Ideas for Decorating with Stripes (Saturday Spotlight)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Hopefully, your weather is better than ours this weekend!  Here in the northeast, it’s been raining almost all day and tomorrow doesn’t look much better.  If we’re lucky, the weather will clear out Monday so we can enjoy some outdoor festivities.  In the meantime, I thought I’d get kind of patriotic and highlight some ideas for decorating with stripes!  

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Decorating with Stripes – Navy and White Decor:

A classic and timeless pattern…

If you read my blog regularly, you know I love the classic coastal look of navy and white stripes.  Seriously, I just can’t get enough of them.  Not only do I decorate with stripes but I wear them too.  I really should take a picture of my closet so you’ll see what I mean.  It’s almost ridiculous how many striped pieces of clothing I own!  

Navy and white striped rug in home office - decorating with stripes

Anyway, a few years ago, I redecorated my home office and of course, I chose a rug with navy and white stripes!  Overall, I wanted the room to have a “Something’s Gotta Give” vibe mixed with a bit of Caribbean.  Well, I think I achieved that look…and by the way, my blue and white striped rug has held up beautifully!

Not only do I like my home to have navy and white stripes but I choose hotels based on their striped decor…ha!  Well, not really but I lucked out when I stayed at the Harborview Hotel in Martha’s Vineyard!  Now, was this room made for me or what?…

hotel bed and navy and white striped wallpaper - decorating with stripes

Unfortunately, the hotel has redecorated since I stayed there.  Of course, it’s still very pretty…just not as many stripes.  By the way, if you love these zip code pillows as much as I do, here is a variety of styles to choose from!

How ironic is this?…When we attended a Kentucky Derby party at that hotel, my striped dress matched the striped tablecloth!  As you can see, my husband had to mention it to me in a text!…

text with striped tablecloth and striped dress

Too funny, right?  Obviously, I love my navy and white stripes!

Last year, I created an easy DIY flower box and I decorated it with a blue and white striped grosgrain ribbon…Of course, what other color would I have chosen?!

diy flower box - decorating with stripes

Then recently, I bought these adorable striped grain sack pillow covers!…

navy and white striped grain sack pillow - decorating with stripes

Aren’t they just perfect for summer?  Lately, I’ve been switching out my pillow covers with each season.  It’s much easier to store stacks of pillow covers than whole pillows.  Why didn’t I start doing that sooner?

Anyway, believe it or not…I do decorate with stripes in other colors too…

boys bathroom with gray and white stripes shower curtain

A few years ago, I updated my boys’ bathroom and of course, I bought a striped shower curtain!

And I actually bought tan and white striped pillows for my patio lounge chairs!

chaise lounges with striped pillows

For my outdoor areas, I wanted that striped cabana vibe!

Decorating with Stripes – Table Accessories:

Style your summer table with classic stripes…

Needless to say, I have plenty of striped table accessories in my decorating stash!..

Place setting with navy and white striped placemat

I’ve used these striped placemats in my Celebrating Spring tablescape as well as my dining room reveal table.

And for one of my favorite patriotic tablescapes I decorated with red and white striped placemats…

patriotic tablescape with baseballs and red and white striped placemats - decorating with stripes

Yes, there’s some patriotic decor for ya!  

Now let’s check out some striped shopping finds…

Shopping Finds – Stripes in Home Decor:

Bring some timeless stripes into your home…

You can never have enough storage…especially if it’s blue and white striped!

How can you not relax in a beautiful striped bed featuring this duvet!

Go bold with a blue and white striped rug!

Blue and White striped rugs - decorating with stripes

For more ideas for decorating with stripes, here are a few finds that caught my eye:

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And while you’re in the stars and stripes mood, check out these patriotic ideas!

Do you decorate with stripes in your home?

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Simple ideas for decorating with stripes


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    1. Thanks Cindy! I was so excited to find those pillows… They just felt so summery to me!

  1. Wow! You read my mind! I was literally looking up blue and white striped fabric last week. There are some lovely ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

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