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Cozy Valentine’s Day Table Setting for Two

Happy February everyone!   Suddenly, it seems we’re all thinking about Valentine’s Day now.  Well, that and the snowstorm!  Here in New Jersey, we’re getting slammed by the storm…over a foot and counting!  So, what else is there to do but decorate?  Ha!  Today, I’m joining a group of talented bloggers for a Valentine’s Tablescape Blog Hop!  For my table, I decorated a cozy Valentine’s Day table setting for two. 

Actually, I created two versions because I couldn’t decide which direction to go in.  In the comments, please let me know which one you like better!

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Valentine’s Day Table Setting Ideas:

Come get inspired…

Red roses in white pitcher - Valentine's Day table setting

Before we begin, I want to thank Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate for hosting us all!  If you haven’t visited her blog yet, hop over and say hello!  Chloe always comes up with the most creative ideas!  Enjoy!

Also, I want to welcome those of you who are arriving from The Painted Apron!  Since I’m a tea drinker, I’m really loving Jenna’s pretty tea party idea! 

When you’re finished here, please be sure to visit the links at the end of this post to see all the beautiful Valentine’s tablescapes!

Let’s get started…

A Cozy Valentine’s Day Table Setting for Two:

Since I wanted to set an intimate table for two, I decorated the round bar height table that’s tucked away in our game room. 

With a view of the snowy backyard, I thought it would be a cozy spot for a Valentine’s Day table setting.  Normally, we keep a chess board on this table but Valentine decor is much more festive!

Valentine’s Day Table with Red and White Checks (Version One):

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of red. 

Red roses, red hearts, etc…Even last year’s table was red. So, it made sense to pull out my red and white buffalo checked tablecloth.

Red and White Buffalo check tablecloth on Valentine's Day table setting for two

In my opinion, that tablecloth alone could pull off a Valentine look.  Though, I didn’t stop there… Since I left my red and white ticking striped pillows out from Christmas, I placed one on each chair.  Now the Valentine table is cozy and extra comfy!

Candles and Red Roses for a Romantic and Cozy Valentine’s Day Table Setting:

What’s more romantic than red roses and candles? 

Well, maybe diamonds…but there aren’t any of those on my table!  For this Valentine’s Day table setting, I kept it simple.  After all, we’re still recovering from the whole Christmas clean up.  With Valentine’s Day still two weeks away, I was able to find inexpensive red roses at the grocery store.  Yes, ten roses for eight dollars…you can’t beat that price!  More money for champagne!

Red and white buffalo checked tablecloth with candles

For the candles, I already had a package of votives.  I decorated the center of the table with those and some puffy felt hearts from Michael’s.  As you can see, I kept the roses to the side of the table so they wouldn’t block the view of my Valentine!  He’ll need to see my face in that flattering candlelight!

Valentine Treats – Champagne and Chocolates:

Classic and romantic…

For a festive Valentine touch, I added a couple glasses of champagne with some red raspberries.

Red and White Valentine's Day table setting with champagne and raspberries

Then on each place setting, I filled a cardboard heart with simple Hershey’s kisses.  Who doesn’t love those?  In fact, I “accidentally” ate most of them while I was cleaning up!

Red and White Valentine's Day table setting

Seriously, how could I resist?…

A Cozy Valentine’s Day Table Setting Inspired by the Snow (Version Two):

Like I mentioned, we’re in the middle of a snowstorm. 

With all the white outdoors, I thought I’d bring some white indoors

Pub table with white tablecloth for a Valentine's Day Table Setting

For my second Valentine’s Day table setting, I swapped out the busier buffalo checks for a simple white tablecloth…

Red Roses in White Pitcher for Valentine's Day

Winter White and Fewer Accessories:

Simple yet festive table decorations…

In keeping with the pared down look, I simply lined up the votives down the center of the table.  Also, I removed the puffy felt hearts that were scattered around on the first table.

Candles and Red Roses on Valentine Table

On each place setting, I added a decorative red and white patterned plate.  With the buffalo checks gone, I felt like the table needed a little bit of pattern.

Red and White Valentine's Day Table Setting for Two

Also, I swapped out the champagne glasses for my red wine glasses.

Red and White Valentine's Day table setting

But don’t worry, I didn’t get rid of the champagne!  

Champagne in bucket and two champagne glasses

Cheers to a Happy Valentine’s Day at home!

Shop the Valentine’s Day Look:

Once again, thank you to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate for hosting.  Also, please visit the rest of the participants on the blog hop from the list below. 

If you’re following along in order, Living with Thanksgiving is next!  I know you’re going to love Bonnie’s lovely Valentines Day table!  Enjoy!

Valentine's Tablescape blog hop


Which of my Valentine’s Day table setting versions do you prefer?

