How to Bring Spring into Your Home (Simple Tips)

Happy Spring everyone!  If you’re looking for ideas on how to bring spring into your home, you’ve come to the right place!  Today, I’m sharing some inexpensive ways I’ve decorated my home for the spring season!  

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Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home:

It doesn’t have to cost a ton to add a bit of spring cheer to your home.  Here are some simple ideas to try…

Bring in Spring with Flowers and Greenery:

During this time of year, everything is blooming and the stores are filled with all kinds of beautiful spring flowers.  Every year, I love adding colorful bouquets around the house.

pink tulips - bring spring into your home

Ways to Decorate with Tulips

Most of the time, I purchase my flowers at the grocery store.  First, I start with a large bouquet and I put them in a pretty vase.  As time goes on, I pull out the ones that are dying off, cut down the rest and place them in a smaller vase.  Basically, I keep doing this until the vases get smaller and smaller.  That way, I get the most out of one bouquet.

shamrocks and flowers on round tray - add spring to your home

similar round wooden tray

Bring Spring into Your Home with Spring Vignettes:

Buying flowers also gives me an excuse to create some new vignettes.  Usually, I find it easiest to start with a tray like the one above and then just fill it with some pretty seasonal items.  My kitchen feels more inviting with some spring decor on the middle of the kitchen island.

You might have noticed my cute shamrock plant…

shamrock plant for spring

For some reason my “shamrock” plant, otherwise known as oxalis is doing really well.  Why am I surprised?  Well I don’t exactly have a green thumb!  Originally, I had the plant in my dining room…

Bar Cart decor for St. Patricks's Day - bring spring into your home

Simple Ideas for Decorating with Green

Since I was decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, I thought a shamrock plant would be perfect to add to my bar cart.  Then I noticed it was drooping so I moved it to the kitchen window as you saw above.  Well, from what I have learned, the oxalis plant (aka shamrock) actually droops at night and perks up during the day.  Who knew?  Not me of course, but I have realized it is thriving now that I moved it to the kitchen window.  It definitely prefers a sunnier location.

fruit dish and white tulips

Each season, I love changing the vignette in my kitchen corner.  Simply by changing the dish to something springy and adding some flowers and greenery gives the spot a fresh new look.  I frequently mix live flowers with faux greenery.  Like I said, I don’t have a green thumb so I don’t need the pressure of keeping too many things alive at once!

blue and white porcelain with tulips - ways to bring spring into your home

Spring Decor with Tulips and Bunnies

It’s hard enough just keeping tulips looking fresh.  Apparently, adding a penny to the water to make them last longer.  Overall, I think it helps but other types of flowers definitely last longer than tulips.

white cabinets over stove with bunny - ways to bring spring into your home

For me, mixing in faux plants makes life so much easier.  Even though I don’t have too many Easter-specific decorations, a simple bunny above the stove will take us from spring right into Easter!

Bring Spring to Your Table:

One of my favorite ways to decorate for spring is with a table setting..

When I set my simple spring tablescape with flowers, I had spring gardens on my mind.  From the galvanized containers to the window pane mirror, I wanted to give a gardening vibe to my table.

Spring table in kitchen with hydrangea centerpiece - how to bring spring into your home

Once again, I mixed some artificial greenery in next to the flower arrangement.  Yes, the flowers are real – and I bought them all at the grocery store.  When decorating a tablescape, I rarely splurge on expensive flowers.  In my backyard, I also have a bunch of flower bushes (including hydrangeas) that bloom throughout the spring and summer.  If you want to see some other ways I’ve decorated with hydrangeas, read – 7 Ways to Decorate with Hydrangeas.

For a super-simple spring table setting, here’s another option…

fruit plate on checked place mat

March 1st Table Setting on the Island

In the case above, I actually decorated a counter-setting for two.  When you bring spring into your home, it’s always great to find ways to keep it simple!

Here are a couple more of my favorite spring table settings:

Change Your Throw Pillows for a Spring Refresh:

blue and white pillows

Changing throw pillows are a quick and easy way to update the family room for spring.  Since many of my pillows have zip off covers, I don’t have to worry about storing a huge pile of pillows either!

Bring Spring to Your Front Door with Flowers:

white tulips on front door

Spring Front Porch

When you add spring to your home, don’t forget the front door!  In the past, I have used simple forsythia wreaths, baskets and this tin hanger filled with faux tulips.  Either way, it’s nice to have a spring welcome to our home.  For more spring door ideas, read – Spring Door Decor!

Open the Windows and Feel the Breeze this Spring!

open windows - ways to bring spring into your home

In my opinion, there is nothing that says “welcome spring” more than a fresh breeze through the open windows…and it doesn’t cost a thing!  So, enjoy that fresh air…unless you have spring allergies!

For even more ways to bring spring into your home, here are more spring ideas:

Let’s welcome the new season!  Happy Spring everyone!

What have you done to bring spring into your home?

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    1. Thanks, Marty! I always buy tons of tulips in the spring, even though they don’t last very long. We are finally getting some sunny weather here so I am excited for the change of seasons!

  1. I need to treat myself to some fresh flowers for my home. I enjoy them so much when I do but hardly ever think about it when I’m in the store.

    1. I never spend a lot on mine since I usually just buy them in the grocery store. They have some great selections these days!

  2. Shelley thanks for the Spring tips and I love tulips even though they sometimes are a bit wayward. LOL
    And I want to thank you so much for linking up to our Celebrate Your Story link party. We hope we are providing a celebration of your post and perhaps yours will be chosen as a feature by one of the hosts.
    Have a great and Blessed Day!
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  3. some really great tips here. I love changing my sofa cushions for lighter colours.

    1. Thanks, Natasha! Yes, the pillow covers are an easy change that can make a big difference. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Your home looks so fresh and inviting for spring! I think the bunny over the stove is my favorite part 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Tiffany! I don’t have too many Easter decorations but I like to bring out my favorite bunny to add to my spring decor. I am SO ready for spring but I wish our weather would just cooperate… Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks so much! It’s become a favorite place to decorate in my home! I hope you find some pretty flowers…hooray spring is here!

  5. Everything looks gorgeous and you know I love an open window in the spring.Tulips say Spring to me too. I know they dont last long and it can be hard to cut them from the garden. But, I love how after a day or two they droop over a bit. HUGs!

    1. Thank you so much, dear! Yes, tulips really say spring to me too. Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment!

  6. Great ideas for adding spring to your home! Thanks for sharing with us at the Welcome Spring party. Pinned.

    1. Thank you – spring is my favorite season! Thanks so much for the feature…I am honored!

  7. Love all your spring decorating. I had no idea there was such a thing as a shamrock plant? I love that! And the pictures with the breezes coming in through the window? SO PRETTY!

    Happy day friend!

    1. Thank you so much, KariAnne! Yes, isn’t that shamrock plant adorable? Shocking, that I have managed to keep it alive! Enjoy the rest of your week, my dear!

  8. I am so excited about spring and your post inspired me to buy some pretty tulips tomorrow!
    Happy Spring,

    1. Oh that’s so great – thank you! I can’t wait for spring too…hopefully we won’t end up with any March snowstorms!

  9. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

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