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How to Decorate a Halloween Bar Cart

Why should kids have all the fun at Halloween?  Let the kids have their costumes and candy, while we adults hang out at the Halloween bar cart!  Here are some fun ideas on how to decorate a Halloween bar cart (for adults)!

How to Decorate a Halloween Bar Cart:

Since you’re already decorating your front porch for the trick-or-treaters, save a few Halloween decorations for inside!  When decorating a Halloween bar cart, you just need a few fun accessories to make it festive.  After all, the drinks are the main attraction anyway!

How to decorate a bar cart for Halloween

You’ll Probably Want to Start with Beverages…

Bring out the red wine…because you know what that looks like!

Of course, you could always get creative and also whip up a Halloween inspired cocktail!  In fact, you could make a Halloween signature drink for your guests.  Everyone loves a good signature drink at a party!

Decorating a bar cart for Halloween

Add a fun skeleton for some humor – and make sure you give him a blood-red glass of wine!

Yes, red wine works as a beverage and a decoration!

Red wine for Halloween

Just make sure you have plenty for your guests…

While you’re decorating your bar cart, take inventory of your wine selection.  Since most of us don’t have wine cellars, take a quick trip to the liquor store to stock up for those thirsty guests!

Scary bar cart decorations

Continue with a few Halloween inspired decorations…or should I say “in-spidered”! 

After all, who doesn’t love a scary spider for Halloween?

Well, actually me...but I can deal with an artificial spider or two!

Halloween for Adults

If you can find some wired spiders, you can make them “climb” up the side of your bar cart.

Silly Halloween signs add a festive touch. 

Not that we need a reminder to “eat, drink and be scary”!

Boos for Booze bar cart

For my bar cart, I repeated the skull theme on the bottom shelf.

Of course, any scary Halloween accessory will work…just use what you have. 

(After a few drinks, no one will notice your efforts anyway…Ha!)

After all, you can’t be too serious when decorating a Halloween bar cart!

Adult Halloween Celebration with Boos and Booze

Cheers to an adult themed Halloween bar cart!

By the way, I just whipped up this little Boos and Booze party sign and framed it.  I forgot how to save it in a “pdf file” but feel free to copy and print it if you like.

Free Boos and Booze Halloween Printable

Seriously, why should the kids have all the fun at Halloween?

If you are looking for prettier ideas to decorate a bar car for fall, check out my recent post, 3 Ways to Decorate a Bar Cart for Fall.

And if you love black and white for Halloween, swing by to see my black and white Halloween table setting!

Have you ever decorated a bar cart Halloween?

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How to Decorate a Bar Cart for Halloween


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  1. Super cool Shelley! I would love for you to come over and link up your classy-creepy Halloween posts with us at the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Link Party! The party is live now through Halloween.

    Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you, Kristine! It’s fun to find uses for all the Halloween decor we’ve collected over the years! (Although the Skeleton is new from Walmart this year!) Thanks for stopping by!

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