Cute Halloween Ideas – Costumes, Decor and More!

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my costumes, decorations and ideas from the past.  So, whether you’re staying home or going out, I hope these cute Halloween ideas motivate you to try something new!

Cute Halloween Ideas- Decorating Around the House:

Although, I don’t normally go too crazy with Halloween decorations, here are a few things I’ve decorated in my home.  (Just click on the link below each photo when you want to read more of that post).

Black and Orange Mantel

You can’t go wrong with black and orange for Halloween.  For this mantel, I kept it super-simple with a cute jack-o-lantern for the focal point…

Orange jack-o-lantern on mantel - cute Halloween ideas

Simple Black and Orange Mantel

For more cute Halloween decorating ideas, read DIY Halloween Ghost Decorations.

Halloween Bar Cart

Why should the kids have all the fun for Halloween?  One year, I decorated my bar cart with some creepy accessories and a little red wine.

Red wine in glasses with Jack-o-lantern sign

How to Decorate a Halloween Bar Cart

Of course, we probably won’t be entertaining this year but it’s always fun to add some festive Halloween decor around the house.

Spooky Decorations in the Window

A few years back, the Stephen King movie “It” was very popular.  Of course, I never saw it because I can’t handle scary movies.  But my kids told me about a red balloon in the movie.  Apparently, they’d float a red balloon above storm gates in the street.  I guess the balloon was a sign that something scary was supposed to happen. 

Red Balloon in window with spotlight - spooky and cute Halloween ideas

Anyway, that year, we floated a single balloon in our front window and lit it up with a spotlight.  My kids loved it and so did the trick or treaters!  Overall, a good combination of cute and spooky, don’t ya think?

Cute Outdoor Halloween Ideas:

Halloween Front Porch

Trick or Treat Banner over front door

From Fall to Halloween on the Porch

Each fall, I decorate my front porch for the season and then add a few Halloween accessories in October.  After all, it has to be festive when we give out the candy. 

In our neighborhood, we sometimes get between 70-90 trick or treaters!

Cute Ideas for a Halloween Table Settings:

Black and White Halloween Table Setting

Just recently, I decorated a simple black and white table featuring jack-o-lanterns for Halloween…

White Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern on table setting - cute Halloween ideas

Halloween Table Setting Ideas

Since I usually decorate with color, (especially for Halloween) it was a fun departure for me.  Isn’t the mini pumpkin adorable?  I just love decorating with those!

Halloween Place Settings on the Counter

Back when my boys would go trick or treating, they would have a casual dinner at the counter before going out.  Usually, I would decorate some festive place settings for them but one year, I decided to decorate some settings for adults…hence the wine theme.

Fall Place setting on kitchen counter - with Halloween accents

Halloween Table Setting on the Counter

Cute Halloween Ideas for Costumes:

80s Costume

If you’re looking for some simple Halloween costume ideas, why not dress up like your favorite decade…

80s Halloween Costume Idea

80s Costume

Funny Dog Costumes

Yes, I’m one of those people who dresses up the dog every year…

Golden Retriever in Wonder Woman Costume - Cute Halloween Ideas for Costume

Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs (You’ll Love)

Luckily, Golden Retrievers are very tolerant of silly things like this.  If you need a good laugh, be sure to check out all her previous costumes!

Fun Traditions for Halloween:

Surprise Your Neighbors

Here’s a fun tradition that never gets old around here..

Spook basket for treats for the neighbors - Halloween Inspiration

How to Start a Fun Halloween Tradition in Your Neighborhood

What fun it is to open the door to a basket of goodies for the kids…and the adults!

Carve Some Pumpkins

Obviously, carving pumpkins is about as traditional as you can get for Halloween.  When my kids were younger, my mom would invite them over for a pumpkin carving afternoon.  Here are some jack-o-lanterns from one of those days…

Two Jack-o-lanterns on counter - Halloween Inspiration

Halloween – The Appreciation of the Orange Pumpkin

Even though my boys are teenagers now, we still carve pumpkins every year.  That’s one tradition I think we’ll continue for years to come! 

What are your favorite cute Halloween ideas?


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Creative and Cute Halloween Ideas to try this year


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  1. All of these ideas are so fun! I especially love the gift for a neighbor. That is a really sweet gesture. I’d love to be your neighbor! The single lit up balloon is a great touch!

    1. Thanks! We used to go a little overboard with the baskets! The one in the photograph was pretty elaborate! Thanks again!

      1. You’re welcome! Sometimes it’s fun to give an elaborate gift when people aren’t expecting it. Also, a good idea for a hostess gift or Halloween birthday gift!

    1. Thanks Kim! That balloon was the easiest Halloween decor ever! And thanks – I’m always looking for ways to decorate with white pumpkins!

  2. Love your trick or treat banner Shelley! Such cute ideas everywhere. I think your plan to put the candy on a table outside is the right one. Trick or Treating is allowed here too but cases are definitely rising. I will be putting individual bags of candy in my old galvanized bucket outside.

    1. Thanks Denise! Yeah, with the numbers rising, I think I’m leaving the candy outside. It will be a shame to miss all the cute costumes but I’d rather be safe. I like your idea of the galvanized bucket! Thanks again!

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