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Valentine's Day Table Decorating Ideas

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  1. Shelley, both of your tablescapes are charming, but for Valentine’s Day, I love the red and white buffalo check! Can’t go wrong with champagne and chocolates! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thanks Cecilia! You’re right, you can’t go wrong with champagne and chocolates! Happy Valentine’s decorating!

  2. I love both tablescapes! Even though I live in Florida, I can appreciate your snowy white background from afar. Your red pops against the white. I would be snacking on all the candies, they are my favorite and with your pretty votives make a perfect romantic setting.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. Thanks Kari! After all this snow, I could use a trip somewhere warm! Enjoy that Florida weather and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Just setting the table up to take advantage of the winter landscape would make me a happy camper! Very cozy and romantic. If I need to choose, it would be the 1st table with the buffalo checks, and puffy hearts, plus the champagne flutes.
    I just love champagne 😉

    1. Thanks Rachelle! When I saw the snow in the forecast, I thought it would be fun to decorate that table next to the window. A table for two made sense for Valentine’s day and the change of scenery was nice. Thanks for your vote for table one! I love buffalo checks as well…and champagne! Cheers!

  4. Shelly, both of your tables are beautiful! I tend to be a less formal person, so if I walked into a room with both tables think the Buffalo check table is the one I would choose to sit at. I love the champagne in front of the snow!! It gives me a romantic, time to snuggle feel!!! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day💗

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! I’m a huge fan of buffalo checks so I knew I wanted to use that tablecloth at some point. I used to have red buffalo check curtains in my kitchen and now I feel like putting them back up! Glad you like how my table turned out. Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

  5. Shelley, I think both of your settings are just perfect, but if I had to pick, I would go with setting two! That pretty salad plate with the red swirl pattern on it is precious. The snowy scene outside of the window makes the setting so cozy and romantic! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I picked up those swirly plates at Homegoods a few years ago. Yes, I agree the snow helped with my romantic setting. Since I knew snow was in the forecast, I had to wait until yesterday to take my pictures. Thanks again for hosting this wonderful hop!

  6. I was just watching the news with photos of the snowstorm, I hope you have power and are cozy! I love both tables, and champagne with raspberries and a personal box of chocolate are wonderful treats! I do love the red and white plates and the beautiful red goblets, so I guess I vote for tablescape #2…either way you have a lovely table to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

    1. Yes, this snowstorm is crazy! It’s STILL snowing lightly! Luckily, we didn’t lose power so it’s been a cozy and relaxing couple of days. Thanks for your sweet comment and for your vote on your favorite. I had fun decorating that table for a change!

  7. Lovely tables Shelley. So much fun sharing two different looks. The checks is such a fun look. It is fun to change things up. Champagne is a favorite and the addition of raspberries is wonderful. A box of chocolates is loved by so many. Love thee red roses. The snowy scene is lovely, no snow here in sunny California. A pleasure joining you o n this tablescape blog hop.

    1. Thanks Linda! It’s always fun to play around with different looks…especially when we’re snowed in. Enjoy your beautiful California weather!

  8. Shelley, Cheers to YOU! How pretty both of your tables are. Your snowy backdrop was an added bonus.
    I love following your ideas as you styled both tables.
    I forgot I was in the middle of commenting and almost hit the Pin button! I would have lost my comment. Will publish and then Pin!
    Seems like the votes are pretty close. I would vote table #2.

    1. And cheers to you, Bonnie! Thanks for your sweet comment…and yes, the snow helped out with my decorating! Great to hop with you again!

  9. SImplicity at its finest, Shelley. If you made me choose just one before I could sit for the meal and drinks, I might miss out completely! These kinds of decisions are hard for me. I love the casual vibe and energy of the first one, but the second one is soothing. Maybe time of the meal could help me decide…..buffalo check for midday/early afternoon, and white for evening. That said, both are very nice! Happy February!

    1. Awe thanks, Rita! Yes, I guess they could work for different meals…that’s one way to celebrate Valentine’s Day all day! Thanks for your kind words.

  10. Shelley, it’s impossible to choose between your two tables — and I sure hope you guys get to enjoy at least one meal at each these next couple of weeks. Must say though, that red stemware is fab-u-lous! If I had the space, I’d love to have red glasses for Valentines, Christmas and even July 4th tables. And, although Mr. Buzz would say chocolate goes with any table, ANY time, it sure is a sweet addition to your holiday able.

    1. Thanks Debbee! You know, I bought those red wine glasses years ago at that clothing store, Coldwater Creek. I think they’ve gone out of business…or at least they closed stores near me. Anyway, thank you – and yes, chocolate goes with any table!

  11. Shelley, wow I can’t imagine all that snow. I love both of your tables, table one is more informal and certainly lovely, but I would have to choose table two, it just calls my name. I hope you all stay warm and cozy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Yeah, the snow was pretty crazy. We got around 20 inches! But it helped make my table extra cozy so I was happy. Great to hop with you again, Pam!

