display Ideas

Traditional Stockings Hung on the Fireplace Mantel:

Each year, I try to think of creative ways to display our stockings.  Even though, we only have one fireplace mantel, I still end of buying more stockings than we actually need!  Last year, I fell in love with the rustic look of knitted stockings displayed with hanging gold bells.  Obviously, I’m not the only one because I’ve seen this popular style all over social media…

Knit Christmas stockings with gold bells hanging on rustic stone fireplace

knit stockings

As much as I loved this look for our mantel, I actually had to move these and re-hang our family Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve.  Since my family is big on tradition, I didn’t want to disappoint them on Christmas morning!  Needless to say, their Lands End Christmas stockings were waiting for them when they woke up…

Needlepoint stockings hanging on rustic stone fireplace - Christmas stocking display ideas

Of course, I love these stockings as well.  Years ago, my sister in law bought them for us and they’ve been our go-to stockings ever since.  With the needlepoint pattern, they’ve held up beautifully and don’t stretch out of shape like some of the knitted stockings can.  Also, I love that she personalized the stockings for us…a thoughtful and special touch!

If you don’t have a fireplace mantel, there are plenty of other ways to display Christmas stockings…

Hang Tiny Stocking Ornaments on the Christmas Tree:

One year, I found a set of mini stocking ornaments and hung them on our living room Christmas tree.  With the vibrant plaid patterns, they really stood out against the green branches.  Plus, their casual look blended well with all the family ornaments.  

Mini stocking ornaments displayed on Christmas tree

similar mini stocking ornaments

Besides hanging these little stockings on the Christmas tree, here are a few other ways you could display them:

  • Add string or ribbon and make them into a hanging stocking garland.
  • Attach them to the top of your Christmas gifts.
  • Fill them with Christmas candy and give them away as party favors.

Use Medium Sized Stockings at Utensil Holders:

If you plan to entertain this holiday season, include Christmas stockings on your table setting.  If you wanted to take it a step further, add a tag with each person’s name to designate the seating.  Then, let your guests take home the stocking as a party favor.

Red stocking utensil holder on white plate - Christmas stocking display ideas

exact plaid stockings

Hang Stockings on Wall Hooks:

If you have wall hooks in your mudroom (or hooks on your chalkboard like I do), then hang some Christmas stockings on each one.  Repeating similar objects always looks great when decorating…

Red plaid stockings hanging on hooks - Christmas stocking display ideas

exact plaid stockings

Choose stockings to go with your color scheme and they could really liven up a small area.

Hang Christmas Stockings on a Rustic Ladder:

If you own a decorative ladder, fill some stockings with greenery and hang them for a farmhouse style look…

Knit stockings hanging on rustic ladder- Christmas stocking display ideas

While shopping in one of my favorite local stores, Barn Picks, I spotted this cute Christmas display.  Once again, if you don’t have a fireplace mantel, this is another great way to hang your Christmas stockings!

More Great Places to Display Christmas Stockings:

  • Hang a couple stockings on your bedroom headboard.
  • Fill a large stocking with greenery and hang it on an interior door.
  • Hang medium or small stockings on the back of your dining chairs.
  • Display pretty stockings on your staircase railing (along with garland).
  • Hang a row of stockings across a bookcase or console table.

Christmas Stocking Shopping Finds:

If you like the look of my needlepoint stockings, here is a cute one along with a bunch of styles to choose from!

If you want knit stockings for your utensils (instead of the plaid ones I used), here is a cute set of red knit stockings…

And if those sell out, here is another set of cute knitted stockings.


Here is another knit stocking that caught my eye because I just love a Fair Isle Christmas stocking!  


At Christmas time, you can’t go wrong with traditional red stockings!

(Besides being cute, the price is great!)

Or if you want to go with a non-traditional color, these velvet stockings are gorgeous! 

Besides being able to personalize these stockings, you can also choose between four colors!

For even more Christmas stocking display ideas and creative projects, here are some finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, I inspired you with all these Christmas stocking ideas! 

What are your favorite ways to display Christmas stockings?

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Christmas Stocking Display Ideas


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