Beautiful Fireplace Transformation (Before and After Photos)

Since we were changing our floors to hardwood, we thought it would also be a good time to give our fireplace a makeover!

Here is our fireplace before and after transformation:


Basic Builder Fireplace - Before

Here is an unattractive ‘before’ picture from demo day…because we all know it’s much more dramatic having an ugly ‘before’!

Otherwise, I might start missing when my fireplace looked like this…

Builder Basic Fireplace with Oak Mantel

Ok, now I feel sad…

Anyway, we wanted to build up the hearth, get rid of those broken down ugly glass/brass doors and basically give the fireplace some presence in the room!  Recently, I gave a few examples of the new look I was going for.. Fireplace Options.  My husband and I went back and forth for awhile and finally agreed to go with a cultured stone.

After ripping off our old oak mantel, the guys got to work on framing the fireplace for the new stone.

New stone fireplace - in progress

It already felt much bigger with the raised hearth and additional depth.

And with the half wall gone the fireplace could be even more of a focal point!

Family Room and fireplace renovation

By that point, the surface had been prepped for the stone.

And crown molding was added to the top.

Stone Fireplace in progress

As you can see, the new mantel was in place when they started stacking the stone.

The mantel is an old piece of barn wood from over 100 years ago…definitely a rustic touch.  I figured I would let my husband have some masculine features in the room to balance out my white girly kitchen at the other end!  I also let my husband make the final decision on the actual stone color.  We had decided on Boral Country Ledgestone and he chose the color Hudson Bay which I was fine with since it had a mixture of grays and tans.

Before and after rustic stone fireplace

We couldn’t decide between stacked and grouted but ended up doing the grout.


Rustic Stone fireplace after


And another AFTER with no lights…

Before and After stone fireplace with rustic mantel - final reveal

Ta-da again!

Fireplace Makeover – from builder basic to rustic farmhouse!

Overall, I am happy with the new look.  The stone is a little darker than I originally wanted but I am excited with how it turned out.  I can’t wait to start decorating the mantel.  What fun it will be at Christmastime!!  Yay!

* Update – Click the links below to see a few different ways I have decorated my new fireplace!

Any renovations going on in your home?

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Fireplace Makeover from Builder Basic to Rustic Farmhouse Style



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  1. At last 🙂 I am so jealous you got the stone that I was dreaming of!!It does look darker in real life than on the website. Would have been better a smidge lighter I think but how amazing will it look like decorated at Christmas time.Cheers,Nat

  2. It looks great! I love the stone you chose. It adds so much warmth to the space. It will be fun to decorate it for fall too. Have a great week!

  3. I love it! I like your rustic mantel too. That was very brave of you to let your husband make the selections for this fireplace. Ha Ha! He did good. I know you must be so happy to have all of these nice renovations happening at one time. You're going to feel like you live in a new house!

  4. Adding a fireplace to any home can instantly change its overall atmosphere. The addition not only adds considerable value to your home but instantly transforms your home into an elegant living space. There is a variety of style, colors, and materials you can choose from for your new fireplace. You have a choice of a dozen safety features to add.Carry Scanlon @ Chim Chimney

  5. Seemed like a huge undertaking but you guys made it look easy. I love the rustic look and the stone itself is fantastic. I wish I could have a fireplace more than anything, the one I had at my old home was similiar and saved us a bunch on heating bills.Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire And Outdoor

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