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Bar Cart Styling Tips – Make Every Day Feel Like Vacation!

Even though most of us aren’t traveling yet, there’s no reason you can’t make your home feel like an escape.  One thing you can do is freshen up a small space in your home…like a bar cart.   Today, I’m sharing some of my tropical bar cart styling tips so every day can feel like a vacation…for you and your guests!

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Bar Cart Styling Tips – Choose a Location:

Who says your bar cart has to sit in the same spot all the time?  Move it around to give it a new look!  For the past few years, I’ve displayed my bar cart in the dining room and I felt like I needed a change.  Since we spend more time in my living room on these long summer days, I decided to roll my bar cart in there for a fresh look.

open plantation shutters seagrass chairs and tropical bar cart styling tips

Once I moved my bar cart into the living room, it took on a whole new life!  By placing it between the plantation shuttered windows and the seagrass chairs, I turned my bar cart into a new focal point in my living room.  I can’t believe I never thought to put it there before.  In the past, I’ve set up an afternoon tea in the same spot…so why not a bar cart?

seagrass chairs and tropical bar cart in front of three open windows with plantation shutters

Plus, it’s nice for guests to have easy access to beverages.  Doesn’t this look like a relaxing place to enjoy an afternoon cocktail?

Bar Cart Styling Tips – Choose a Theme:

When you choose a theme, it makes decorating a bar cart so much easier.  Since my living room already had a tropical British Colonial vibe going on, it made sense to decorate a tropical bar cart!

Round gold bar cart - tropical bar cart styling tips

For the accessories, I gathered up green, blue and white island style items for a light a breezy feel.

tropical leaves and orchid - bar cart styling tips

On top of the bar cart, I repurposed a white planter as an ice bucket.  By adding the trellis print napkin, I carried over the green from the palm leaves in the cane vase.  (You could also use a piece of fabric the same way.)  If you like the texture on the vase, learn about how I made the cane wrapped vase.  

For touches of blue, I displayed my seagrass glasses and a blue and white candle.  Of course, a bottle of wine, wine glasses, a corkscrew and cocktail napkins made it all happy hour ready!

Shop the Look:

Bar Cart Styling Tips – Keep the Colors Consistent:

Since I used white, blue and green on the top of the bar cart, I carried those colors to the bottom shelf.  Once again, I went with just a touch of blue…which is hard for me because I love adding blue to my decor!  I think I was able to restrain myself though…

bottom shelf round tropical bar cart styling tips

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Bar Cart Styling Tips – Variety of Beverages:

Sure, it’s fun to style a bar cart with decorative accessories but don’t forget the beverages!  Be sure to set up your bar cart with the basics – wine and a few of your favorite liquors.  If you’re looking for even more drink options, pop over to read my refreshing summer beverage ideas.

For guests who prefer water over a cocktail, I added some Pellegrino bottles in a basket.  In addition to being practical, they helped to carry over the green and textures from the rest of the bar cart.

basket of pelligrino water bottles - bar cart styling tips

Plus Pelligrino bottles make great decorating accessories too!  This spring, I used them in a table centerpiece.

Carry the Decor Around the Room:

Since my living room already had a tropical vibe, it was easy to add a few island inspired touches to my coffee table…

bowl of shells and coffee table books - tropical styling ideas

You can’t go wrong with a few shells and pretty coffee table books for summer!

Shop the Look:

Cane coffee table and seagrass chairs with tropical bar cart styling tips

Do you feel like you’re on vacation yet?

basket of shells and tropical bar cart styling tips

Hopefully, we’ll all be traveling again real soon.  For now, I’ll just have to enjoy making my home feel like a vacation!  Maybe you’ll feel like doing the same!

seagrass chairs and plantation shutters with tropical bar cart tips

I hope you enjoyed my bar cart styling tips with an island twist!  Who else is excited to entertain again?  Cheers!

By the way, I’m also sharing my tropical bar cart ideas at this week’s Welcome Home Saturday!  Be sure to stop over and see all the lovely summer projects the other ladies are sharing!

Do you have any bar cart styling tips you’d like to share?

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Summer Bar Cart Styling Tips


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    1. Thanks Tanya! I got so used to displaying the bar cart in the dining room that I never thought about moving it! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Brendt! I swear, I have more fun styling that thing than actually using it – ha! Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

  1. Shelley these are all great tips! I love your style and pops of coastal accents! This makes me want to get out our bar cart now! Loved this post!

  2. Shelley, That’s a perfect spot for your pretty bar cart! Those windows and the view out there are a gorgeous background. Now, your styling is spot on. 👌

    1. Thanks so much, Cristina! I actually like the bar cart in the living room more than I liked it in the dining room. I guess it pays to try new things… Thanks again, friend!

  3. What a perfect spot for a bar cart! And, such a cute one too. Half my time on Pinterest is spent searching out bar carts … I don’t know, there’s just something about them. Love the mini water bottles in the basket, by the way … so clever. Cheers! xo

    1. Thanks Juliet! I know what you mean, I’m always looking at bar carts on Pinterest too…so funny! Glad you like mine!

  4. I have always so enjoyed your bar cart posts — including this one! Your expert touch shows through with the mix of colors and arrangements. This spot does indeed look inviting for a refreshing afternoon cocktail and those windows are truly gorgeous. I would love to see more posts about your living room too! Cheers!

    1. What a lovely comment! Thanks so much, Kristine! I’ve been planning to make a few changes in my living room (add some lighter colors and switch out the tapestry behind the sofa)…Once I do that, I’ll take more photos and do a post about the room. My bar cart vignette got me started. Glad you like it – cheers!

  5. Love the idea of placing the bar cart in the living room; how fun and hospitable! And such a good idea to decorate it to go with the flow of the room.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    1. Thanks so much, Richella! What a nice surprise to be included in your features. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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