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5 Simple Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving (So Easy)

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you probably have a huge list of things to do in the next couple of weeks.  If one of those things involves creating a centerpiece, I’ve got you covered.  Today, I’m sharing 5 simple (and super-easy) Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas for you! (Actually, more than five if you count all the examples).

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5 Simple Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving:

Sure, you could always buy a pre-made floral centerpiece but if you’re looking for something less expensive, some of these ideas might appeal to you. 

(For details on each table setting, click on the link below each photo.)

Collage of Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


1 – Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece from Grocery Store Items:

Buy a few bunches of grocery store flowers and arrange them in a simple container to match your table.

After all, you’re already going to be at the grocery store a million times in the next few weeks, why not get creative with some items you find there…

For my casual Thanksgiving table in the kitchen, I used a galvanized bucket to coordinate with my galvanized plate chargers.  After all, floral centerpieces don’t have to be expensive to be pretty!

Grocery store flowers in galvanized bucket - simple centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving

Casual Thanksgiving Table Setting in the Kitchen

You could even make some simple floral centerpieces with mason jars.  Just fill a few jars with flowers and line them down the center of your table.

For a more formal table, elevate the look grocery store flowers by placing them in a crystal vase.

Your simple flowers will look more expensive this way.  Plus, you’ll have an excuse to use the fancy crystal you’ve been storing in the cabinet all year!

Grocery store flowers in crystal vase - simple table centerpiece ideas

Warm and Cozy Thanksgiving at Home

Fill some long baskets with seasonal apples or pears. 

For this fall centerpiece, you could run a few baskets down the center of the table or even put a colorful vase in the middle like I did for this table…

basket of apples on a dining table

Fall Table Setting with Apples

Fill a glass hurricane with hazelnuts and a candle.

And for an even less expensive option, go pick up some acorns from your yard if you have them!  Just save some for the squirrels!

Hurricane with hazelnuts and candle - easy and cheap Thanksgiving table centerpieces

Autumn Table in Kitchen

2- Fill a Pitcher with Wheat for a Super Easy Centerpiece:

To give you table a fall harvest vibe, add some wheat…just keep those burning candles away!

Even if you don’t have a white pitcher, you could use a vase or any tall container.  If you have a bunch of old floral vases stashed in your garage, get creative and paint one to coordinate with your Thanksgiving table.  Or, just use the vase as it is…no need to complicate things!

Wheat in a white pitcher - simple centerpiece ideas

Autumn Tablescape

If you don’t want the wheat to block the people across the table, cut it down or use shorter pieces.  Then again, if your Thanksgiving dinner turns into a discussion about politics, you may want to block the people across the table – ha!

Though if you want a shorter centerpiece option…

3 – DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece to Match Your Table Decor:

If you love the look of those long flower boxes, just make one of your own…

For this centerpiece, simply wrap burlap around a long cardboard box.  Then use coordinating ribbon to match your table setting.  On mine, I used double sided tape to attach the ribbon so I can change it out seasonally.  To learn how I made the flower box, read my DIY Flower Box Centerpiece.  (No need for a wooden box!)

Gold and Blue table setting with buffalo check centerpiece

Casual Fall Table Setting with Buffalo Checks

4 – Use Pumpkins for Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece:

Simply, wrap some faux bittersweet around a white pumpkin and elevate it all on a cake plate. 

Then, surround it all with pine cones and other seasonal items.

White pumpkin on cake stand - Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece ideas

Thanksgiving Table with Warm Fall Colors

You could go real or faux for the pumpkins but there are some great artificial options available these days. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a rotting pumpkin on your table.  How embarrassing would that be?  

Lay a bunch of pumpkins and eucalyptus down the center of your table. 

Anchor it all with a burlap runner, light a few candles and you’re done!

White pumpkins and eucalyptus on burlap runner - Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Setting with White Pumpkins

To make your table setting more interesting, vary the heights of your candles.  Mix in a few tapers with a bunch of votive candles to make the table extra festive.  Plus, everyone looks great in the glow of candlelight!

5 – Keep It Simple with a Glass Hurricane or Lantern:

Add some ambiance to your table with a candle in a pretty lantern. 

Surround the lantern with a few mini candles and pumpkins for a cozy vibe.

Lantern centerpiece on Thanksgiving Table

Simple Thanksgiving Table Inspired by Neutrals

And a simple glass hurricane is always an great last minute option! 

Like I said, that candlelight is very flattering…

Glass hurricane with candle centerpiece

Thanksgiving Table Setting in a Navy Dining Room

Centerpiece Shopping Finds:

Hopefully, you can use one of these simple centerpiece ideas for your dining room table this Thanksgiving!

In my opinion, there’s no need to spend a ton of cash on a fancy Thanksgiving centerpiece.  

Plus, if you’re like me, once Thanksgiving Day is over you’ll start your Christmas decorating.  An overpriced Thanksgiving centerpiece is only going to get in the way!

What do you like to use for a Thanksgiving centerpiece?

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5 Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


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  1. I’m not hosting, but I love your ideas, especially the flower box centerpiece, and the eucalyptus and white pumpkins. You made me laugh about keeping the centerpiece high if the conversation turns to politics!

  2. What I love about all these centerpiece ideas is that they are simple, elegant and beautiful!! I love your navy dining room, and your kitchen table settings also all have that pulled-together, warm and festive feel to them. We move into our new house this weekend, so Thanksgiving dinner is coming from Kroger, and I’ll be lucky to find the silver and china!! But I am certainly pinning this for next year !! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving !!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kristine! Good luck with your move and enjoy your Thanksgiving in your new home!

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