Simple Ways to Decorate for Easter (with White Ceramic Bunnies)

Do you decorate your home for Easter?  Generally, I keep my Easter decorating pretty simple with a tablescape and a few seasonal accessories.  One of my favorite Easter accessories are white bunnies.  I’ve found that they seem to go with everything so I rotate the same ones around the house each year.  Today, I’m sharing some of my ways to decorate for Easter with those simple white bunnies!

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Ways to Decorate for Easter with White Ceramic Bunnies

Bunny Napkin Rings:

Of course, an Easter table setting is one easy way to display your white bunnies.  For this table, I found the cutest napkin rings to include on each place setting.

Ceramic Easter bunny napkin ring on green cabbage plate

Simple and Festive Easter Table with Bunnies

Don’t you just love the statement they make on each setting?  On the rest of the table, I included a few ceramic bunny bowls as well.

Colorful Easter Table with White Bunnies:

Just last week, I decorated my most recent Easter table.  Since I went vibrant with some pinks, I needed to tone it all down with some white accessories…like my favorite white ceramic bunnies…

Pink Tulips in White Pitcher on Table - Spring is Here!

How to Set an Easter Table with Pretty Pink Flowers

If you love tulips, be sure to read –  Ways to Decorate with Tulips!

White Bunny Planter Filled with Easter Eggs:

It’s always fun to find new uses for things you already own.  For instance, this white ceramic bunny is actually a planter.  One year, instead of using it for a plant, I simply filled it with eggs for a super-easy Easter centerpiece.

White ceramic bunny planter filled with colorful Easter eggs

Colorful Easter Table – 2 Ways

Ways to Decorate an Easter Mantel Using Ceramic Bunnies:

Once again, I brought out the white bunnies for my farmhouse style Easter mantel a couple years ago.

vase with Easter eggs next to ceramic bunny on mantel

Farmhouse Inspired Mantel with White Bunnies

Since we had recently remodeled our fireplace, I wanted to see how the bunnies would look against the wood and stone.  They passed the test – I loved the look!

Obviously, I’ve been decorating with these white ceramic bunnies for many years…

Here are the white bunnies on my old fireplace…

White ceramic bunnies on mantel

Simple Spring Mantel with Bunnies and Flowers

Simple Easter Decorating Ideas for the Stove Mantel:

Not only have I displayed the white ceramic bunnies on the fireplace mantel, but I’ve also used them on my stove mantel.

Flowers and bunnies on stove mantel - simple Easter decor

Against the white cabinets, the bunnies add just a touch of Easter without being overdone.

White Rabbit on a Stand – Simple Ways to Decorate for Easter:

Most years, I decorate above the stove with my leaping rabbit on a stand.  Every time I post it in pictures, people ask me about it.  This bunny isn’t ceramic but it’s a heavy plastic/resin material.  Years ago, I bought the bunny from Homegoods but I’ve seen a few similar ones like this wooden bunny..  Usually, I bring mine out each year around Easter and keep it displayed for the spring season.  

Bunny on stand displayed on stove mantel

Simple Spring Decor with Tulips and Bunnies

Easter Rabbit on a Stand Centerpiece:

And yes, that rabbit also “hopped” over to my table last year…

Bunny on stand with palms Easter centerpiece

Since last Easter we were mid-pandemic, I didn’t bother buying any flowers at the store.  Instead, I used the bunny as a simple centerpiece.  For the base, I just used simple faux palm leaves which are perfect for Easter decorating.  If you want more ideas for decorating with faux greenery, read how I decorate with fake plants and greenery.

To see the most recent way I’ve decorated with the bunny on a stand, read – Kitchen Island Decorating Ideas for Spring!

White Ceramic Bunnies and Hydrangeas for Easter:

Though the year before, I had no problem shopping for flowers…

Pink hydrangeas and white bunnies - Easter decorating ideas

Spring Decorating with Hydrangeas and Bunnies

When I brought home this beautiful hydrangea bush, I wanted to display it where we could see it every day.  After all, who doesn’t love pink hydrangeas?  If you want to see more ways I’ve decorated with them, read these 7 tips!  Anyway, I ended up doing a spring/Easter vignette in the foyer and of course I had to add some white bunnies!

So, I hope I inspired you with some simple Easter decorating ideas you can use!  If you want to shop for some Easter bunnies of your own, here are a few ideas below.  I know, they’re not all white but they do have a classic look that should work with any decor…

Shop for Bunnies:

What are you favorite ways to decorate for Easter?

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Bunny on stand - Easter decorating ideas


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