Beautiful Sunflower Trail Photos (Von Thun Farms)

Hello friends!  As the summer winds down, I hope you’re enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible.  In most areas, it’s also sunflower season right now!  So, it makes sense that National Sunflower Day was the first Saturday in August.  Today, I’m sharing some photos of our trip a New Jersey sunflower trail at Von Thun Farms!  Enjoy!

Sunflower Trail Photos

Scenes from Von Thon Farms:

Here in New Jersey, family owned Von Thun Farms is a great place to enjoy acres of gorgeous sunflowers!  On the day we visited, the sun was shining and the sunflowers were in full bloom.  It was the perfect day to take some beautiful photos!

Closeup of large sunflowers - sunflower field photos

Von Thun Farms is located in Washington, New Jersey and their sunflower field is open through Labor Day.  For details on exact location, admission fee and hours, be sure to visit their website.

Red barn entrance to Von Thun Farms sunflower trail

Besides being a sunflower farm, Von Thun Farms also offers a variety of family friendly activities.  From picking your own flowers and fruit in the summer to fall activities like pumpkin picking and live music festivals, there’s something for everyone.

Von Thun Farms sunflower trail cutout sign

When I visited, I convinced my teenage son to come along.  Of course, he insisted that I get in a photo or two…

Before entering the sunflower trail, you pass flower fields where you can pick your own zinnias, marigolds, colored sunflower varieties and other colorful blooms.

Wildflowers in field and sunflower trail entrance sign

But we were there for the main attraction…the acres of sunflowers!

Sunflower trail entrance signs and boy tripping

Of course, when you’re hanging out with a teenage boy, you must expect some shenanigans!  After reading the sign warning us of uneven footing, he had to act like he was tripping all over the place.  Boys…

Fields of Sunflowers on the Sunflower Trail:

As we entered the sunflower trail, we were blown away by the scenery.

Sunflower field entrance sign and old red truck

Sunflower fields as far as the eye could see with rolling hills in the distance.

field of sunflowers on sunny day

If only we brought the whole family (and a professional photographer).  That way, we could have taken family photos for our Christmas card!

boy walking on dirt path of sunflower trail

Since it hadn’t rained, the trail was dry and dusty but I guess that’s better than being muddy.  

Tall sunflowers against blue sky in sunflower field

Besides all the photo ops along the sunflower trail, there were cute signs with sunflower trivia.

Sign with sunflower facts in field of sunflowers

Did you know that each sunflower is made of thousands of tiny flowers called florets?  Keep that in mind for the next time you watch Jeopardy…haha.

Large butterfly backdrop in sunflower field

Around the bends we came across fun backgrounds (like this butterfly) to take photos.

Sunflower field with information sign

Wow, that’s a lot of sunflower seeds!

boy walking on sunflower trail on sunny day

As we wandered through the trail, my son mentioned that it would have been more fun if it was a sunflower maze instead of just a trail.  Since he’s so tall, he probably would have any easy time seeing ahead to the exit.  Maybe, I can send him to a corn maze to really get lost!

Sign telling how sunflowers grow

Of all the sunflower facts, I liked this one the best!  Really, I never thought how they follow the sun.  Though I guess it does make sense.

field of sunflowers and blue sky

With all that work to make sunflower oil, you’d think it would be more expensive…

sunflower field and sign with facts

Sunflower Trail Photo Ops:

Near the end of the trail, they displayed an old Volkswagen beetle and an old rusty red truck.  If you want a great prop for an Instagram photo, you can’t go wrong with rusty old vehicles!  

Blue Volkswagon in sunflower field

So, needless to say, I convinced my son to pose!  Just mention that something is “Instagrammable” and suddenly kids think it’s cool.

boy next to old red truck in sunflower field

After strolling through the sunflower trails, we stopped by the cute farm stand/gift shop to browse.

Gift shop at Von Thun Farms

If you don’t want to pick your own flowers, there were plenty of fresh cut bouquets for sale in the gift shop.  In the store, they also sold a variety of things such as fresh produce, local honey, wildflowers and a bunch of sunflower themed home decor items.

To see how I’ve decorated with sunflowers in my home, read:

Hopefully, you enjoyed our photo tour of the sunflower trail!

If you have a sunflower festival or sunflower farm near you, I recommend going for some fun photos!

Large sunflowers against the blue sky

Do you have any sunflower trails near you?

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Beautiful sunflower trail photos from a NJ sunflower farm

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  1. HA! I love going places with teenagers! Took me back … What a beautiful field – thanks for sharing!

  2. The sunflower maze idea is a reality! Hanes Corn Maze in Flamborough, Ontario, Canada is a great place to visit if you’re in the Hamilton (45 minutes from Toronto) area! They have an absolutely amazing 🙂 corn maze, and a fantastic sunflower maze for the kids . It’s a few minutes from our house and I have to take my grandkids every year.

    1. Oh that sounds great! I guess the sunflowers are super tall there too…I’m sure it’s fun for everyone!

  3. Oh wow, love the sunflowers and all the little tidbits in between. I visited you via Inspire Me Monday 285
    I linked up this week with = 10+11 and this is a friendly reminder and personal invite to come and join us at SeniorSalonPitStop. You will find the linkup information under BLOGGING.

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