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How to Set an Easter Table with Pretty Pink Flowers

Happy spring!   So, how are you dealing with the time change?  Actually, it hasn’t bothered me because I’m loving the longer days heading into spring!  Since we’re getting close to Easter, today I’ve joined a group of talented bloggers for an Easter Tablescape Blog Hop hosted by Chloe of Celebrate and DecorateFor my stop on the hop, I’ll show you how I set an Easter table with pretty pink flowers! 

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White kitchen with pink flowers on Easter table

Before we begin, I want to welcome those of you who are arriving from Bluesky at Home.  I’m sure you loved Carol’s rustic Easter tablescape.  I adore her style and her tables are always so beautiful!

When you’re finished here, please be sure to visit the links at the end of this post to see all the lovely Easter tablescapes!

Let’s get started with my Easter table…

Welcome to my kitchen!

White kitchen with table set with pink for Easter

Here in the northeast, we’ve had some gorgeous sunny days.  As luck would have it, the sun was shining for me when I set my Easter table.  Believe me, it doesn’t always work out that way…especially when I tend to wait until the last minute.

Originally, I was going to set an Easter table in the dining room but decided to go with a more casual Easter table in the kitchen instead.  Plus, I planned to decorate with pink, so I thought the color would stand out nicely in my white kitchen.

Easter Table Decorated with Pink Tulips:

For some reason, I had a difficult time finding pink tulips this year.  Of course, I had already mentioned in my tulip blog post on Saturday that I’d be using tulips for my table…so I was kind of committed. 

At first, I planned to buy bright pink and white tulips for the Easter centerpiece.    After visiting three stores, I came home with a few different colored tulips…but no white.  Of course, the brighter pink ended up looking a bit too red but I had to work with what I had.  As you can see on the island in the background, I also bought some lilac tulips as well.  Obviously, those didn’t “make the cut” for my Easter centerpiece!

Set an Easter Table with pink and white

So, I mixed the medium pink tulips with the bright pink (slightly reddish) tulips.  Even though I told myself I wasn’t going to obsess over the color, I ended up doing exactly that.  I know, ridiculous, right?  Luckily, between the bright pink placemats and the different shades of pink Easter eggs, I think I had enough variation in color.  

Pink tulips in white pitcher

Simple DIY Napkin Rings for an Easter Table:

In keeping with my pink flower theme, I found a pretty floral ribbon which helped tie all the colors together.  

Pink and white place setting with tulip - set and Easter table

floral ribbon

To make my simple DIY napkin rings, I wrapped a piece of wired burlap around a section of a cardboard paper towel roll.  Then I took the floral ribbon and wrapped that around the burlap.  For mine, I just secured the ribbon with tape but you could always use a glue gun if you want it to look neater.  Then I slid a tulip through the napkin ring and I was done.

*Entertaining tip – If you plan to keep the table set for several hours before guests arrive, add the tulip at the last minute…or just go with an artificial one for the place settings.  That way you won’t have to worry about droopy flowers.  By the way, won’t it be nice to have guests again in the future?…

Pink and white place settings on Easter Table

If you like these DIY napkin rings, be sure to check out my easy DIY napkin rings.  Yes, the burlap may look familiar!  And speaking of burlap, I toned down the pink on the table by anchoring the centerpiece with my burlap table runner.  If you’ve visited my blog before, it will look familiar.  Such a versatile accessory…

Pink and White place settings - set an Easter table

White Dishes for Spring:

Speaking of versatile, you can’t go wrong with white dishes.  Mine are a plain white porcelain and they go with everything.  For this Easter table setting, the white really stands out against all the pink.

Pink tulip in burlap napkin ring

Also, I like the way the white dishes coordinate with the candles, white pitcher and the ceramic bunnies.  Each year, I find different ways to decorate with those bunnies.  Since they’re so plain and simple, they coordinate with everything.  Overall, they add to the fresh and clean look for spring.  

pink and white place settings - setting an Easter table

Sure, Easter is still a few weeks away but now I have a plan to set my table.  Most likely, it will just be the four of us again this year but it’s still fun to decorate for the holiday!

Wood dining table with white chairs and pink tulips

Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas to use when you set your Easter table!

Shop the Look to Set Your Table:

Once again, thank you to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate for hosting.  Also, please visit the rest of the participants on the blog hop from the list below. 

If you’re following along in order, The Painted Apron is next!  I know you’re going to love Jenna’s pretty table!

Easter Tablescape blog hop with flowers

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  1. Shelley, your dismay over the tulips ended up making for a simply classic look in all the hues of pinks! Jenna used the reddish pink tulips and I said it to her as I will to you – this is very preppy and reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer color combinations. I love it. The clean look of white dishes is a no fail, and the raspberry color of the placemats coordinates very well. Very cute idea for the napkin rings. HapPy SPring to you and yours!

    1. Your comment made my day, Rita! I didn’t even think of Lilly Pulitzer but you’re right – it really is that color combination! Now I feel so much better about the tulip colors…Thanks and have a great week!

  2. Hello Shelley, I have the same problem of obsessing over something that people will not even notice. Your tulips are just right and I do love the bright pops of pink with your white plates and napkins. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful kitchen. It is always fun hopping with you and wishing you a Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Pam! Isn’t funny how we can fixate on something? Thanks for your kind words and it’s great to hop with you again!

