Farmhouse Inspired Mantel with Bunnies and Tulips

Since my fireplace mantel needed a spring update, I decided to decorate a farmhouse inspired mantel this year!  After all, who doesn’t love anything farmhouse-inspired these days?  Plus, my mantel is made from a 100 year old piece of barn wood so a farmhouse style definitely works for me…

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Farmhouse Inspired Mantel with Tulips:

With the abundance of tulips in all the stores, it only made sense to use them on my spring mantel.  After all, they are inexpensive and just perfect for spring.  I purchased two bunches of tulips for $6.99 each at Wegman’s Supermarket.  You can’t get much better than that!

farmhouse inspired spring mantel

Since I own a collection of vases and pitchers, I divided the tulips among them and displayed them across the rustic wood mantel.  Filling two more glass jars with faux eggs added a hint of Easter to the mantel.  Recently, I used some of those eggs in an Easter table setting.

farmhouse inspired spring mantel with bunny banner

Easter Bunnies everywhere!

With Easter approaching, I figured bunnies were necessary!  On a recent shopping trip to Homegoods, I picked up this adorable burlap banner and I love the way it picks up the green from the tulips.  Such a great find and the burlap feels very farmhouse inspired to me. 

In addition to the banner, I added two white bunnies from my collection.  For years, I have been using them to decorate for spring and for Easter.

farmhouse style mantel with white bunny

After participating in a recent Easter Blog Hop, I realized I need to step it up with my bunny collection.  As soon as the Easter merchandise goes on sale, I think I will be adding to my collection!

burlap bunny banner on mantel

By the way, don’t you just love the puffy little white tails?  It’s the little things that make me happy…

pink tulips for spring

Simple Accessories for a Farmhouse Inspired Mantel:

This simple “spring” sign is just an unpainted wooden piece I picked up at Michael’s a few years ago.  Originally, I planned on painting it but the plain wood works well with the farmhouse inspired mantel.  After all, raw wood has that rustic feel.  Maybe I will just keep it that way.  Obviously, painting the wood is not on the top of my priority list!

farmhouse inspired spring mantel on stone fireplace

Colors of Spring:

Although white tulips would have looked pretty against my stone fireplace, I decided to go with lilac colored tulips for my farmhouse inspired spring mantel this year.  Since I was already using white bunnies and a white pitcher, I wanted a bit more color.  Plus, the lilac felt more like Easter to me.

pink tulips on mantel

Like I mentioned, I used some of my faux eggs.  This is another simple way to add some Easter color!

white bunny and pastel Easter eggs

Repeating the Neutrals on a Farmhouse Inspired Mantel:

Since I wanted keep the farmhouse inspired mantel as the focal point, I kept the accessories below my fireplace very neutral.

Stone fireplace decorated for Easter

To add some texture, I added a seagrass basket for the firewood and I repeated the white with an orchid.

white bunny kindling holder

Also, I repeated the white with my bunny planter.  Fortunately, it’s the perfect size to store our fireplace kindling.  I love to find several uses for an item.  Last year, I used the bunny planter in one of my favorite table settings.  Gee, I wonder where it will show up next year!

farmhouse inspired decor on stone fireplace

Hopefully, I gave you some helpful ideas for a farmhouse inspired mantel!  Thanks for stopping by!

Easter bunny banner

Do you have any farmhouse inspired decor in your home?

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Farmhouse Inspired Mantel with white bunny


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    1. Thanks so much, Patty! Overall my home is pretty traditional but the stone fireplace was screaming for something farmhouse inspired!

  1. This is so pretty, Shelley! I love the pop of color the tulips give your display against the stone. Your banner is adorable! I added two new bunnies to my collection yesterday. They were on sale and next year when I decorate, I’ll be happy to find them in my Easter boxes.

    1. Thank you, Paula! I do love the way the tulips look against the stone. Now is definitely the time to start buying for next year and it’s always nice to find new treasures when opening those Easter bins! Have a Happy Easter, my friend!

    1. Aww, thanks Jeanie! It’s always fun to play around with seasonal accessories…and tulips! Have a great day!

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