Recent Happenings – End of Winter Edition

Since I haven’t done a “Recent Happenings” post in a while, I thought I ‘d get back on track with that today with an (almost) end of winter edition.  Please note, that if you search for an “end of fall edition” you won’t find one.   Um, I haven’t exactly been consistent with these…oops.  For now, let’s take a look at some end of winter ideas! 

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Almost End of Winter – Snow:

Snow sticking to trees - end of winter weather

For now, let’s start with the winter weather, shall we?  Did you get slammed by the recent snowstorm?  In New Jersey, it has snowed so much over the past several weeks that I’ve lost track of how much we’ve received!  First, 24 inches, then another 7 or 8 and then maybe 5 or 6…it’s been crazy. 

Patio furniture in the snow

Luckily, we’re used to the snow in the northeast.  My heart goes out to Texas and everyone in the south who wasn’t prepared for the storm.  Sending prayers to those who lost power and are still having water issues.

End of Winter Decorating:

If all the snow still has you in the winter mood, here is a cozy winter table setting I decorated recently.  Since, most of us aren’t dining out these days, it’s nice to make our homes as inviting as possible.

White pitcher centerpiece filled with greenery

Even though many of you will be experiencing some spring weather soon, here in the northeast, we have a ways to go.  Usually, this is the time of year where I start longing for spring.  Yes, I’ve even done a little in-person spring shopping recently.  Of course, I’ll now worry for the next several weeks about any exposure I may have had at the store.  Maybe, I should just stick to online shopping!  Speaking on online shopping, I just ordered an adorable spring basket which should be arriving any day now!

Even though we’re not doing any major traveling, we did get away for a couple ski weekends in Vermont this winter.  Thankfully, Vermont has very strict safety measures in place.  Actually, I feel safer traveling there than I do staying in New Jersey!

Covered bridge in the snow - end of winter

(Middle Bridge in Woodstock, Vermont)

Whether it’s winter – or any season, I always love finding inspiration around the internet. 

Here are some of my recent end of winter finds that might inspire you as well:

When is the end of winter date, you ask? 

Well, the official last day of winter this year is March 20, 2021…just around the corner!

Oh, and one last mention (not winter related) – If you’ve been irritated by those little white dots that have been showing up on your Pinterest pins, you need to read these two eye opening posts written by Kyla from House of Hipsters:

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with sunshine!

Are you embracing winter or are you ready for spring?

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  1. I was just saying something very similar the other day about how this is always the time of year I start longing for Spring even though I know we have several more months to go here in CT.

    1. Even though Spring “technically” arrives next month, we really won’t get to enjoy regular warm weather for a couple months. But I’m the same way – this is about the time every year that I am ready for the change of seasons!

  2. Thanks for your concerns for those of us in Texas. Fortunately our home and our daughter and families home in Waco had water and power. Our son and family 45 minutes away were without power for four days with temps in their home dipping to 46–good news no broken pipes! There will be so much investigating to determine major underlying problems with the Texas electrical grid. It has been heartwarming to see how people have worked together, donations have arrived from all over the country, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer at an outdoor food distribution event this Thursday. Stay well and give Rosie a big hug!

    1. Oh Diane, I’m sorry your son was without power but I’m glad you guys are all okay. How generous of you to volunteer! I’m sure the people in your community really appreciated the help and I bet it felt good to contribute. With all the negativity in the country these days, it makes me happy to hear about people helping each other out. You’ve inspired me! Stay safe and enjoy your week. Rosie sends you a hug back!

    1. Glad you’re getting spring weather! Yeah, we still have some winter left… Thanks again and enjoy your week!

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