  3. Shelley, I just love the pops of pink in your pretty Easter table!.Your napkin rings are lovely, too. It is always a pleasure to hop with you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. Shelley, your tulips look fabulous! I love the chosen colors. They speak spring to me. The burlap runner and napkin rings are lovely. I love how you tucked in a tulip. The white plates are a wonderful addition to your lovely table. They pop with the dark pink placemat. The white bunnies and white pitcher tie in beautiful for a clean look. A pleasure to hop along with you. happy Easter Shelley.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! I definitely like to decorate with spring colors for Easter. In fact, I can’t wait until everything starts blooming outside. Thanks for your lovely comment and have a Happy Easter!

  5. Shelley, the pink and white combination looks great with your kitchen. Then the shot looking at the fire place looks like a charming country setting.
    I don’t think there is a thing wrong with the tulips. They have a very fresh on-style look that is very popular. I have to work hard at getting that very same look!

    1. Awe, thanks Rachelle! It’s funny because in person, the reddish ones looked more pink…maybe I just need to work on my photography skills – ha! I’m glad you like how it all turned out. Great hopping with you always!

  6. Shelley, your table is so beautiful! Tulips make such a stunning centerpiece, and I love the pitcher you placed them in. The touches of hot pink adds such a cheerful pop of color. I hope that you have a Happy Easter, sweet friend!

  7. Very pretty Shelley, I actually like the tulips you found, the mix of dark and light pink adds interest! Your napkin rings look so pretty with the tulips tucked through them. Love the pink and white, so clean and fresh! Glad you’re seeing sunshine and signs of Spring, things are blooming like crazy in the South and the pollen is in full force. Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

  8. Shelley, I always enjoy your bright and cherry kitchen. I love the fresh clean look.
    You have ushered in spring and Easter in a simple elegant way. White plates and pink napkins adorned with your DIY napkin rings make a celebratory statement. Your pitcher of tulips look so pretty. I understand you not being able to purchase exactly the vision you had for your table but no one would be the wiser. Your table is perfectly appointed.
    May your celebration with your family be especially meaningful this year.
    I’m pinning especially your overhead shot.

  9. Love the varying shades of pinks at your table as well as the tulips in your centerpiece! Your napkin rings with the ribbon and tulip are such a pretty addition! As always it’s a treat to hop with you and join you at the table. Happy Spring and Easter ♥

  10. I love love love your pretty in pink tablescape! Isn’t it funny how we can obsess over things for our blog posts.
    I think everything on your Easter table is perfect! And your home is gorgeous!

  11. Shelley I LOVE this table!! I particularly love the colors in your tulip centerpiece – I think you hit the nail right on the head! And the minimal decoration is perfection! Just enough to make it Eastery! I’m so going to try the striped placemats with the bright charger-style ones on top – that’s a beautiful combination! Thanks for the extra dose of inspiration today – it’s always wonderful hopping with you!

  12. Shelley, your tulips are beautiful….I would love to grow them again but living in Florida, the climate is just too warm for such an endeavor. Your New Jersey temps are more suitable. Of course the next best thing is to find a lovely bouquet in the market! Your setting is lovely and pink is my new black, so to speak. I am really liking pink and use it often, so your pink is right up my alley. LOL The white is striking making the pink pop as you said. Have a fun and happy Easter…Blessings Always
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  13. Shelley, Your table is lovely. The pink tulips coordinate with your bright placemats perfectly. How you picked out the perfect tulips to tuck inside each of your napkin rings is amazing. the little bit of floral trim added to your napkin rings is just the bit of pattern your table called for without overdoing anything! I am wishing you a lovely and blessed Easter!

  14. Shelley, I understand the obsession when you want a certain color or element for the vision you have. But the color combination turned out beautifully. I wanted brighter pink, but so far I’ve only seen pale ones. Your burlap napkin rings are darling. So pleased to be hoppy to be hopping with you again. I always love your style. Happy Easter, friend.

  15. What we go through sometimes to fulfill the image in our heads!!!! Shelley, your table looks positively lovely! No worries about color, you handled the issue perfectly!! Such wonderful pops of pink, it looks great in your kitchen and dining area!! It is a pleasure hopping with you, have a wonderful Easter 🐣

  16. Love, love love the centerpiece! Tulips in white vases are a quintessential sign of spring. I always love your bright and airy shots of your kitchen. The single tulip at each setting wrapped in burlap and adorned in ribbon is simple yet so elegant. Happy Easter to you and your family and enjoy the spring season.

  17. Shelley, I love your story. I know what it is like to want to use a particular item on the table, only to discover that it is not available. Even though you were on the hunt for your specific pink tulips, the combination that you have hear are awesome. I love it! It really makes the table pop. The striped placemats and bright pink round place mats are perfect to add subtle contrast. Your shared tips on the burlap napkin rings are a must since the napkin rings add such a statement, but do not take that much time to make. So lovely. It has been wonderful to blog hop with you and I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter holiday.

  18. Shelley, I would’ve never noticed the “reddish” tulips if you hadn’t said anything. They really blend in with the brighter shade of pink on your placemats and add an extra pop of color. But I can relate to perseverating over something not being “just right” lol! I do love the fresh, airy and clean look of your table. You always craft some nice details, and the burlap napkin holders are perfect with the floral ribbon and single tulip. It’s always a pleasure to hop with you. Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! It’s funny because after a few days, the tulips got lighter in color and didn’t look red any more! So strange… Great to hop with you again!

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