Festive Fall Vignettes (Ideas for Your Console Table)

Well, I finally faced the fact that summer is over so I started pulling out my fall decor.  Usually, I like to start out slow and ease into the new season.  Today, I’ll show you how I decorated my console table with some festive fall vignettes…

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Fall Vignettes on the Console Table:

White pitchers and velvet pumpkin in basket tray - fall decorating ideas

Sometimes, just starting with one area will inspire you to decorate more.

Fall Decorating with Velvet Pumpkins

Although, I am still working on the family room, I managed to decorate this little spot for now while I make other big decisions (like which rug to buy)…

Console Table with Fall Decor

Although, I like using neutrals in my seasonal decor, I always end up throwing in a little orange for fall!

The orange velvet pumpkin was the only new thing I bought this year.  I found it at TJMaxx if you are looking for them.

Shelves with fall colored accessories

Even a few easy changes can update a room for a new season.

On my shelf, I simply swapped out the summer colored cookbooks for a stack of fall colored ones.   This helped to tie them in with the orange velvet pumpkin.

Fall Vignette in Seagrass Tray

Trays make things easy…

Using trays help to group the accessories together and it’s one of my favorite classic fall decorating ideas.  This seagrass one has made its rounds in practically every room.  The texture makes it perfect for a fall vignette.

Fall Decor on Console Table

For a pulled together look, it helps to repeat the same colors…

The stack of white bowls carry the white down to the lower shelf to keep things bright.

Seagrass Baskets for Napkin Storage

Most of us agree, you can’t go wrong with pretty storage baskets…

A row of seagrass baskets on the bottom coordinate with the tray.  As you can probably see, these also hold my napkin collection.

For another version of this console table, see how I decorated it for my more recent fall home tour!

Open Concept Kitchen and Family Room:

View into White Kitchen

From this angle, you can see into the kitchen.

Open Concept Kitchen and Family Room

As you can see, I haven’t added too much in there yet.

White Stove Mantel with Fall Decor

Sometimes, keeping it simple is better.

I just added a few things to the stove mantel – a couple velvet pumpkins to match the one on the console along with some more bundles of wheat.

Wheat Bundle and Orange Velvet Pumpkins

Last year, I used real white pumpkins but I kind of like the pop of orange up there with these.  Although, once I find some white pumpkins, I might end up changing this area again.  We’ll see…

White Stove Mantel Decorated for Fall

So the fall decorating has begun!  Remember, autumn officially starts this Friday!

Festive Fall Vignette with Orange Velvet Pumpkin

What are you decorating this fall season?

Here are some sources to help you shop your fall vignettes…

What is your favorite accessories to use in fall vignettes?

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Easy and Festive Fall Decorating Ideas - festive fall vignettes


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  1. Shelley.. will you come and decorate my house?? It looks so pretty!! I'm in hurricane mode. Jose is on the way����‍♀️����

  2. Looks fantastic Shelley. I am more a neutral person, but do love a pop of muted orange this time of year. I started decorating, but then we hosted family escaping hurricane Irma. Need to regroup and finish.

  3. I change out cookbooks on top of my cookbook shelf for the seasons too, the warmer color covers of the comfort food books come out in the fall – casseroles, pot pies, and the like. I still am envious of your gorgeous kitchen.

  4. You are most certainly ready for Fall!! Email me so we can get together for lunch or coffee since the Summer got away from us!!

  5. Your fall vignette looks just beautiful. I love the pop of orange. I am going to have to go check out TJ Maxx and see if they have any of those velvet pumpkins. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  6. Shelley, the console table looks Fall ready…the pop of orange brings my eye in to discover every detail! Happy autumn to you!

  7. The console table looks looks so lovely, Shelley! I really like the pop of orange with the pumpkin, and how cute that you coordinated the cookbooks! I just finished decorating my porch this morning, and everything inside is finished…having to fake the whole season means I get to start that fabrication whenever I want! At least we are finally under 100 degrees!

  8. Those velvet orange pumpkins are fantastic and you've displayed them wonderfully! Your fall decor "so far" is perfect and if you leave it at that, I'd say it's terrific in its simplicity. Have a great weekend!

  9. It all looks wonderful Shelley! I really like the pop of orange. Velvet pumpkins are the dreamiest! I like how your table has tiers. I have a tall table behind my sectional. Would love the extra shelving. Mine is just a single one. Thanks for sharing with SYC.hugs,Jann

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