Autumn on the Mantel with Apples

I thought it was about time that I decorate my mantel for fall!  This year I pulled some colorful pieces I had around my house…

black mirror with leaf garland, apples, artwork and white pitcher with wheat - autumn on the mantel

This picture came out a little dark because it has been so cloudy lately!

Then I turned on the light above the fireplace and this is what I came up with.  Suddenly, I was not happy with the coloring on the fruit picture.  But I just decided to go with it!

The lighting just throws everything off.

What was I thinking?

You might recognize those black candlesticks again!  I have decided to just call October

the “31 days of Black Candlesticks Month!”

I had to throw in some apples from our recent apple picking adventure!

You know, the colors really look too bright with the light on.  I should have just left it off for the pictures.

I would like to say that I will just retake the pictures tomorrow when the lighting is better. And when I find a different picture with better coloring.

But it no longer looks this way.  I might redo it again next week.  I thought I would share it with you anyway just for fun!

I think you can see the direction I was heading in. But sometimes you just can’t find the right things around the house.  Maybe I am being too picky, but it is not exactly how I envisioned it.  I guess decorating can be a lot of trial and error!

Do post something even after you tear it down?

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  1. Hi Shelley, I think your mantel looks great…simple and elegant. I know what your saying about the lighting. It's been so cloudy that none of my pictures are coming out good either. Lights on, lights off, flash on, flash off. Hopefully the sun will shine soon!Marianne 🙂

  2. your mantel is beautiful – love your style! The oil painting is to die for. Dropping by from The Picket Fence. Have a great weekend.

  3. I think fir cones always look autumnal. Look at items that have earthy colours through them such as coffee colours – these look great in autumnal displays, as do collected items or items that have a rustic, old world feel to them – parcel of old books, globe, magnifying glass, collected items such as cowie shells, feathers etc.You can also try an asymmetrical arrangment on the mantel with the items you have.Anyway, enjoy playing with it – styling is such fun!Zoe x

  4. I like it and it looks wonderful with the light on also. I really like the green of the fruit in the picture, I think it adds a great dimension to the mantel and display. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  5. Thanks everyone! Now that I look at the pictures, it is growing on me. Too bad I took it down! I guess it was just so different from the boring symetrical design I had before that I just panicked! Oh well…it is fun to experiment though!-Shelley

  6. Well, I think it just looks beautiful! It is elegant and has a harvest feel to it. 🙂 I totally know what you mean about trying to take pics this time of year but yours look beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Inspiration Friday this week!Vanessa

  7. There are some places in my house that I just can't take a decent picture because the lighting is horrible, so I completely understand. However, I think that your mantle is just lovely. I especially like how you are displaying the apples from your trip!

  8. Hi Shelley!! Again your styling is elegant and not overdone!! I actually like the first photo w/o any added lighting. Your elements on the mantle work very nice together, and it looks beautiful! But I know how you feel, sometimes we are our own worst critic!

  9. Shelley, I think it looks great! I actually love the fruit pic and think the colors work. Your mantle definitely isn't just an "attempt"… it's a beautifully dressed fall mantle! Great job : ) xo

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