Choosing Appliances – Renovation Progress

If you have read my blog lately, you know that we are fully renovating our kitchen.  The layout is almost complete and we are about the order the cabinets…that is – after I can commit to the sizes of the appliances.

As you can see, we currently have a wall oven (that we never even changed to stainless steel when we replaced the rest of the old appliances years ago.)

This time around I am going totally different…Instead of the practical wall ovens, I am going with this:

Yes, a 48 inch dual fuel range.  Sure I will have to bend over to use the ovens.  Sure I have a bad back so this is probably not the most practical choice for me…but I just love the way this is going to look with a range hood something like this…

And my cabinets will be white too so this gives you a good idea of how my kitchen could look.  I love it so much even though the practical side of me tells me to well…be practical!

And technically I am being practical because even though I would have loved to buy the expensive Wolf range or even the Thermador, I went with the Jenn Air.  Sure, it might not be as “flashy” as the other two brands, but Jenn Air is a great brand and I am happy with my choice.  As with many appliance deals, I get a free dishwasher with the purchase of the range.

We are not buying a new refrigerator because ours in in good shape and since it’s counter-depth, it should look ok with the new cabinets.

I would have loved to buy a built-in refrigerator but if I am splurging on this crazy stove, I really cannot convince my husband we need a new fridge too.  The microwave will be a Jenn Air and we are still deciding on the placement of that before the cabinets are ordered.

So, I guess you could say, I am making progress.  I cannot believe how many decisions there are to make!

What kind of ovens do you have – wall or range?


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  1. I currently have wall ovens but have plans (hopes and dreams) of doing exactly what you are doing. Your new kitchen is going to be beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous range choice!! My brother and sister in law went with that Jenn-Air too and I just drool over it every time I visit them.

  3. YAY!!! Progress!! Can't wait to see it all come together. I kept my previous Jenn-Air double ovens because of the budget factor but they work great too! I love using the convection option. xox, Emily

  4. Wow, that is so exciting, Shelley! I love that range and the hood will be beautiful. I have double wall ovens and really wish it was one oven and a microwave-convection oven and not so high off the floor. My upper oven is both regular and convection. I, too, have back problems but am finding it getting extremely difficult to lift things from my upper oven and from the microwave that is over my stove top. I have quite a few years on you and know that we do tend to shrink as we get older, so I will be more cautious (if I get the chance to make changes) about the placement of appliances. I'm kind of realizing that microwaves really should not be very high off the counter top — things get so extremely hot and could so easily cause a bad burn if you let something slip. As I said, I've got some years on you, but the placement of that microwave needs some serious thought. Good luck!

  5. This is so exciting! I imagine it must be nerve-wracking too though. So many decisions!! Your kitchen is going to look amazing!!

  6. Shelley I'm so darn excited to hear about your kitchen moving forward. Yayyyy! I had double ovens in my old home and loved them but I've actually thought about going with a range too next time around. Your choice is beautiful! I'm loving your inspiration photo with the hood and of course I'm such a white kitchen person. It's a classic look.

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