Looking Back at the Posts of Christmas Past for Inspiration

Previously, I have mentioned that I do most of my Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  Each year, we host dinner and I like my home to stay in fall mode for the turkey festivities!

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from shopping, planning and pinning for this year’s decor!  I find it helpful to take a look back on past year’s decorations to decide if I want to build on those ideas or go in a totally different direction.

Let’s take a look back on how I have decorated for Christmas in the past…

Last year, I used a lot of red, green and black in my decor…

Christmas House Tour 2016

Christmas House Tour (2016)

For years, I had wanted to add wreaths to my cabinets, so last year I finally did!

The year before I kept it simple with some fresh greens and touches of red…

Christmas Kitchen Tour 2015

Christmas Kitchen (2015)

That year, we had just renovated our kitchen and I didn’t want my decor to distract from the new look!

The previous year, I was a little late posting my tour…

Christmas Decor 2014

The Christmas House Tour that Never Happened (2014)

As you will see, I used a lot of color that year too.

In 2013, I shared all my wreaths and bows…

Wreaths and Bows for Christmas 2013

Wreaths and Bows (2013)

Since you don’t really see much of my kitchen in that post, I also included another one from 2013…

Christmas Kitchen Tour 2013

Christmas Kitchen (2013)

In 2012, I used some white, but overall I kept things colorful…

Christmas Decorating 2012

Christmas Around My House (2012)

In that post, you will also notice that our main Christmas tree is always kid friendly and colorful each year.

In 2011, I shared a few vignettes around the house…

Christmas Vignettes 2011

And in 2010, I shared my family room where we used to put our Christmas tree…

Christmas Tour 2010

A Late House Tour 2010

Yes, those old photos are nothing to brag about!  I just realized I just passed my 7 year blogging anniversary!  Wow, time really does fly!  I don’t know if I would have kept track of each year’s decor if I didn’t have a blog.  It’s fun to look back, isn’t it?

I’ll start my decorating next week…and I still plan on using a lot of color this year.  Already, I have purchased a few things so be sure to stop back to check out Christmas 2017 in my home!

How has your decorating changed over the years?

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Christmas Inspiration and Decor over the years



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  1. Not sure what I'm doing this year. Yes, it is nice that our blog shows a good accounting of what we did when! Love your kitchen!Brenda

  2. Shelley, my post tomorrow has a similar title!😊 Blogging keeps records that are so helpful! Your kitchen is beautiful!

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