Christmas Bedroom – Simple Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to a Boy’s Room

We’ve had a busy week around here.

Not only did I add a little holiday cheer to my son’s bedroom, but we also bought him a new queen sized bed!

This is the Beadboard Basic Bed from Pottery Barn Teen.  The twin sized bed was not working for him anymore…

This is how the room looked just the other day.

I loved this little bed and I actually cried when my husband took it apart!  I get so attached to their childhood  things and I get sentimental every time I make a change in one of my boys’s rooms!  My son will be turning 10 (gasp!) in a few weeks and has been asking for a bigger bed.  (Plus – our dog, Rosie needs more space when she sleeps with him!)

Well this bed is definitely bigger!

For now, I reused the gray Restoration Hardware quilt.  It barely covers the bed so I will have to reorder a larger one.

To update the room for Christmas, I recently added a red and white Christmas throw.

I love the way the red pops against the gray quilt and the blue walls.  The walls in the room are Benjamin Moore – Amsterdam, in case you were wondering.

Red reindeer pillow on blue and gray bedding - Boys bedroom Christmas ideas


Luckily I happened to have two of the navy striped pillow shams which I bought at Pottery Barn years ago.

A simple Christmas pillow with some red stands out against the navy and gray.

Yeah, I will miss the little bed.

Christmas bedroom for boys

Originally, I was worried that a queen bed would be too large for the room.

So we moved the bed a little closer to the window to leave more floor space.

Ironically, the room actually seems bigger now!

And he loves having a bigger bed!

Now that I have gotten over my sentimental crying, I love the new bed too!

Since he is getting older, I didn’t want to go overboard with Christmas decor in here.  I think the simple additions of the blanket from Crate and Barrel a few seasons ago and throw pillow are just enough.  Don’t you?

Do you get attached to any furniture?

Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Kid's Bedroom


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  1. That's a beautiful bed! I was wondering why a queen size bed for a ten year-old, and oh did I laugh when I read it's not just for your son but for your son and Rosie! LOL! I totally get-it because Tucker sleeps on our bed, too, and he takes up sooo much room. I love the pops of red for Christmas!

    1. LOL – yeah I guess we could have gone with full size vs a queen but his brother has a queen already and the queen is a few inches longer than a full. We have some tall genes in our family…plus a bed hogging doggie!

  2. I love the new bed. We just did the same thing in my youngest daughter's room this summer. It is sad, indeed. Merry Christmas!

  3. His room looks really nice and is staged perfectly to grow with him. I don't generally get attached to pieces of furniture, but definitely to other things.

  4. Awww… so cute! Love the red and white quilt and the reindeer pillow. They grow up fast, don't they? I think this is a wonderful big boy room!Dropping by from Sunday Showcase…Here's hoping you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!XO,Sheila

  5. Thw new bed looks great! My son is two and I can't imagine the day he will need a big bed like that!

    1. No, there is no box spring because that's how PB said to do it. The mattress lays right on the bed slats.

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