Fall Mantel with Apples and White Pumpkins

Since, we are finally getting some cooler days, I thought it was time to decorate a fall mantel with apples and pumpkins!  After all, this is only the second year we’ve had this stone fireplace.  I have been eager to play around with it a bit.  Come take a look to see how my fall mantel turned out…

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Fall Mantel with Apples and White Pumpkins

Using natural accessories like apples and pumpkins are perfect for fall…

White pumpkins lined up on rustic mantel

White pumpkins have become so popular for fall!

My son and I stopped by a farm stand yesterday and picked up these cuties…I think they are called “Baby Boos”.

Rustic Mantel on Stone Fireplace with apple artwork

Lean a piece of artwork…

During a recent dig through the basement, I found this framed fruit print which used to hang in my dining room.  Months ago, I decided that this would be the year to finally repaint my red dining room.  Since I plan to go for a different look in there, I didn’t see any point in re-hanging this art.  Have I repainted the room yet?  Well, no but I really plan to do it soon…Really, I swear…(**Exciting update – the dining room is painted!)

Fall Mantel with Apples and White Pumpkins

Some greenery on the mantel always helps…

For some more color, I added a bit of greenery in white pots.  As you can see, the white repeats with the pumpkins and mat on the artwork.

Farmhouse Decor on mantel

You can’t go wrong with fresh apples!

Since these small fruit baskets from Michael’s Craft Store were just sitting around, I decided to fill them with apples to go with the artwork.  Have you noticed the great selection of apples in the stores lately?  They are always so much better when you buy them in season!

White Pumpkins - Part of my latest fall mantel decor

Apples and pumpkins…sure they go together.  Why not?!!

Fall Mantel with Apples and Pumpkins

Since, I already had some red in the family room, the apple theme fit right in.

Rustic Mantel Decorated for Fall with Apples and Pumpkins

Although, I might change things around in October but I think this works fine for September…It’s kind of an early harvest type of look.

Stone Fireplace with apples and pumpkins

Before long, we will be building some roaring fires in here.  I am sure my boys can’t wait!

White Pumpkins for Fall - the latest mantel decor

But for now, we’ll just enjoy the cute white pumpkins…and apples!

Stone fireplace decorated for fall

Like I said, this is our second year with this stone fireplace.  If you would like to see last year’s fall fireplace click here – October 1st Mantel.  I also decorated our old mantel many times over the years.  You can see some of those posts here – Four Mantels for Fall.

Fall Mantel Sources:

Have you decorated your mantel for fall?

Enjoy your day!

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Farmhouse Style Fall Mantel Ideas


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  1. Looks great, Shelley. I love to decorate with apples in the fall, too. I have not bought the first pumpkin yet. I will when it feels like fall. 🙂

  2. Love your Fall mantle! White pumpkins are my favorite, and I love how you incorporated apples into the mix, so fun!

  3. Looks wonderful! Those little "apple baskets" are perfect for your display and the apple print is a terrific backdrop. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has had plans to do some painting around the house for "awhile" now. 🙂

  4. What a pretty fireplace! Love the apple pic!Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Sharing on Twitter! Have a great week! Kim

  5. Shelley, Your fireplace is beautiful! Love the apples and pumpkins together. I'm embarrassed to say I still have my patriotic decor on my mantel, but I'm with your boys, I can't wait to light the fireplace! Hope you have a great week. Pinned :)`Laurie

  6. Your mantel looks beautiful! I love the apple print, and the apples, white pumpkins, and greenery look so pretty together. I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed week!

  7. Your mantel looks beautiful! I love the apple print, and the apples, white pumpkins, and greenery look so pretty together. I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed week!

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