Transition from Winter to Spring (Simple Decor Ideas)

Hello friends! Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight, where each week, I highlight a different theme or topic to inspire you.  Since spring is just around the corner, I’ve already started some early spring decorating.  So today, I’m sharing simple ways to transition from winter to spring in your home!

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Ways to Transition from Winter to Spring:

Put away the pine cones and bring out the greenery…

If you’re like me, you probably have a few wintery pieces still hanging around your house.  Now, it’s time to transition all your decorative items from winter to spring!  In the winter months, I keep a basket of pine cones on my coffee table.  Recently, I switched the pine cones out for texture and greenery for spring!

Cane and wood coffee table decorated with books, flowers and basket of green and woven orbs. Transition from winter to spring ideas.

In addition to those changes, I also added a faux orchid and palm leaves along with a cane wrapped vase and candle holder.  Most of the year, I keep stacks of decorating books on my coffee table.  Though, I do rearrange them to coordinate with colors of the season.

Lighten up your color scheme…

In case you missed it, this week on the blog I joined a group of bloggers for a Spring Home Tour!  For my stop on the tour, I shared Simple Spring Decorating Ideas to Welcome the Season!  This year, I kept my early spring decor very simple.  As you’ll see in that blog post, I’m welcoming the warm weather with pops of pink and a few festive bunnies…

White kitchen with stained wood island decorated with flowers. Transition from winter to spring.

Bring out the spring dishes…

A few years ago, I purchased some cabbage leaf salad plates…which are perfect for setting a table for spring!  Instead of investing in another full set of dishes, I like to layer the green leaf plates to create a fresh spring look.  To see all the ways I’ve decorated with these plates in the past, read – 4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Green Cabbage Leaf Plates)

Blue and green plates stacked with white napkin and topped with little bird nest. Transition to spring ideas

Decorate with fresh or faux flowers…or both….

Last year, I mixed real and artificial flowers when decorating my tiered tray for tea.  This set up would be perfect for any spring entertaining from Easter to Mother’s Day and more.

Flowers and bunnies on wooden tiered tray with white tea cups. Transition from winter to spring.

Decorate a windowsill with spring flowers or accessories…

If it’s not warm enough to open the windows yet, decorate your window sills and enjoy the view!  While standing at my sink, I love to look at something pretty…like spring flowers!  For more window sill decorating ideas, read – Kitchen Window Sill Decorating Ideas for Every Season.

Daffodils and blue and white ginger jars on window sill - transition from winter to spring decor

Hang spring themed artwork…

Last year, I hung this floral canvas on the large wall in my foyer.  Since I was decorating with flowers in my entryway, the hanging canvas worked well with all my spring decor.  This year, I moved the canvas to another room so I could hang my black and white gallery wall.

pastel botanical wall hanging in hallway - spring home tour ideas

Swap out winter throw pillows for spring ones…

When transitioning from winter to spring, lighter fabrics make a big difference.  Since many of my pillows have changeable covers, I just unzip the winter ones and replace them with spring ones from my stash.  Of course, I do add a few new ones now and then.  This year, I bought this vintage rabbit throw pillow cover.  (And yes, in the background you can see where I hung my floral wall hanging this year.)

Green and white bunny pillow on sofa - transition from winter to spring decor

Give your house a traditional “spring cleaning”…

After a long winter, your home is probably due for a good scrub down.  Is it just me or does spring put us in the mood to freshen up our homes for the season? Once the warmer weather kicks in, I always get the urge to clean and declutter my home.  

closet door rack filled with cleaning supplies - January organization projects

To get you started, here are a few spaces to begin your spring cleaning:

  • Wash windows
  • Clean baseboards
  • Have carpets cleaned
  • Organize under sinks
  • Clean the junk drawer
  • Purge your closets
  • Sweep the garage

Shopping for Early Spring:

Transition from winter to spring with these finds…

Or in this case, “hop” right into Easter decorating with a cute bunny pillow!

For subtle Easter decorating, this one is perfect…plus it’s so inexpensive!


For a colorful spring table, these blue and white cork placemats are pretty and practical!

In our home, we use our cork placemats almost everyday!


Speaking of spring tables, these green cabbage salad plates are similar to mine…and the best price I’ve seen!

As I mentioned, you don’t have to buy a whole new set of dishes.  Just layer in a different salad plate to your place setting for a whole new look!


For even more ways to transition from winter to spring, here are some finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you some early spring decorating ideas for your home!

How will you transition from winter to spring?


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White kitchen - Simple Early Spring Decorating Ideas

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  1. Your home looks so fresh and bright for spring – beautiful ideas easily spread all through out. I love the floral hanging; it has a great botanical vintage feel to it! I am pinning and and will check out your “Spring Summer” boar too!

    1. Thanks so much Kristine! I actually bought that wall hanging last year in Michaels…so inexpensive! Happy almost spring!

  2. So cute! Each one of your ideas is not only cute and eclectic but you’ve brought in much-needed colour after the long winter. I love your creative touches. I have been looking for inspiration to elevate my living room for the season transition, and I kept leaning towards one colour-blue. Thank you for showing variety. Don’t be surprised if I refer to your blog on my website, you are such a good source.

    1. Thank you so much, Christina! Yes, I crave some color after the dull winter… Glad you like my ideas and I’d be honored if you mentioned me on your blog! Thanks!

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