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How to Tastefully Decorate with Fake Plants and Greenery

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Each week, I focus on a different theme or topic to inspire you.  This week, I’m sharing ways to decorate with fake plants and greenery.  I know, not everyone loves fake plants.  Though, consider this…most of us wouldn’t think twice about using artificial greenery during Christmas time.  Yet for some reason, many of us are hesitant to decorate with faux plants the rest of the year.  In my opinion, you can decorate with artificial plants and greenery any time of year…as long as you do it tastefully!

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Ways to Tastefully Decorate with Artificial Plants and Greenery: 

faux greenery and books on coffee table

Use Fake Greens Sparingly:

When you’re decorating with artificial greenery, you shouldn’t go overboard. 

For a classic look, all you need are a few green accents.  For stems similar to mine below, here’s an option.

Bar cart with artificial greenery and orchid plant

When decorating my summer bar cart, I didn’t want to think about maintaining fresh plant stems.  For me, some faux broad leaf palm leaves were the quick and easy way to go!

Mix Real and Faux Greenery in Your Home Decor:

Most people won’t notice the difference…

If you mix a couple faux plants in with your real ones, you can fool your friends into believing you have a green thumb!  

flowers and plants on foyer table - ways to decorate with fake plants

Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Though, my friends know that I do not have a green thumb…but I try!

Dress Up An Artificial Plant in a New Container:

Containers can can change the look…

This year, I gave up on decorating my front porch with live plants.  Instead, I bought two artificial boxwood plants and set them inside my black urns.

artificial boxwood plant in black urn planter - ways to decorate with fake plants

exact black urnexact faux boxwood plant

Not only were the faux boxwoods a perfect fit for my urns but they look SO real!  I’ve seen fake boxwoods in various stores like Homegoods and have never been too impressed with them.  Since these faux boxwoods had great reviews, I took a chance and ordered them…and I’m thrilled with their quality and look.  As you can probably tell from the photo, there’s even a little variety in color.  Plus, they aren’t perfectly round like the ones I’ve seen in stores.  If you’re looking to buy artificial boxwoods, I highly recommend them!

Tips to Make Artificial Plants Look Real:

And appear to have a green thumb!

  • Buy quality plants and greenery – Stay away from the dollar store or bargain bins!
  • Keep your faux plants free of dust – Wipe down the leaves every now and then.
  • Add moss, real soil or rocks to the container – That will help hide any plastic-y parts.
  • Add water to a vase of plant stems or leaves – Contributes to the look of live greens.

greenery and spring flowers - simple touches of spring

Great Places to Decorate with Fake Plants:

  • Vacation rental houses – Most owners aren’t able to maintain live plants in rentals so it makes sense to add a couple faux plants to the house.  Just a well placed fiddle leaf fig or a succulent or two is all you need for some added coziness.
  • Windowsills – If your fake plant is soaking up the sun, your friends might think it’s real.  Maybe stick one in the window of that rental property and see if your renters water it – ha!
  • Low traffic areas in your home – Like they say, “out of sight, out of mind.”  If you’re like me, you forget to water live plants if you’re not walking past them every day.  Do yourself a favor and buy some faux plants for those rarely used rooms.

Not So Great Places to Decorate with Fake Plants:

  • Basements and windowless rooms – Believe me, with no natural light, you won’t be fooling anyone into thinking your faux plants are real!
  • Tops of Kitchen Cabinets – No one is going to believe you climb up there to water real plants.  Plus, we all know those faux plants on top of cabinets are huge dust collectors!  

Artificial Plant and Greenery Shopping Ideas:

Liven up a corner with a pretty faux fiddle leaf fig tree!


Large artificial trees are great for empty corners or rooms with low light.

Fill a vase with a few of these stems for a classic look…

vase of faux green stems - ways to decorate with fake plants and greenery

faux greenery stems


Can you believe that this pothos plant is artificial?!!

faux pothos plant - how to decorate with fake plants

faux pothos plant

Since real pothos plants can be toxic to animals, a faux version can be an option for homes with pets.  A great reason to decorate with fake plants!

Now, for even more ideas to tastefully decorate with fake plants and greenery, here are some finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to consider decorating with fake plants.  After all, ‘fake’ doesn’t have to look cheap!

If you missed the last Saturday Spotlight, you can find it here – Hello May – Enjoy all the Month Has to Offer!  

Do you prefer live or fake plants in your home?


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Ways to tastefully decorate with fake plants


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    1. Thanks Judy! I definitely love the look of real plants but I’m pretty much a disaster taking care of them! I’m happy that fake plants are becoming “more acceptable” these days!

  1. I do like to use both, and you’ve shared some beautiful ideas. I’ve pinned some. Love the boxwoods in planters for year round greenery!

  2. Love my “faux” plants as my home does not get great sunlight….but thanks for the push, because I was thinking this week that when I spring clean that plant needs to come down from above my cabinets! Great blog…glad I found it !

  3. Your tips and tricks for decorating with faux plants are great, Shelley! Love that entryway table! I’m delighted to be featuring your post at Tuesday Turn About this week! Pinned!

  4. Excellent greenery advice here! I used to have fake plants on the top of kitchen cabinets. . . didn’t take me long to realize that dusty silk plants weren’t fooling anyone! 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    1. Thanks so much Richella! Yes, I used to have the fake greenery above my cabinets as well…I think we all did! Thanks again!

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