Easy Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Every Season

Hello friends! Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight, where each week, I like to highlight a different theme or topic to inspire you.  Today, I thought I’d share some easy kitchen window sill decorating ideas…for every season!

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Simple ways to decorate your window sills for every season

Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Any Season:

Do you have a window above your kitchen sink? 

Depending on the size of your window sill, there’s a variety of decorative items you could display there. 

For everyday, you could decorate with an herb garden or small plants.  After all, why not take advantage of all the natural light?

kitchen window sill with plants - decorating ideas

As you can see, this kitchen from a designer showhouse has a nice wide window ledge.  Here, they grouped a bunch of plants in terra cotta pots into two square trays.  What a practical and clever idea for decorating.  Plus, the trays are the perfect size for the window sill.

In another showhouse, the designer had to work with narrow window sills.  What a creative idea to fill the entire window space with tall topiaries!  These green plants make beautiful focal points without blocking the natural light or the view.  In addition, the greenery balances out all the bright colors of this beautiful blue kitchen.

Large topiaries on windowsills in blue kitchen - window sill decorating ideas

As I mentioned, this kitchen was one of the spaces in a designer showhouse.  Apparently, I still need to write a blog post to give you a full tour!

Though not a kitchen window sill, here is another window from that same house.  From the chipped paint on the window frame and the wide window sill, you can tell it’s an older home.  Since this window sill has so much character on it’s own, a glass vase with some greenery is all they needed.

Greener in glass vase on windowsill - window sill decorating ideas

Actually, you could recreate this look so easily with almost any type of greenery.  Either, you could cut some branches from your yard or you could fill a vase with your favorite faux stems.

Here are a few more items you could use for everyday kitchen window sill decorating:

  • Pictures frames
  • Candles (go with battery operated if you have window treatments)
  • Pretty teacups 
  • Blue and white porcelain or any other collection

Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Spring or Summer:

Freshen up your window sill when the seasons change…

Tall, potted daffodils fill the window space and look so cheerful for spring!

kitchen window sill with daffodils, lemons and ginger jars

For my spring window, I also added color with some lemons and my blue and white ginger jars.  

Cut some flowers from your yard to bring the outside in.  If you don’t have any flower bushes, head to the grocery store for some inexpensive flowers.  Decorating in odd numbers creates interest, so fill three vases with flowers and line them up on your window sill.

Green hydrangeas on kitchen window sill

Late Summer/Early Fall Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

For my “vases”, I actually used my seagrass wrapped glasses.  Not only do they add texture, but they have a coastal summer vibe.  If your window sill is narrow, you might have to get creative with your vases so they fit.

Additional ideas for spring and summer:

  • Line up some large shells across your windowsill
  • Fill vases with small flags for the 4th of July

Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Fall:

For fall, it’s easy to get creative with windowsill decorations…

This year, I displayed sunflowers in burlap wrapped mason jars.  Once again, I used the rule of three for a visually appealing look.

Sunflowers in burlap covered mason jars on kitchen window sill

Decorating with Sunflowers – 7 Easy Ways

If your window sill is narrow like mine, go super-simple with a few real (or faux) apples.  And if you get hungry while at the kitchen sink, you have a snack right in front of you!  Haha!

Red apples on window sill - kitchen decorating ideas

Decorating with Apples

To embrace the fall colors, decorate with some colored glass.  Here, I just added some golden fall stems to my amber glass bottles.  With all the natural light, the bottles take on a nice glow.

amber bottles in windowsill - neutral fall decor ideas

Neutral Fall Decor Ideas for the Home

Here are some more items you could use on your window sill in the fall:

  • Gourds in various colors
  • Mini pumpkins – all white, all orange or a mixture of both

This week, I shared some outdoor decorating ideas for fall which included some pretty exterior window sills and ledges.  Be sure to check those out for some fall inspiration!

Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Winter:

Once winter arrives, there are a bunch of ways you could decorate your kitchen window sill…

After all, many of us are decorating for Christmas anyway…so it’s easy to get creative.

kitchen window over sink ideas for Christmas - garland and red ornaments

Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

To make things simple, just coordinate your window sill with the rest of the kitchen.  You can mix in some Christmas decor with your everyday items (like blue and white porcelain).

And you can’t go wrong with mini trees and reindeer…

Silver reindeer, little tree and blue and white ginger jar on kitchen window sill - seasonal decorating ideas

Classic and Cozy Christmas House Tour

Or, just keep it simple and line your window sill with pine cones.  There, you’re done!

3 pine cones on window sill - kitchen window sill decorating ideas

Additional Ideas for Winter Kitchen Window Sills:

Shopping Finds For a Kitchen Window Sill:

If you’re like me and you don’t have a green thumb, this set of faux topiaries are a great substitute for live plants.  Wouldn’t they look cute all lined up on a kitchen window sill?

This year, I’m seeing a lot of people decorating with colored glass like I shared above.  Here are my exact amber glass vases if you’re interested.

If you like my seagrass covered glasses, my exact ones aren’t available online anymore.  Though, these seagrass wrapped glasses are almost identical.

For even more kitchen window sill decorating ideas, here are some finds from around the internet:

As always, I hope I inspired you with all these kitchen window sill ideas! 

Which of these kitchen window sill ideas is your favorite?

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Easy Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Every Season


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  1. I love all these clever ideas! We have corner kitchen windows and it is so much fun to decorate for each season, have a blessed week!

    1. Thanks Diane! You’re so sweet! Yes, I could imagine a corner window is fun to decorate as well. Enjoy your week!

    1. Thanks Carol! I use live plants when I can…but I’m not exactly known for having a green thumb!

  2. Great ideas, Shelley. I had a big windowsill in my Mass. house and it is one of the things I miss about that house. And also the hydrangeas reminded me that I miss them too. I may have to purchase that set of topiaries to lift my spirits! And I may as well throw in the amber bottles if I really want to lift them. Have a great week, Shelley!

    1. Thanks friend! Yes, I’m sure you miss that gorgeous house in Mass…but maybe not the weather, right? Enjoy your week!

  3. One thing I wish I had was a window over my kitchen sink. My kitchen has only sliders and a sky light, so no decorating there! In fact, none of the windows on my main floor have window sills, except in the living room, and I’ve never thought to decorate there, since it can’t really be seen from outside. Maybe I should rethink that! All of your sill ideas are lovely, but I especially like the sunflowers.

    1. Thanks Amy! When we remodeled our kitchen, I wish we had gone with a wider window sill…or even a bump-out bay window!

  4. I love your ideas, Shelley! I’m going to steal some for the bar area above my kitchen sink this Christmas! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About! Pinned, and I’m happy to be featuring your post this week!

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