How to Decorate with Blue and White (in the Fall)

Do you use blue and white in your fall decor?  If you’re like me, you love decorating with blue and white but you don’t want to pack it away for fall.  Well, who says you have to?!  Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite blue and white fall decorating ideas!…

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Blue and White Pumpkin and other ways to decorate with blue and white in the fall

Blue and White Fall Decor Ideas:

We’ll start with an easy one that will take you about 20 seconds…

Just throw some pumpkins in a blue and white bowl and add little bit of faux bittersweet:

White pumpkins in a blue and white bowl for fall

Suddenly, that blue and white is looking quite festive!  If you visit any craft store this time of year, you can easily find faux bittersweet.  If you don’t want to spend any money, you could also use leaves or twigs from a tree.

Add a blue and white pumpkin to a rustic tray:

Blue and white painted pumpkin on rustic wood tray

Isn’t this chinoiserie pumpkin gorgeous?  My friend, Karolyn from The Relished Roost painted it for me a couple years ago.  I love displaying it in the middle of my island this time of year!  If you aren’t talented enough to paint something like this, consider painting a simple buffalo check pumpkin instead.

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Add some wheat to a pitcher…

White pitcher with wheat for fall.

How easy is that?  Now my bar tray has an autumn vibe.

Use a blue and white pot to hold those fall mums:

White mums in blue and white pot for fall

Since you will probably be buying mums anyway, use your blue and white decor to dress them up for fall!

Buy a bouquet of sunflowers and add them to your blue and white collection:

Sunflowers in the fall added to blue and white porcelain

Lately, I’ve seen sunflowers in all the grocery stores and farm stands so they should be easy to find.  To see more details on this tabletop vignette, read – Blue and White with Sunflowers in the Foyer.

Add mini white pumpkins to your blue and white fall table settings:

Fall table setting with a white pumpkin

Although, the blue and white was subtle in this table setting, it had a fall vibe due to the rustic pieces and the mini white pumpkins.   If you want to see how the whole table turned out, check out my Simple Fall Table Setting with White Pumpkins.

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Speaking of pumpkins, why not add some orange ones to your blue and white collection:

Orange pumpkins and blue and white for fall

After all, orange and blue are complementary colors.  Just adding a few pops of orange can really liven up the blue and white.

Speaking of orange, add some pillows to your sofa this fall:

Adding orange to update pillows for fall

Last year, I bought a few orange pillow covers on sale at Pottery Barn.  I switched out the pillows on my couch with the orange and loved how it looked with the blue.  You can see how they coordinated with my coffee table vignette by clicking over to my post, Simple Fall Vignette and a Couple Pillow Options.

Just add a white pumpkin to existing blue and white vignettes:

Blue and white on a bar cart for fallNot only is this a super-easy way to add a fall touch, but it doesn’t steal the attention away from the blue and white that we all love!  You can see more of my bar cart dressed up for fall here –   3 Ways to Decorate a Bar Cart for Fall.  Ever since I bought the bar cart, it has become my favorite place to decorate in my home!

Hopefully, I gave you some ideas to dress up your blue and white decor for the fall season!

If you love blue and white, you should enjoy it all year!

Here are some more ideas featuring blue and white fall decor:

Cheers to Blue and White for Fall!

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Ideas for fall using blue and white

Blue and White Fall Decorating Ideas


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