We’re Home Decorating for Christmas – Ideas and Inspiration

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!  As soon as we finished cleaning up from our dinner, I began packing away the fall decor and hauling out all those Christmas bins!  No shopping for us this weekend!  Instead, we’re at home decorating for Christmas…and today I’m sharing some ideas and inspiration for you!  

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For most of us, a good place to start your Christmas decorating is the front entrance…

Door Decorating for Christmas:

Even though I’ve only gotten as far as hanging a wreath this year, here are some of my past ideas for decorating our home exterior – Holiday Decor for the Door and Porch…

bells on door wreath - Christmas decorating inspiration

That year, I hung some large silver bells on my wreath.  This year, those little gold bells have become very popular.  Maybe I’ll incorporate a few somewhere…

For a few more outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, pop over to this Christmas house tour.

Colorful Ideas to Decorate Your Home for Christmas:

Classic red decorating ideas…

If you regularly read my blog, you know that I love decorating with festive colors at Christmas!  If you’d like to see some of those ideas, check out this blog post – Red and White Christmas Decor Ideas.

red wreath on mirror - Christmas decorating inspiration

After all, you can’t go wrong with red when decorating your home for Christmas!  

Although, navy is a close second in my home…

If you have a collection of blue and white china, bring it out and use it to decorate for Christmas!  You don’t need to go out and buy Christmas-specific dishes.  Just dress up the ones you have like I did for this Christmas table setting!

Table setting with blue and white china - Home decorating for Christmas ideas

Shopping Ideas for Your Home:

After all, at some point, you’ll need a break from decorating!

Since those decorative bells are so popular this year, I’m mentioning them…but I can’t guarantee they won’t be sold out!

And here’s a set of small rustic ones…


If you love plaid like I do, these gorgeous plaid stockings are perfect!

And for even more home decorating ideas for Christmas, here are some finds from around the internet:

After reading these, you’ll surely be inspired!

If you haven’t finished decorating your home for Christmas, hopefully some of these ideas will motivate you!

Are you at home decorating for Christmas this weekend?

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Christmas decorating ideas


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  1. No Christmas decorating here, but I did do some online Hanukkah shopping. And, we did a final outdoor fall cleanup, so we are ready for winter. Looking forward to seeing the home tours!

    1. We’re due for a serious fall cleanup outside. Just this weekend, I finally had my son take our rotting pumpkins to the woods and smash them for the animals to eat. He had a great time using a sledge hammer and sharing it on YouTube…lol. Boys…

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