How to Decorate with Pumpkins for Fall – (Simple Ideas)

Happy Weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Now that October is here, many of us have started decorating with pumpkins inside and out.  So, if you need some inspiration for your home, I’ve got you covered.  Today, I’m sharing a bunch of ideas on how to decorate with pumpkins for fall!  

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How to Decorate with Pumpkins for Fall:

Whether you prefer white pumpkins (my favorite ), or traditional orange pumpkins, here are a few ideas to inspire you!

white pumpkins and orange pumpkins in wire bowl - how to decorate with pumpkins for fall

White Pumpkin Decorating Inspiration:

If you’re someone who dislikes the color orange in your home, white pumpkins are for you. 

Obviously, their neutral color works with any home style and color scheme.  Every year, I use white pumpkins in my seasonal vignettes.  For instance, here is one of my 3 ways to decorate a bar cart for fall.

mums and white pumpkins on fall bar cart - how to decorate with pumpkins

By using seasonal items like mums and white pumpkins, you can bring the outside in. Though this was one of my favorites, be sure to see the other ways I’ve decorated with white pumpkins!

Recently, I shared my fall home tour where I included a few faux white pumpkins in my fall vignettes…

White pumpkin on plate stack next to books on shelf with baskets - fall aesthetic ideas

Don’t you just love the velvety texture of that pumpkin?  I believe that was a Homegoods find!  If you don’t have a Homegoods store near year, definitely check out their website.  Besides the fabric pumpkins, they also have a bunch of woven pumpkins in seagrass and other natural textures.

Orange Pumpkin Decorating Ideas:

Even though I love white pumpkins, I always decorate with a few classic orange pumpkins as well. 

For the past few years, I’ve lined up orange baby boo pumpkins across the ledge above my front door.  Every morning, it’s nice to catch a glimpse of them as I walk down the stairs.  If you want to see how the mini pumpkins and the whole porch looks from the outside, check out my simple porch decor.

orange pumpkins over door - how to decorate with pumpkins for fall

Originally, I got this idea from an Instagram friend.  Then on a trip to Vermont, I started noticing them everywhere!  So, let’s all appreciate those sometimes under-rated orange pumpkins!

When I decorate for fall, I like to carry the same colors throughout my spaces.  On my family room console table, I mixed in a bit of orange and then continued with a few splashes of orange in the kitchen.

White pitchers and orange velvet pumpkin on seagrass tray - how to decorate with pumpkins for fall

Whether you’re a fan of white pumpkins or orange pumpkins, here are a few more ways to decorate with either color…

Decorate a Fall Table with Pumpkins:

Greet your dinner guests with a few festive pumpkins this fall…

One year, I decorated with orange pumpkins on my dining room table.

Blue and white place setting with mini orange pumpkin on top of napkin - how to decorate with pumpkins

Besides using pumpkins on the table setting, I also carried them over to my buffet table and bar cart.  In fact, I even included some cute DIY painted pumpkins on my bar cart.  For those pumpkin details, read – Blue and White Painted Pumpkins.

For this fall table setting, I mixed white pumpkins with apples for an autumn harvest vibe.

White pumpkins and apples on table setting for fall

And while we’re talking about white pumpkins and apples…

Decorate a Mantel with White Pumpkins and Apples:

Rather than use orange pumpkins, go with white to let the red apples stand out…

Here’s one of my favorite fall mantels:

Fall farmhouse style mantel

For more fall mantel ideas, read 5 Ways to Decorate a Mantel for Fall.  On some of those, I included some orange pumpkins too!

Decorate with Pumpkins in Your Outdoor Living Spaces:

Who says pumpkins have to stay on the front porch? 

Before winter arrives, decorate your cozy outdoor spaces.  While there’s still time, enjoy your time outdoors.

white pumpkins and mums on the patio

Pumpkin Shopping Ideas:

Obviously, it’s pretty easy to find pumpkins this time of year! Just go to your local farm stand or grocery store and buy some! Lol…

Although, if you’re looking for some faux pumpkins or pumpkin accessories for your home, here are some ideas!

Instead of buying fresh pumpkins, these realistic faux pumpkins will last from year to year!

For some variety, simply mix in a few of these on your front porch.


Over the years, even the craft stores have started selling some very realistic faux pumpkins.  For instance, this pumpkin is a great color and shape…and is super-inexpensive!


If you want to make your pumpkin cakes or breads extra special, this cakelet plan would be perfect!

If you stack a bunch of the pumpkin cakes on a tiered tray, your desserts can become part of your fall decor!

And for even more ideas on how to decorate with pumpkins for fall, here are some finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, some of these ideas will inspire you.  After all, October 26th is National Pumpkin Day and of course, October 31st is Halloween.  So, let’s get ready!

How are you decorating with pumpkins this fall?

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Easy ways to decorate with pumpkins


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  1. I’ve only bought a couple for outdoors, since the squirrels devour them. I tried spraying them with vinegar this year, and so far, so good. Always love your decorating style. Lots of nice ideas here!

    1. Thanks Amy! Usually, the animals leave mine alone until we carve them…then it becomes a free for all!

  2. Plethora…I think that is the best word for this post! A plethora of great fall decorating ideas! Most definitely pinning this for next year’s fall inspiration. (We’re still waiting to move into our new house, and all my fall decor is in a storage unit in California.)

  3. I love pumpkins. Two from the local farn stand already molded and had to be tossed. I knew they would but they were so pretty. They were hybrid, not the classic orange.

    1. There are so many different varieties to enjoy! I think they tend to rot faster when it’s warm out…time to buy more I guess!

  4. Shelly, I love your post! So much fall goodness rolled into one. Thank you so much for mentioning my post. I do appreciate it!

  5. Such great ideas as usual Shelley. I love the mini pumpkins above the door! I never thought of that before but they look so cute. I always do a deep clean of the house before winter sets in and the window ledge above my door is on my list this week. As long as I have to bring in the ladder, I might as well add pumpkins up there! Thank you! Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much, Denise! Yeah, I’ve been adding those pumpkins above the door for the past few years…a simple but fun touch! Enjoy your week!

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