Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs (You’ll Love!)

Now that Fall has arrived, it’s already time to start thinking about Halloween!  If you’re someone who thinks it’s hilarious to dress up your dog for Halloween, continue reading to see our favorite funny Halloween costumes for dogs! 

As you can guess, I’m one of “those” people…I just can’t help it, though.  And it’s not just me.  Actually, my neighbors look forward to seeing our golden retriever, Rosie dressed up when she trick or treats with us.  Who am I to disappoint them?!

Here are a few funny Halloween costumes our dog, Rosie has worn in the past…

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Last year for Halloween, we went with the majestic lion mane costume.

Lion Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Lion Mane Costume

For some reason, she was not happy with that one.  Maybe she knew that only male lions have a mane…who knows.  If you need a good laugh, head over to that post – October…Out Like A…Lion? to see how she handled her costume.

Come to think of it, Rosie has never been very happy with her doggie Halloween costumes…

Golden Retriever in Pumpkin Costume

Pumpkin Costume

For Rosie’s 1st Halloween, we dressed her up as a pumpkin.  Unfortunately, she spent most of the time trying to bite it off!

Don’t ask me why but I can’t even find a picture of her in the NY Giants Jersey

NY Giants Football Jersey costume for dogs

NY Giants Jersey

Just like her mommy, she’s not really a football fan so I am guessing she refused to wear it.

Then there was the Halloween costume that was way too small…

Golden Retriever in Wonder Woman Costume - Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Wonder Woman Costume

Not quite what you would picture for Wonder Woman, is it?  Needless to say, she went on a diet after this picture was taken.  Don’t tell her I showed you this – she will kill me!

To replace that disaster of a Halloween costume, I had to buy her another dog costume that year. 

Well, that was a “strike two” because that doggie costume ended up being too large!…

Nemo Dog Costume on a Golden Retriever

Maybe a different Nemo costume would have fit her better!

Sadly, this Nemo dog costume kept spinning around on her when she walked.  Needless to say, that was a bad year for trick or treating!

This year, I’m still deciding on her costume.  Maybe I’ll have better luck if I let her choose!  I know, I know…crazy dog person…

Actually, this costume is in the running… I literally cried laughing when I saw it!

Perhaps, I could dress her up as a golfer this year…

Golden retriever puppy watching golf

After all, she used to love watching golf when she was little!  Oh memories…

Here are some more golden retriever Halloween costumes I love…

Actually, these funny dog costumes could work for almost any breed!

Do you have a favorite funny Halloween costume for dogs?

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Funny Halloween Costumes for Dogs


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  1. I have a little collection – this year will be my first year at home on Halloween in 3 years. The dog and I will be a witch and he will wear a witch hat.

  2. OMG… have you seen the ad for Amazon where the Dad dresses the dog up as a lion so the baby would like the dog. Toooo cute. Great post. My Chili has tried to bite my head off when I tried to put a costume on her. Have a great week.

  3. Rosie is ADORABLE!! I love the lion mane – perfect for her!! As is Wonder Woman! What a cute post (even though I refuse to even think about Halloween right now!) xoxo

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