  12. Shelley, I’ve been watching your snowy state on the News. I have found that snow is a lot prettier from a distance. Speaking on pretty, how beautiful and cozy your table looks with the backdrop compliments of Mother Nature! Have a wonderful week and stay warm, dear Shelley.

    1. Yes, the snowstorm was a big one! Aren’t you happy you moved out of the northeast?! And thank you! Decorating always keeps my mind off the news!

  13. Oh so cozy with your snowy backdrop Shelley! Both tables are lovely but if I had to choose I think my favorite is the second with those adorable plates! So happy to join you at the table and hop with you again. Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

  14. Shelley, it is really difficult for me to decide which one I like the best. I’m really drawn to red. It’s my favorite color! So, the first one really speaks to me, but they are both beautiful. I also like seeing the snow falling in the background of the second table. Both tables look so pretty displayed in front of the window. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thanks Shannon – you’re so sweet! Yes, I thought the snow would make a fun background – glad you liked it!

  15. So many pretty and festive ideas! I love the red and white checked table cloth. I will be setting my Valentines table Friday as we are celebrating with our family on Sunday! Thanks for sharing your table!

  16. I could sit at this table all day long! Love the combination of the Buffalo check tablecloth and striped pillows! You definitely found a bargain in those long stem red roses! The raspberries in Champagne and the Hershey kisses in the heart shaped boxes are a sweet touch! Love how you have switched it out for a totally different look with just a few little changes!

    1. Awe, thanks Maureen! Yes, those roses were a great deal…I’m sure I won’t find them that cheap in a couple weeks! I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. Both tables are beautiful, however, the red & white plates on table #2 sealed the deal for me. As much as I hate snow (after living in Michigan all my life) the falling snow is a pretty backdrop.

  18. Hi Shelley, I absolutely love both the tables!!!! It is definitely hard to pick just one. But since I am more of a country living girl, I have always favored anything with red and white gingham or buffalo checked. Especially as you paired with with the red and white striped ticking pillows. I love mixed patterns. I think you will find romance and coziness at either of these gorgeous, stylish tables. Enjoy all of the snow. More is on the way in Wisconsin with subzero temps. Definitely, bring out more champagne or wine….winter is here to stay for a while. Happy Valentine’s Day.

    1. Thanks Marsha! I’m drawn to buffalo checks as well! And…we ended up with about 24 inches of snow. Enjoy yours and stay warm…yes cheers to more champagne!

  19. I love your romantic table for two with the white snowy backdrop. It looks very romantic. I always look forward to your stop on the hop. I’m also loving your Etsy pillow source. Can’t wait to go shopping. It was so fun hopping with you. Happy Valentines day!

    1. Thanks Andrea! The snow really helped me out this time…And yes, I’ve found some gorgeous things on Etsy! Great hopping with you again!

  20. I always love your beautiful tablescapes Shelley! So pretty. Thank you for sharing at Charming Homes and Gardens.

  21. Shelley, we got about 10 inches of snow here in Connecticut. Although the lighting wasn’t the best for taking photos, it was kind of fun setting my table with the storm raging outside. As long as we’re safe and warm inside, I don’t mind the snow.

    Although I love buffalo check, I am drawn to your “winter white” second table. I love those swirl plates, and red and white is my favorite color combination for Valentine’s Day. You were lucky to find red roses…our grocery store had every color but red! I love how you styled the table by the window with the snow as a backdrop. It looks very romantic with the candlelight and champagne! It was fun hopping with you. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    1. Yes, the snow makes it extra cozy, doesn’t it? (As long as we don’t have to drive). Thanks for your sweet comment. Homegoods always has such a great selection of unique plates. I need to use those more often. As always, great to hop with you and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  22. Shelley, both of these tables are so pretty and romantic. And cozy too! For me, I think the buffalo checked table has a slight advantage given your snowy background. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  23. Shelley they’re both gorgeous, especially against your beautiful white sky! I’d have to use them both – the buffalo checked one for a brunch, and the white tablecloth and red print plates one for a romantic candlelight dinner! And champagne and chocolates at both, of course! 😉 Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, and sharing Chloe’s lovely hop!

  24. I vote for the 2nd table especially the lovely red swirl dish together with the red stemware. While I like the buffalo check pattern and its use during winter my feeling is that it is way overused these days. On site after site it is now ubiquitous and boring. You must be in northwest NJ while I’m in the elbow crook of the state so we got 13″ during the bigger snow event. Today we will probably get 6-8″ more. Stay warm.

    1. Thanks Robin! I found that red and white swirly dish at Homegoods. Always a great place for little dishes like that. And yes, we are in northwest NJ and just ended up with another 6-7 inches today. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the snow!

  25. Shelley, I absolutely love your beautiful Valentine’s Day tablescape. The classic red and white colors are so pretty and I adore the check tablecloth and the red roses and white pitcher. So happy to be hopping with you again. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! I’ll miss all the red when it’s time to put it way…. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  26. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Please stay safe and healthy. Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

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