Decorating With Blue and White at Home

If you love decorating with blue and white, I have some great ideas for you today!

Lately, I’ve been thrilled to see more and more blue and white in the stores!  For the longest time, I wasn’t able to find a good selection and I have always craved the look of this classic color combination!

Let’s take a look at where I have used blue and white around my home…

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My favorite blue and white room has to be my home office:

Decorating with Blue and White - Home Office

My Home Office Now

This space is truly my own so I did exactly what I wanted in here without having to consider what would work with the rest of the family.  Nowhere else would a white slip-covered chair survive with my family of boys!

It’s funny…as I was looking through my photos, I realized my master bedroom has stayed the same for a long time.  Too long, actually.  It still looks like the picture below but I plan on making a few changes this year.  Sorry for the grainy photo…Either way, you get the idea…blue and white in here.

Blue and White Bedroom

Master Bedroom Past and Present

Last year for Mother’s Day, I moved a bunch of blue and white accessories from my office to the kitchen:

Blue and White in the Kitchen

Blue and White for Mother’s Day


Since I loved the blue and white in the kitchen so much, I decorated the table with a blue and white theme during the summer:

Blue and White Table Setting and other ways I have used blue and white in my home

Summer Inspired Kitchen Table Setting

When you are decorating with blue and white, you can bring in neutrals and natural textures for a coastal look.

Speaking of coastal looks, I have also decorated my deck in a blue and white beachy theme…

Blue and White on the Deck

Beachy Brunch

Just last fall, I brought some sunflowers and my blue and white porcelain into the foyer:

Blue and White in the Foyer and other ways I have decorated with blue and white in my home.

Blue and White with Sunflowers in the Foyer

Even though I’m not sure where I will add more blue and white in my home, I don’t think I will get tired of it any time soon!  I have even considered painting my red dining room navy.  That room is way overdue for an update!

If you want to see more blue and white inspiration, swing over to my Blue Rooms/Accessories Pinterest Board!

Are you decorating with blue and white in your home?

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Blue and White Decorating Ideas


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  1. I know long time lovers of blue and white probably have mixed feelings about the new "trend". Great to find lots of new pieces available, but had to accept such a classic is "trendy". I have always loved it.

    1. I know, that's the only downside of it being everywhere. I don't want this classic look to become too trendy!

  2. It looks fabulous, Shelley. Love all your lovely blue and white touches. I hit the jackpot last week in homegoods. I came home with blue and white dinner plates, placemats, and napkins. Don't tell the Mister. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Everything is always so beautiful. I love your house and I love, love, love your kitchen. Gorgeous.

  4. I used to hate blue in the house. But now it is my thing! Especially navy with wood tones. LOVE!!Cheers,Nat @ This Little Yellow House

  5. I am a big lover of blue and white décor. Your home looks great! I once visited the home of artist Claude Monet in Giverny, France. The famous kitchen is done all in blue, white, and yellow. It is so beautiful! You could easily find photos of Monet's house online.

  6. I loved this post! In my dining room glass cabinets, I displayed my blue and white. And this is after years and years of solid white. I love the timeless appeal. Your b&w looks gorgeous!

  7. I have always loved the way you use blue and white in your have a beautiful home!!!

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