Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas (Cheerful Red and Blue)

Hello friends!  How’s your Christmas decorating coming along?  This year, I’m taking it slow and enjoying the process.  After all, what else is there to do these days?!  Since I just finished decorating my kitchen, I thought I’d share that with you today.  Hopefully, I’ll inspire you with my Christmas kitchen decorating ideas!

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Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas with Cheerful Red and Blue:

Welcome to my Christmas kitchen!

White Kitchen decorated for Christmas - Christmas Kitchen Ideas

Exact blue and white curtains

This year, I was inspired by my new-ish blue and white curtains.  Lately, I’ve been trying to add more navy blue to my home.  In fact, when you’re done reading about my kitchen, head over to see how I decorated my navy dining room for Christmas.

Anyway, I used the blue as my starting point for the color scheme.  I wanted my kitchen to be happy and cheerful this Christmas to balance out all the sadness in the world.

Kitchen island in white kitchen decorated for Christmas

So, I began by scattering some blue pieces around the kitchen.  After all, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate my blue and white accessories.

Kitchen Island decorated for Christmas

On my kitchen island, I filled my large blue and white planter with potted red poinsettias.  With the bright red in the middle of the island, I think this makes a great focal point. 

Years ago, one of my dear friends gave me the ceramic planter because she was getting rid of it and knew that I loved decorating with blue and white.  If she sees how beautiful it looks with the red poinsettias, she may want it back!

Red poinsettias in blue bowl on counter - Christmas kitchen ideas

With my black thumb, I hope I can keep the flowers alive until Christmas!  

Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas – Red Accents

Besides the red poinsettias, this red star is another focal point. 

Years ago, I bought the star at Target to hang above my younger son’s bed at Christmas time.  Since the red star is lightweight and covered in a sweater material, I thought it was the perfect Christmas decoration to hang above a bed.  Yes, I’m one of those paranoid moms who doesn’t like to hang anything dangerous above beds.  Actually, I think it’s bad feng shui to do that too….so there!

Even though, Target doesn’t carry my exact star anymore, I found a set of similar looking stars in metal!  

Red star over kitchen stove - Christmas Kitchen ideas

As you can see, I also hung my mini wreaths with some red and white ribbon.  For the past few years, I’ve hung them in my kitchen at Christmas and I love the look.  Why change out something that works?  Also, they only take a couple minutes to hang because I just leave the Command Hooks inside the cabinets all year.

Red star on white stove mantel for Christmas

Don’t you just love the way the red stands out against the white cabinets?  

Red towel hanging on dishwasher

Since I have a holiday towel buying obsession, I added a few red kitchen towels around.  Is it just me, or does it annoy you when your family uses the towels you have on display?  Usually, I put an extra towel or two on the sink so they can wipe their hands on those.  Instead, they insist on messing up the cute towels I have hanging for decoration.  Ugh…yeah, we’ve been home together too long!

Greenery Around the Christmas Kitchen:

Christmas greens are essential when decorating for the holidays…

With all the red and blue accessories (and the star) I didn’t want my kitchen to look too patriotic so I added plenty of greenery.  Although, the red Christmas ornaments in the window don’t exactly scream 4th of July!

red ornaments hanging in window

In previous years, I’ve hung a wreath in the window but it’s been awhile since I’ve hung the ornaments.  Luckily, the ones I used years ago still had the red ribbon attached.  How convenient was that!  If you try this look, I highly recommend buying plastic ornaments.  Obviously, the last thing you want is a glass ornament crashing down on your kitchen counter! 

If you want to see more ideas for glass or plastic ornaments, read my 7 Simple Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ornaments.

Table with red and white accessories

On the kitchen table, I added more greenery surrounded by some more red.  For the chandelier, I placed some artificial greens as well.  Years ago, I would buy fresh greens for my chandelier but between the sticky sap and the falling needles I was done with that!  Plus, the artificial greens are so much easier to hang.  Be sure to check out my easy way to decorate a chandelier for Christmas.

Colorful Vignettes Around the Kitchen:

Of course, it’s always fun to pull out the holiday decorations this time of year! 

Using my blue and white dish as the background, I added some festive Christmas accessories in red, white and green.  

Christmas vignette with blue and white china

To ground all the bright colors, I included some neutrals textures with the brown plate charger and the pine cones.

On the other side of the room, I hung a thin plain garland in the doorway (I think it was one of those cheap ones you see in the bins at Michaels’).  Then I clipped my Christmas cards to the garland with some adorable Christmas themed clothes pins I found at Marshall’s.  

Christmas cards hanging around doorway

For the past few years, I’ve just been stacking my Christmas cards in a cute basket.  This year, I wanted to display them out where we could appreciate them.  After all, we won’t be seeing many friends or relatives this holiday season.  It’s nice to see their smiling faces on the cards and to be able to read their Christmas messages.

To the right of the Christmas card doorway, I decorated my little tiered tray next to the Keurig machine.

Tiered tray decorated with red for Christmas

similar tiered tray

Though we’re not big coffee drinkers in our house, it’s nice to decorate this little spot.  If you want to see the latest way I’ve decorated that nook, read – Kitchen Countertop Coffee Station Ideas (for Festive Holiday Entertaining).

Christmas shelf above refrigerator

Above the refrigerator, I added a little more blue and white and some festive Christmas nutcrackers.

round tray with crystal and blue and white pitcher

And on my bar area, I filled a blue and white pitcher with some Christmas greenery.  All faux once again…keeping it easy this year.

Red poinsettias in blue and white container

In fact, the only live plants are the red poinsettias!  

Thank you for stopping by to take a tour of my Christmas kitchen!

Once I finish my family room in this open concept space, I’ll share that with you. 

In the meantime, take a look at how I decorated my kitchen and family room last year.  You’ll see the curtains I used last year as inspiration for the color scheme.  

Hopefully, I’ve given you some Christmas decorating ideas you can use in your home!

Shop the look for your Christmas kitchen:

What are your favorite Christmas kitchen decorating ideas?

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Christmas decorating ideas for the kitchen


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    1. Thanks Joanne! I like these better than the wreath because they don’t block the light. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Marty! It’s always fun to try something different each year. I hope you are well…Enjoy your weekend.

  1. I love how you’ve paired the reds with your blues, Shelley. That porcelain pot with the poinsettias would definitely have me scratching my head if I had given it to you – so pretty! Love the photo of the windows with the ornaments and the blue sky!

    1. Thanks so much, Rita! Yes, I love how the poinsettias fit perfectly into the planter. Glad you like it all…enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks so much, Marie! Every year, I think about going neutral but every year I bring out the red! Glad you like it – and thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thank you, Kristin! Glad you like it! I’ve done wreaths in the window before but I like the way the ornaments don’t block the light. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week!

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! I tried to keep it simple this year. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday!

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  4. I love how you incorporated your blue and white pieces in with your Christmas greenery and red accessories. It all looks effortless, festive, and (this is a BIG one for me!) NOT overdone! AndI totally agree with your idea to re-use ideas that work !! No reason not to! Your style and your appproach are very impressive; you stay true to your vision without ‘following the herd’. I am definitely inspired!

    1. Kristine, your comment just made my day! When I decorate, I tend to keep things simple though sometimes I second guess myself when I see others decorating over the top. Sure, I love those looks too but in my home, simple works for me. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday!

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