Easy End of Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Well, August has arrived which means the end of the summer season isn’t far away.  If you’re like me, you have mixed feelings about this time of year.  Even though I love fall, my heart breaks a little when we have to say goodbye to warm weather and long days.  Why does summer have to go so fast?  So, if you want to savor summer a little longer, here are some easy end of summer decorating ideas that will take you into early fall.

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Easy End of Summer Decorating Ideas:

Decorate your coffee table with natural elements…

In my living room, I usually keep a basket of shells on the coffee table during in the summer months.  To me, decorating with simple touches of coastal accessories is the best way to celebrate summer…without going too crazy.  Once the fall season arrives, I usually swap out the shells for a basket of pine cones.

Two seagrass chairs and coffee table in front of three arched windows - end of summer decorating ideas

In late August, we start to get some cooler mornings and evenings.  So every time we get a breezy summer day, I throw open the windows!  For even more ways to decorate in the late summer – early fall, read:  How to Transition your Decor from Summer to Fall.

Pull out your mason jar collection and fill them with sunflowers!

Since the first Saturday in August is National Sunflower Day, it’s the perfect time to decorate with them!  With their vibrant color, they really brighten up a room…or window sill!

Sunflowers in mason jars on windowsill - end of summer decorating ideas

Create summer flower vignettes around your home…

Probably the most popular summer flower is the hydrangea!  Here in New Jersey, hydrangeas are in full bloom from August through September.  Right now, my backyard bushes are bursting with  them!  Each year, I cut a bunch and create bouquets for each of my living spaces.

Green apples and hydrangeas on wicker tray of coffee table - end of summer decorating ideas

Then again, if you don’t grow hydrangeas where you live, your local grocery store can be a great place to find some.  Besides hydrangeas, other flowers that bloom in late summer are zinnias, dahlias and gerber daisies.  Why not brighten up your home with some fresh flowers this season!

Visit home stores for early fall inspiration:

Each year, I look forward to all the late summer – early fall decor ideas at Pottery Barn!  Recently, I stopped by one of their stores and fell in love with the timeless look of their neutral color palette… 

White sofa and brown chairs with fall pillows at Pottery Barn store - late summer decorating ideas

Since I never jumped on the gray trend in my home, I was thrilled to see more whites, tans and neutrals in the store!

End of Summer Shopping Finds:

Speaking of Pottery Barn, how perfect is this embroidered throw pillow for late summer/early fall?

Embroidered lumbar pillow in front of neutral throw pillows on sofa - late summer decorating ideas

Behind the embroidered pillow is this suede pillow next to this basketweave suede pillow and the ivory pillow in the back is on clearance.  Like I mentioned above, I’m seeing more and more warm colors and less gray this season!


Since you can’t go wrong with natural materials when decorating in the late summer, this woven tray is a great find!

Whether you’re entertaining outdoors or creating a pretty summer vignette for your table, you could always use a tray!


If you’re like me, you can never have enough white pitchers!

When decorating in the late summer, I love displaying my white pitchers and white accessories.  Generally, I use my white pitchers for fresh flowers in the summer and then fill them with wheat bundles in the fall.

*Also, be sure to visit My Amazon Store where I frequently update all my favorite shopping finds!

For even more end of summer decorating ideas, here are some great finds from around the internet.

Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas to savor the last days of summer as we head into the fall season!

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How do you decorate at the end of summer?

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Late summer decorating ideas for your home


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  1. These are some great ideas, Shelley!! I’m also very impressed that you did not jump on the gray trend. I could not ever imagine painting walls in my home gray; it just flew in the face of all the colors I love. I need to spend a little more time reviewing the links you included too! As much as I can’t wait for fall, I’m trying to be patient. I did a little re-arrangement on the mantel with a nod to fall…but I’m not even sure I will keep it! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Kristine! I realized after publishing this post that I actually painted the vanity in out boys’ bathroom – Kendall Charcoal so I actually have a little bit of gray in my house! But the main lining areas are warmer neutrals and other colors. And I’m not ready for fall yet either…just thinking a little!

  2. Hi Shelley, These are some great ideas! I love the sunflowers in the jars. Also, it’s so much fun to visit some home stores for seasonal inspiration. I used to love to go to Pottery Barn just for that reason. Thank you for linking up with Home Imagined.

    1. Thanks so much Anna! It’s such a bittersweet time of year…I love fall but it’s so sad when summer ends!

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