7 Ways to Set a Table With Natural Fiber Placemats

Do you own any accessories that you tend to use over and over?  When I’m brainstorming new ways to set a table, I frequently pull out my round, natural fiber placemats.  They’re definitely on my list of go-to accessories for seasonal tablescapes.  Because of their texture, they work with a variety of styles from rustic farmhouse to casually elegant.  Today, I’ll share some ways I’ve decorated tables with my round woven placemats!

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Seven Table Setting Ideas with natural fiber placemats

Natural Fiber Placemats – Water Hyacinth vs. Seagrass

Over the years, I’ve referred to my placemats as both water hyacinth and seagrass.  In fact, I’ve seen both terms used interchangeably.  For instance, the water hyacinth baskets at the Container Store  look very similar to the seagrass baskets at Pottery Barn.  Yet, Pottery Barn does refer to their natural fiber placemats as water hyacinth.  Whatever you want to call them, these round woven placemats look beautiful on a table!

Ways to Set a Table with Natural Fiber Placemats (7 Examples):

Hopefully, some of these decorating examples will inspire you next time you’re looking for ways to set a table!  

1 – Use Natural Texture of the Placemats to Break Up the White:

Here is a simple fall table setting where I used the seagrass placemat as a charger.  Since I used white plates and white rectangular placemats, I needed a little texture to break up the two.

fall table setting with white plates and water hyacinth charger placemats

Casual Fall Table Setting

Plus, the color of the natural fiber placemats (or chargers in this case) coordinated with the wooden candlesticks for a cohesive look.

2 – Neutral Color to Tone Down Brighter Colors:

When I set an outdoor table with a Patriotic theme, I was already using a lot of color.  From the red, white and blue napkins and plates, I needed to throw in a bit of neutral color…my round woven placemats to the rescue!

Patriotic tablescape with natural fiber placemats

A Patriotic Tablescape on the Patio – Celebrate America

As you can see the seagrass (aka water hyacinth) broke up all the color.  They were just what I needed for this summer tablescape.  Plus, they tied in with the burlap in the patriotic centerpiece.

And while we’re talking patriotic…

3 – Another Example of Mixing in Neutrals with Red White and Blue:

Once again, I used the natural fiber placemats (as chargers) to break up all the color in my baseball themed tablescape.

Patriotic table with baseballs and natural fiber placemats

Patriotic Tablescape with Baseballs

In my opinion, this table would have felt like it was missing something if I didn’t include the texture. 

4 – Make the Texture a Focal Point:

Instead of just using texture to tone done the color, why not let the texture share the spotlight?

Red and white table decor with seagrass accessories

Simple Valentine’s Day Tablescape with Classic Red

Even though this Valentine’s Day table highlights red and white, the neutral textures were just as important.  Between the seagrass vase, the round natural fiber placemats and those adorable corn husk woven hearts, this table was a balance between color and texture.

5 – Natural Fiber Placemats Stand Out on a Tablecloth:

Here is one example where I used my round woven placemats – as placemats!  With the design of the block print tablecloth, the textures make a subtle statement against the blue and white.

Blue and white table accessories with natural fiber placemats

Mother’s Day Table Setting

For reference, my round woven placemats are 15 inches in diameter.  As you can see, the silverware was just a tad bit squished up against the plate.  If I recreated this look, I might just put the silverware next to the placemat.  By the way, if you’re a fan of block prints, read Block Print Home Decor Ideas.

6 – Create a Casually Elegant Table with Tans and Grays:

Here is another example where I used the natural fiber placemats as placemats.  This time, I did put the silverware to the side.  Overall, I guess it could work either way.  

White napkin and plate on natural fiber placemat

Simple Thanksgiving Table with Natural Fiber Placemats

Anyway, on this table setting, I let the tablecloth take center stage.  Though instead of adding more grays and greige, I used the seagrass placemats to bring in some tan color.  It’s funny…even though I normally love using color, this was one of my favorite ways to set a table.  Maybe I need to buy more tablecloths or something…

7 – Blend in all the Neutrals:

Once again, I went with the placemat look but let the natural fibers blend in with the neutral accessories on the table setting.

White napkin on white plate and round woven placemats

Autumn Table Setting

Though it’s hard to tell from the photo above, the fabric you see is actually a table runner.  For a casual farmhouse vibe, I didn’t bother with a tablecloth or too many layers.  Just plain and simple!

Of course, there are many ways to set a table but it helps to have some go-to accessories you can use over and over.  For me, natural woven placemats are the way to go!

Shop for Round Woven Placemats:

What are your favorite table accessories?

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Ways to set a table with natural woven placemats


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