Happy Christmas in July! (Ideas for Now and Later)

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Well, July is almost over so I figured I’d jump into the Christmas in July fun before August arrives!  Normally, I don’t even acknowledge any kind of Christmas in Summer celebrations but my husband is cranking up the air conditioner so high that it feels like Christmas!  Haha… Actually, I thought I’d help you get a start on holiday planning.  So, grab a hot chocolate (or an iced tea) and enjoy all the Xmas in July ideas! Whether you’re celebrating the holiday now, or gathering inspiration for later, I’ve got you covered. Happy Christmas in July to you!

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Blue and white decorations on tree - Happy Christmas in July

Is Christmas in July Really a Thing?

Yes, some people actually celebrate Christmas in July during the month (or around July 25th).  Though, some of us use the month of July to start planning for the holiday season.  For retailers, it’s a great time to offer sales to get people shopping mid summer!

Origins of Christmas in July:

According to Southern Living, Christmas in July started back in 1933 at a summer camp for girls in North Carolina. To get all the details, read the story here.  For more fun facts and to learn the differences between how the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere celebrate Christmas in July, read the Wikipedia recap here.

Ways to Acknowledge Christmas in July:

Personally, I don’t celebrate or decorate for this midsummer celebration..so don’t expect any Christmas cards from me in July!  Celebrating Christmas in summer just seems too much for me.  After all, I’ve barely packed away my decorations from last year! Ha!  When my kids were little, we spotted Santa Claus on the beach one July.  Apparently, my kids didn’t like the idea of Christmas in the summer because my younger son started crying!  Santa in July didn’t go over well…

Santa and elves on beach - Happy Christmas in July

Even though though I don’t put on a Santa hat and string Christmas lights around in July, I like the idea of starting a to-do list.  As we all know, the Christmas season will be here before we know it!

Here are a few more ways to celebrate Christmas in July:

  • Take family pictures for your holiday cards.
  • Watch a few Christmas movies (since the Hallmark channel usually plays them in July).
  • Shop July sales for early Christmas presents.
  • Host a July celebration with a Christmas theme for all your Christmas obsessed friends.
  • Decorate…if you must!  To keep it subtle, here are some simple vase filler ideas.

Happy Christmas in July Decorating Inspiration:

Christmas Decorations from a Designer Showhouse…

If you want to start planning your Christmas decor now, I’ve got some ideas for you.  Back in May, I visited the Mansion in May Designer Showhouse in Mendham, New Jersey.  One of the rooms on the tour, designed by Samuel Robert Signature Spaces, was fully decked out in a Christmas ski lodge theme!

Christmas tree next to window in rustic room - Happy Christmas in July ideas

This space, named “Moor and Mountain”, captured the rustic cabin feel of holidays in the mountains.

Green velvet sofa and rustic wood walls decorated for Christmas

Throughout the room, the designer incorporated traditional red and green Christmas decor…with plenty of rustic elements.

Apparently, there are 750 crystal icicles on this Christmas tree!  Now, there’s an idea to plan for this Christmas!  (Although, you’ll have to start hanging them now…)

Large Christmas tree in rustic room

If this room doesn’t put you in the mood for Christmas, I don’t know what will!  

Rustic stone fireplace with snow shoes and greenery - Christmas decorating ideas

For more photos of this cozy room, visit the designer’s instagram page!

Plan Ahead for this Christmas Season:

Rather than actually decorate for Christmas, use the summer season to plan for the upcoming Christmas season. After all, you have 6 months to decide how you’ll decorate your home.  Will you decorate with neutral colors this year?  Or, will you stick to the traditional Christmas colors you always use?  

Red poinsettias in blue and white planter on counter in white kitchen - Happy Christmas in July ideas

One year, I decorated my kitchen with red and blue for Christmas!  Since I already had many of my blue and white porcelain on display, decorating for Christmas was easy!

Besides planning your Christmas decor, here are 5 things you can do now to make next Christmas easier.

Christmas in July Shopping:

Before they sell out, shop now for Christmas in July deals on artificial Christmas trees!


This garland is just one of the many current Christmas in July deals going on!


If you want to start out with a basic wreath you can dress up as the holidays get closer, this pretty wreath is a great deal!

Instead of waiting for December to read a Christmas novel, relax on the beach with a charming Christmas book like Christmas in Peachtree Bluff.

Christmas in Peachtree Bluff book by pool

For even more Christmas in July ideas, here are some great finds from around the internet.

Happy Christmas in July to you!  Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas to celebrate now, or plan for this Christmas.

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What are your thoughts about Christmas in July?

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Boardwalk with Christmas tree - how to celebrate Christmas in July

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    1. Thanks so much Paula! Even though I don’t decorate for Christmas mid-season, I do start thinking about how I might decorate. Hope these ideas were helpful!

  1. I feel the same Shelley. I put those ideas somewhere in my subconscious, but no way I would decorate when it’s 95 degrees outside. I agree with your kiddos. and I do love that blue/white piece your poinsettias are in. so pretty!

    1. Thanks Debra! Yeah, with the heat we’ve had these past few weeks, it feels a bit insane to even think about Christmas! Haha…but us bloggers are always planning ahead, aren’t we?!!

  2. I love the idea of rustic Christmas! I was born in Tennesse, but now I live in Coastal South Carolina. I sure miss those cabinish autumn and winter looks!

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