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Pretty Pumpkin Decorations for Fall – DIY or Buy

Hello friends and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight, where each week, I like to highlight a different theme or topic to inspire you.  With October in full swing, we’re going pumpkin crazy!  All over social media, you’ve probably seen influencers sharing pumpkin crafts and inexpensive look-alike projects.  There are so many cute ideas out there.  To jump on the pumpkin bandwagon, today I’m sharing pumpkin decorations for fall with ideas to DIY or buy!

*For your convenience, please note that this post may contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking my links below, I will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you).

Easy DIY Pumpkin Decorations:

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for creative ways to decorate your home without spending a lot of money.  Well, the fall season is a great time to DIY! 

Last year, I painted some buffalo plaid pumpkins and then used them to decorate my fall mantel.

Buffalo check pumpkins on fall mantel

How to Paint a Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin

Basically, I try to keep my craft projects simple.  So, you shouldn’t have any problems following my instructions for this easy DIY.

To match my fall dining room, I painted a few variations of blue and white pumpkins to decorate my bar cart.

Blue and white painted pumpkins on fall bar cart

With some simple craft pumpkins and paint, you can make a bunch of pumpkin decorations without spending a ton!  Plus, you can coordinate the colors to match your rooms like I did.

Though sometimes, DIY isn’t always the best way to go with pumpkin decorations for fall.  Take for instance, my attempt at recreating a wood-chip pumpkin from Crate and Barrel…

White pumpkin, bark and glue gun for DIY project

With just a few items to work with, this should have been an easy fall DIY.  Instead of using thick wood chips, I gathered up loose bark from my birch trees.  Since the bark pieces were very thin, I thought they’d be easy to glue onto the white pumpkin.

Sure, the pieces were easy to glue on but the bark just didn’t have the look I was after…

Glue gun, bark and white pumpkin - diy pumpkin decorations for fall

Maybe, I should have layered the pieces more.  Or maybe I should have used thicker pieces… Or maybe I should have used other natural elements instead of the bark.

Either way, my Crate and Barrel knock-off pumpkin ended up looking kind of silly.  In fact, after I placed the pumpkin on my fall porch, my son said, “What’s that thing?”  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up…

pumpkins and mums on porch

So, this is why I never shared this “fall craft” on the blog last year!  Sometimes, DIY projects are more difficult than they look.  Oh – and get this…since the bark must have been dirty or something, the glue near the pine cones dried purple!  Strange…especially since it started out as clear!  

If you want to see what this DIY attempt was supposed to look like, here is the Crate and Barrel version!

small wood chip pumpkin - Pumpkin decorations for fall

As you can see, my DIY version wasn’t quite as nice as the store bought one!  Oh well, it never hurts to try, right?  Sometimes, it just makes more sense to buy instead of DIY!

Pumpkin Decoration Shopping Finds:

If you don’t have time to paint your own buffalo checked pumpkins, here are some cute fabric ones to give you the look.

If you love mini white pumpkins, these faux pumpkin vase fillers are a great decoration for fall.

glass bowl of white pumpkin decorations for fall

Just fill a vase, lantern or bowl and your fall pumpkin decorating can be done!  Mini white pumpkins also look great on a fall table setting. If you prefer mini orange pumpkins, this is a cute set!  

For a variety of faux pumpkins, I found some very realistic pumpkins…

I’m guessing these pumpkins won’t be in stock for very long, especially since they’re on sale right now!  

For even more DIY pumpkin decorations for fall, here are some finds from around the internet:

As always, I hope all these ideas inspired you!  Enjoy your weekend and all your pumpkin decorating!

Are you creating your own pumpkin decorations for fall?

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Creative pumpkin diy projects for fall


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  1. I’m chuckling because your bark pumpkin diy project has been the story with so many of my projects over the years! It’s still fun to try!! Pinned 😊

    1. Thanks Cindy! Yeah, they don’t always turn out how we envisioned, do they? Haha…enjoy your week!

    1. Thanks Ron! Yes, this is such a wonderful time of year. I hope you’re getting some cool weather down south. Enjoy your week!

    1. Thanks Jenna! Yeah, that wood chip pumpkin was fun, even though it didn’t turn out exactly as planned!

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