Fireplace Options – Styles I Love

If you are following along, you know we are in the process of renovating our kitchen.  Since we are ripping out the floors in that room to replace them with hardwoods, we decided to also replace the flooring in most of the adjoining rooms.  And…since the floors are coming out anyway, we also decided to update our fireplace.  It only made sense…yes, that is what I keep telling my husband.

Anyway, this is my existing fireplace style (as decorated a couple years ago)…

Builder Grade Oak Fireplace Mantel

At the moment, my kitchen cabinets are about the same color as my mantel and I am just tired of this look.  Also, I would like a raised hearth instead of this slab that’s even with the floor.  In the past, I have tried to find a pretty fireplace screen to sit in front, but since the hearth is so low, I couldn’t find a screen tall enough.  In addition, I want to remove the glass doors.  Of course if my opinionated husband objects, we will just paint the brass on them.  Marriage…it’s all about compromise!

View of fireplace from open concept kitchen

Here is a current view from the kitchen.

Won’t a new fireplace look beautiful with my new white cabinets?

Fireplace Options – Styles I Love:

At first, I thought about just redoing the surround in white with some beautiful molding.

Seriously, don’t just LOVE this fireplace?…

Shiplap and white molding on fireplace - Fireplace Options - Styles I Love

Tiek Built Homes

But I have had my heart on stone for years.

Isn’t this one absolutely gorgeous?…

Fieldstone Fireplace - One of the fireplace options I love

Brooks and Falotico

While I love the above one, I think the fieldstone might be too overpowering for my space.  I really can’t expand the size of my fireplace too much due to the window and doorway on either side.

Builder Grade Oak Fireplace decorated for fall

In fact, I probably could only widen it by a couple inches!

So something like this one below might work…(a great combination of the white mantel with stone!)

Fireplace Options - Styles I Love - White molding with stacked stone surround

Red Door Home – Donna Talley / Photo by Michael Partenio

(Definitely one of my all time favorite fireplaces!)

But if we are going to do stone, my husband wants to do the whole thing.  I kind of agree with him so now I think this is the look I we going for in there…

Stacked stone fireplace - fireplace options for upcoming makeover

North Star Stone

The stacked stone feels like it would work in that space.

Now we just have to decide on the color tones and we will get moving on this project!

What do you think would look best in that room?  **Update!  See which look I chose! – Fireplace – Before and After.

Favorite fireplace options

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What is your favorite fireplace style?

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  1. Shelley I love the look of the stacked stone with the white. To me it is so fresh and will be perfect with the kitchen changes! Compromise though, I understand, it is a challenge for sure!!xoxoKarenaThe Arts by KarenaGiveaway from The Enchanted Home!

  2. I think the stone and white will be just beautiful and make your fireplace really stand out.

  3. I too love the stacked stone with the white. I think the all stone would appear too heavy in a room with lower ceilings as opposed to an open two story.

  4. Hi Shelley. I love the stacked stone with the white. I think it would be the best of both worlds and tie in the kitchen with the family room. I agree that there is just nothing like a stone fireplace and I love ours so I don't think that would be a bad choice either. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm sure you will come up with just the right look. I love your favorite fireplace inspiration pic. I would love stone on ours, but hubby says no. Poo.

  6. Well Shelley. You know me. I love white. And I think your new fireplace is going to be a fantastic addition to your renovated kitchen. Wow. What a project. I do think the stacked stone will had so much warmth and I cant' wait to see what you decide on.

  7. Shelley your house is going to feel brand new again!! The white surround with stacked stone would be beautiful, or the entire wall up to the ceiling!

  8. I love the white mantel with stone – it seems to be the best of both worlds. And not to overwhelming. Very pretty !! Visiting from Imparting Grace.

  9. I love the combination of the stone and the white mantel and surround. So beautiful! I wish I even HAD a fireplace to decorate! Have fun with it!

  10. Oi i love the first one best…no stone at all! Love the old fashioned panels up behind it! Thesf days they are calling panelling in rooms "planking". Ha! Painting them makes it look so current and fresh. Im sure whichever you go with it will look great!

  11. Decisions, decisions. At least you are approaching this matter very properly, by factoring in the surroundings as much as the actual fireplace. The thing about fireplaces is that beyond its utilitarian value of providing warmth, it's also a powerful decor that adds charm to a room. Anyway, I hope that you end up with a fireplace that fits well for your living room. Cheers!Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire and Outdoors

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