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Halloween Table Setting

Since today is cloudy and windy, I thought it would be a perfect day for a cozy Halloween table setting!  Or in this case – a counter setting.

(Please note, this is an old post that I am re-running.  That’s why the pictures are a bit grainy and you will see my kitchen before the remodel.  Always fun to look back isn’t it?!)

Halloween Counter Settings

As it turns out, I only have two adorable pumpkin plates so I couldn’t set a whole table anyway.   Looks like a counter setting is in order!

Halloween at the Counter

I really should buy more of these plates since they are so cute.  Maybe I will wait until after Halloween when they go on sale.

Black Candlesticks with orange candles for Halloween

And since Halloween is coming, my favorite candlesticks have come back to haunt me!  

Halloween wine and sign

A bottle of wine and new sign (from my recent Halloween gift) are here to join in the display!

Halloween wine

As you can see by the other side, it is actually a Pinot Grigio.  I bet you were fooled...

Eat Drink and Be Scary sign for Halloween

This time, I used a real pumpkin.  I have enough of those fake white ones all over!

Halloween place setting with cork and raffia for napkin holder

I save wine corks now since Pottery Barn and craft stores actually sell them.  I thought they would make cute napkin rings.

Halloween place setting with pumpkin plate

The pumpkin plates are from Pier One.  The place mats are also from Pier One – several years ago.

Amber wine glass for Halloween place setting

I think the wine glasses were from Southern Living At Home.

Halloween place setting at kitchen counter

Yeah, I should buy more of these wine glasses too.  I think I only have four and they work so well with the fall decor.

Counter seats for Halloween counter setting

Come have a seat…

Halloween plates and setting

Now I just need to cook something!

Two Halloween place settings set at counter

Thanks for stopping by to see my Halloween counter setting!

We actually do eat at the counter when only two of us are home.  Maybe I will set it like this for the kids on Halloween night before they go trick or treating.  Minus the wine of course…

Are you planning any special dinner for Halloween?

Halloween Table Setting - on the kitchen counter

FYI – If you would like to see updated photos of how my kitchen looks now, you can click here – Kitchen Before and After from Each Angle and decorated for fall last year – Subtle Autumn Decorating.  Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Shelley, I love your setting for two. We do that a lot. It must be cloudy and windy everywhere. Same here and cold!

  2. Very pretty! I love the pumpkin plates and all your goodies from your gift basket. I am joining you from Tablescape Thursday today!

  3. We eat at our counter all the time. This is such a nice dinner for 2. Great idea with the corks. I started saving mine too. Your bar chairs are so pretty. RobinRobin Flies South

  4. I wish I had a counter that we could eat at! I love your "counterscape"!!! I have the same pumpkin plates but not from Pier 1. I forget where I got them. Love the idea of the corks too! XO, Pinky

  5. Ohhh, what a wonderful Halloween table setting, Shelley!!! Love the pumpkin plates, soooo cute! And the scary sign too! Happy fall weekend to you!! ~ Jutta

  6. Your table for two setting is really super, Shelley! The pumpkin plates are very cute and I love the green napkin and cork combo. Most of my wine is the screw top variety, so I'd have to be one of those sad souls who has to buy corks, lol!I will be lucky to cram a slice of pizza into my two kids who are still young enough to trick-or-treat on Halloween!

  7. This works for me! Great for when there's just 2 people and you want something fun and festive to celebrate the season! I have those same placemats. Still love them after 3 or 4 years. As for Halloween…nothing special planned. No children at home and the grandchildren live just far enough away that they don't want to make the trip "way out here." That's OK…I'll eat all their candy! 🙂 Very nice table!

  8. I really like your creative table settings. I never thought of doing one just for my bar…so you just gave me an idea to try! Love those candlesticks with orange candles. I love the deep colors for Halloween and fall. Thank you for joining us!

  9. Lovely Halloween tablescape, I am really loving how you stacked the dishes and what you did with the napkins. You did a great job!

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