Spring Front Porch Ideas (Easy and Inexpensive)

Are you looking for some spring front porch ideas?  As the weather gets warmer, we tend to pay more attention to the exterior of our homes. Recently, I added a few spring touches to decorate my front porch.  Hopefully, some of my ideas will inspire you to freshen up your porch for spring as well!

Spring Front Porch Ideas – Easy and Inexpensive Updates to Welcome Your Guests:

White Tulips hanging on Black Door - Spring Front porch ideas

Hang some spring flowers on your door:

Originally, this look was meant for Easter but I think it works for the whole spring season.  Adding a simple hanging to the front door is a great way to welcome guests.  For my door, I like to use artificial flowers so I don’t have to think about it again.  But if you are hosting a special occasion, you could always fill the container with fresh flowers.

Potted Plants for Spring - spring front porch ideas

Flank the front door with flowers:

Recently, I bought two black urns from Home Depot and filled them with impatiens.  The location of my front porch seems to work well for them because they only get direct sunlight late in the day.  If you are looking for similar urns, mine are 15 inches wide by 21 inches high.

Black Urn on front porch

I have wanted urns for the porch for awhile and I figure I can use them each season. (With my “green” thumb, plants don’t last longer than that anyway!)

Impatiens for spring

The flowers have been blooming like crazy!  I guess I am getting lucky this year!

Spring Front Porch with Black Urns

Other Spring Front Porch Ideas That Will Freshen Up Your Entrance:

Wash the windows surrounding your door. 

Nothing says “spring cleaning” like clean windows!  While you’re at it, wipe down the door area and remove spider webs and any dirt that may have settled over the winter.

Power wash the porch:

Obviously, I still need to do that at my house.  Don’t look too closely…actually you don’t even have to look closely! Ha!

Buy a New Door Mat for Spring:

If yours is getting a little worn and old (like mine is), think about replacing your door mat for the season.

With just a few small updates, your front porch can be ready to welcome guests this spring. 

At some point, I might replace the door mat too since those get a little beaten up over time.  Either way, these are just a couple easy ways to freshen up the front porch for spring!

If you want to see more outdoor excitement around here, check out the flowers on my back deck – Flowers on the Deck.

Sources for Spring Front Porch Ideas:

Please note that this post contains some affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links – (at no additional cost to you!)  

  • Black Urns – Mine were from Home Depot but if you can’t find any, this black urn is similar.  It’s a little bigger than mine so be sure to measure what you need.
  • Faux Tulips- Michael’s Craft Store but these artificial tulips got great reviews and are inexpensive.
  • Metal Door Hanging – Michael’s Craft store but this farmhouse style hanging planter would be adorable!
  • Trellis Door Mat – Mine is old also but I might end up replacing it with this door mat.

Have you freshened up your front porch for spring?

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Spring Front Porch Ideas - simple and inexpensive ways to update and freshen up your entrance.

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  1. I really love those urns; I too would like a pair and might have to make another stop at Home Depot today! I'm also loving your black front door. I SOOO want to paint mine black but people seem to feel that since my door is solid wood I should avoid it. I'm curious, is your door wood?!?!?!

  2. Love your black urns! They are so pretty with your door and lanterns! Love it!

  3. Shelley,I agree! I think tulips are perfect for any season! Love the front door!Have a great weekend!karianne

  4. Lovely! I think making the entrance to your home inviting is so important. I love the urns and tulips are always bright and cheery.

  5. Your porch is gorgeous. I love the urns and the door pocket is fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me

  6. Your front porch looks marvelous – I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,Kathy

  7. Shelley, tulips are one of my favorite flowers so I'm with you that you can keep using them throughout the spring! Your porch looks so beautiful!

  8. So pretty for summer, Shelley! I love the black urns, mine look just like them! 🙂

  9. I love the urns – we have some that are very similar – we put ferns in ours but I love the impatiens. They provide a nice pop of color.Great job!Sheliawww.houseofhighlands.com

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