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How to Start a Fun Halloween Tradition in Your Neighborhood

In our neighborhood, Halloween isn’t just about trick-or-treating…We also participate in a fun Halloween tradition of spooking the neighbors!

How to “Spook” the Neighbors – A Fun Halloween Tradition:

Each year, during the month or so preceding Halloween, a mystery ghost starts the yearly spooking by leaving a goodie bag (or basket) on two neighbors’ doorsteps.  The “ghost” rings the doorbell, drops the bag and runs!  Then it’s up to those two neighbors to each put together two more goodie bags and continue with the spooking a day or two later.  Just so everyone knows those neighbors have already been spooked, they each hang a ghost on their front door.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

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Here is a goodie basket we received a couple years ago.

Halloween Treat Basket - Tips to "spook" your neighbors

As you can see, sometimes a neighbor will get very generous!

That year, our mystery ghost included goodies for the adults as well as the children.  What a surprise to find a bottle of wine sitting on the doorstep!  How often does something that fortunate happen?  Although, it’s not necessary to be this elaborate with the treats.  Obviously, it can get costly putting one of these baskets together!  A fun Halloween tradition isn’t fun anymore if it causes you to go broke!

The main goal is to have fun and to make Halloween a little extra festive around the neighborhood.  

Fun Halloween Tradition - You've Been Spooked

If you are interested in starting your own neighborhood spooking tradition, I listed some ideas from what we have used in the past.  

For your convenience, I tried to find similar products.  For example, I have seen pumpkin baskets like the one above at Michael’s Craft store.  But if you want to go a different route, you could try this – pumpkin candy bag.

Obviously, you could just fill the basket with wine and candy and be done.

Seriously, no need to make a fun Halloween tradition into something stressful!

Or you could get creative and add some of these…

Fun Halloween Tradition - Pumpkin carving tools and accessories - Halloween goodie bag ideas

I mean, who doesn’t need carving tools for Halloween?

Here are some more – similar carving tools which include patterns if you want to get creative!  Don’t forget to add some light with these – flashing strobe light or LED tea lights.

Coloring books and other creative treats for Halloween goodie bags

Inexpensive note pads, pencils and coloring books are a cute idea…

One year, we received these funny, little notepads but I also found similar Halloween notepads along with these really cute coloring books.  Halloween pencils are easy to add to the goodie bags and are great to pass out at school Halloween parties.  Halloween stickers are also a fun and inexpensive way to go!

Fun Halloween Tradition using Glow Bracelets and other Halloween essentials for goodie bags

Everyone needs glow bracelets at Halloween.

These were from Walmart but I also found these – similar glow bracelets and also sets that come with neckaces.

Halloween paper products - ideas to fill gift bags

Just in case you decide to throw an impromptu Halloween party, it’s convenient to have extra paper plates and napkins!  

I found these similar and traditional Halloween napkins but I also thought  these Halloween cocktail napkins would be a funny option!

Halloween cooking accessories - ideas to fill goodie bags

Adding cookie cutters to the goodie bag is another creative and inexpensive idea.

I found these – cute Halloween themed cookie cutters and these – cute mini ones. I couldn’t find the exact ghost spatula anywhere but I thought this spatula was an even cuter substitute.

Plastic spider - and other cute ideas to fill Halloween gift bags

Finally, you might want to complete your bag with scary spider!

My kids always love these.  I found this – similar one or you might want a bag of tiny spiders instead!

Whatever you choose to put in your bag, I hope you enjoy starting a fun Halloween tradition in your neighborhood!

Fun Halloween Tradition

Oh, I almost forgot, this is a website with similar spooking instructions!  www.beenbooed.com  They have a few versions along with some helpful tips!

While we are discussing Halloween, here are some more creative Halloween ideas:

Do you have a fun Halloween tradition in your neighborhood?

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Fun Halloween Tradition - How to spook your neighbors with great ideas for goodie bags!


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  1. This brings back so many memories of when my girls were little. All the Moms were sure to include a bottle of wine for the parents. Looks like your 'hood did the same thing. Have a great week.

  2. Hi Shelley!Now THIS is a great idea! So much fun — for kids and adults too! Great way to get to know the neighbors, and fun to your day, and spread some smiles! 🙂 The world needs more traditions like this! Fantastic!Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) 🙂

  3. That is such a cute idea, Shelley! Makes me wish we had young children again, but only if that would also knock 40 years off our ages!

  4. What a fun idea! It's great that you live in a neighborhood that like to have fun together. This would be such a great tradition to start. Thanks for linking up at the Halloween Blog Hop and Giveaway. Pinning to my Halloween Board.

  5. I love doing this!! In our neighborhood now there are lots of children so it's really cute to see what goes around. I once delivered a package to a friend with tiny little bottles of wine cooler. Adult Boo Bag. 🙂

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