Benjamin Moore White Sand in the Foyer

After my recent obsessing over paint colors for my foyer, I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore White Sand….

Foyer with traditional staircase and Benjamin Moore White Sand paint on walls

Even though it would have been fun to try a totally different look from what we had before, I went with a very similar paint color.

In fact, we previously painted our foyer Bone White so there really isn’t that much of a change.  You might think my photos of the White Sand look exactly like the Bone White but trust me, I can tell the difference.

For instance, here is a close up of the Benjamin Moore paint chip…

Benjamin Moore paint swatch with Bone White and White Sand

The Bone White PM-30 (also OC143) has a slight bit of a yellow tint to it.  I don’t see that as much with the White Sand OC-10.  In my opinion, my White trim and moldings show up a little more with the White Sand as well.  That of course could be because the Bone White was so dingy thanks to 10 years of wear and tear which included a renovation, but still…

Here is a picture of the White Sand in the morning light:

White sand paint in foyer with staircase


And at night with the lights on…

Staircase in evening with light on

Another night shot…

Foyer painted Benjamin Moore White Sand

Night shots really are not that flattering, are they?

And here is the big recap:

Before and After - Benjamin Moore White Sand

I know, not that climactic – but I am happy with the results!

Now I need to work on choosing a stair runner.  Even though I love the look of the bare stairs, my poor Rosie is slipping whenever she comes down them.  Since Golden Retrievers are prone to hip problems, I don’t want to take any chances.

As soon as I get a new runner installed I will be able to show you another mind-blowing reveal!  Maybe going from bare stairs to a carpet runner will be a little more dramatic than my update from Bone White to White Sand…

Have you tried Benjamin Moore White Sand in your home?

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  1. Pretty. I have that color in my sun room. I know what you mean about yellow tint in the color. I still see it in my Manchester Tan when not a lot of light is coming in.

  2. Nice and fresh Shelley! It looks great and I'm sure you are glad to have your house back after all this renovating!

  3. Love what you did, Shelley! The wood around the stairs looks so fresh and bright.Great choices, You nailed it!:)

  4. I can tell a difference between the two paint colors by the swatches being side by side. I do like the new color better. You have a pretty foyer! I'm looking forward to seeing your runner on the stairs once you get it. I think it will be pretty and safer (and quieter).

  5. oh my..perfect shades and lovely house indeed..Such an incredible foyer where you can directly greet your guests :). Cheers from NYC..

  6. Not that photos can do it justice, but the color does seem brighter. As long as you are happy, then we are happy.

  7. It looks lovely. And wise, I think, to stay similar as I hear that makes rooms look even larger and lovelier. Yours certainly does. :)

  8. Some times slight differences makes all the difference in the world! Beautiful color.Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!Blessings,Cindy

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