7 Simple Kitchen Fall Decor Ideas (to Try This Season)

If you want to keep your fall decorating simple, consider adding a few seasonal accessories to your kitchen.  That way, you can enjoy your decor where you’ll see it everyday.  Today, I’m sharing some kitchen fall decor ideas you can try this season.  Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to add some simple fall touches to your kitchen!

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7 Kitchen Fall Decor Ideas to Try This Season:

If you’re like me, you spend most of your day in the kitchen.  So, if you’re going to add some fall decor to your home, your kitchen is the perfect place to do it!  Below, I’ve listed 7 easy fall ideas you can try in your home.  Let’s get started…

Table setting on wood table with white chairs - kitchen fall decor ideas

1 – Create a Fall Table Setting in Your Kitchen:

Whether you plan to entertain guests or just enjoy a meal with family, your kitchen table is a great place to add some fall decorations.  Just keep it simple white dishes and then add some warm fall colors in your accessories.  Save the fancier decor for the dining room!

Navy and gold table setting - kitchen fall decor ideas

Ideas for Fall Table Decor

For the fall centerpiece, you could add some color with grocery store flowers or even make your own centerpiece like I did on my fall table above.  For even more easy centerpiece ideas, read – 5 Simple Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving.  (Yes, they are Thanksgiving centerpieces but they are simple and could work for any fall table.)

2 – Kitchen Fall Decor Ideas for Your Window Sill:

If you have a window over your sink, it’s a great spot to add some kitchen fall decor.  Recently, I shared a bunch of ways to decorate your windowsill…for every season.

amber bottles in windowsill - neutral fall decor ideas

Easy Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Every Season

Maybe if you add bit of fall decor above your kitchen sink, you’ll enjoy doing dishes more!  Yes, you can enjoy the view of the fall foliage outside and the view of your pretty fall decorations inside!

3 – Style a Fall Vignette on Your Kitchen Countertop:

Bring out your fall dishes and accessories to decorate you counter.  In my home, I always update the corner of my kitchen counter with seasonal items.  For fall, I bring out my white ceramic pumpkin, botanical plates and other fall decor.  In the vignette below, I elevated a simple white pumpkin in a glass dome.  For some reason, even simple things look special under glass!

Pear and Pumpkin Vignette on Counter - kitchen fall decor ideas

White Pumpkin Vignettes and Table Setting

Of course, your vignettes don’t need to be anything elaborate.  For instance, you could just decorate with apples or any seasonal fruit around the kitchen.  If you read my blog regularly, you know I love to decorate with white pumpkins too!

In the past, I’ve also decorated this corner with a basket of cookbooks. Originally, I had visions of trying all kinds of new fall recipes.  Unfortunately, seeing the cookbooks didn’t actually make me use them!  Oh well…maybe it will work for you! 

4 – Decorate Your Kitchen Island with a Fall Vignette:

If you have an island in your kitchen, create a seasonal vignette in the middle…

blue and white pumpkin and plant on round wood tray - kitchen island fall decor

How to Decorate with Blue and White in the Fall

Simply, gather up a few fall accessories and group them in a basket or tray.  Then place the tray in the middle of your kitchen island countertop where you can enjoy it.  If you have a fall-scented candle, you can add that for some extra fall coziness.  When you need to use your island for cooking or entertaining, you can easily carry the tray to another spot.

For the center of your island, you could also display a fall flower arrangement or fill a vase with fall branches from your yard.  Why not bring some of that lovely fall foliage inside?!  For more fall flower ideas, read – Decorating with Flowers – Ideas for Fall Vignettes.

5 – Create a Fall Focal Point on Your Stove Mantel:

When we remodeled our kitchen years ago, I made sure we added a shelf to our stove hood.  In my opinion, this “stove mantel” is one of the best places for fall decorating in the kitchen.  If you don’t have a shelf above your stove, you could achieve the same look on any shelf or the space above your refrigerator.

white stove mantel decorated with neutrals for fall

On my recent fall home tour, I decorated mostly with neutrals.  To continue with that neutral color palette, I decorated the stove mantel with wheat bundles, candles, velvet pumpkins and some amber colored glass vases.  Against my white cabinets, decorating this space creates such a focal point when you walk in the kitchen. 

If you have a fall wreath, that would look pretty on a stove mantel or even on a door to your pantry.  And I’ve seen people display all kinds of cute fall signs as well.  This time of year, there are so many fun ways to decorate.  In your kitchen, think of a place where you can create a focal point for fall!

6 – Display Your Fall Dish Towels around the Kitchen:

If you’re like me, you can’t resist buying seasonal kitchen towels every time you head into Homegoods or TJ Maxx!  Every year, I purchase a bunch for the fall season.  After all, they need to take me from early fall to Halloween and then Thanksgiving!  

fall pear towels and blue dish

Is it just me, or do you get annoyed when family members actually use your decorative towels?  Since I consider my seasonal towels to be part of the fall kitchen decor, I don’t like my family to wipe their dirty hands on them.  Don’t they notice that the towel hanging on the dishwasher handle coordinates with the rest of the seasonal decorating?  Haha

7 – Decorate Kitchen Shelves or a Sideboard Table for Fall:

Do you have open shelves or a buffet table in your kitchen?  This year, use that spot to add some kitchen fall decor.

Since we have an open concept kitchen – family room setup, I placed a console table behind my sectional.  Not only does it break up the space but the open shelves give me a place to decorate and store kitchen items.  Basically, the console table serves as a buffet or sideboard for the room.  When I decorate the shelves for fall, I like to coordinate the colors with the rest of the kitchen.

Shelves decorated with pumpkins, books and baskets - kitchen fall decor ideas

On the top shelves, I bring out the seasonal decor like white pumpkins, wheat bundles, a seagrass tray and lanterns.  On the middle shelves, I store dishes and cookbooks and on the bottom, I use seagrass baskets to store all my napkins.  Each season, I change the stack of cookbooks to coordinate with my color scheme…and to motivate myself to try new recipes.  Yes, this fall I’m finally determined to shake up my dinner routine with some new recipes!

Thanks for stopping by to check out all my decorating ideas for the kitchen!  Hopefully, you found some ideas you can use in your home!

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Which of these kitchen fall decor ideas is your favorite?

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