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Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

Are you finished with your Christmas decorating?  If you need some ideas and you love farmhouse style, come take a tour of our farmhouse Christmas decor in the kitchen.  Hopefully, I can inspire you to try some new things in your home!

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas for the Kitchen:

White kitchen decorated for Christmas - farmhouse style

With the craziness of the holiday season, I like to keep my Christmas decor simple.  Since my kitchen is white, just adding a bit of color can make the room feel extra festive.

Chandelier with greenery and red and white checked curtains

This year, I bought a set of red and white buffalo check curtains.  I love the way the red and white checks give that farmhouse feel to the kitchen.  I’m also thrilled with the way they stand out against the white cabinets and chairs.  Of course, now I wish my walls were white and not tan…but I am not about to repaint just to match the curtains.  After all, I only plan on keeping them up for Christmas.

Farmhouse Table Setting in the Kitchen:

In keeping with the farmhouse look, I set a simple table using Christmas greenery and some galvanized metal accessories.

farmhouse christmas decor - galvanized metal container for centerpiece

For the centerpiece, I just mixed fresh and faux greens in my galvanized metal container.  You can’t get more casual-farmhouse than that.

Simple farmhouse tablesetting ideas for Christmas

From there, I stacked simple white plates on my galvanized metal chargers.  Since I love plaid this time of year, I added some red plaid napkins then anchored each setting with a black and white checked place mat.  I love how the red ties in with the new curtains.

simple red and white farmhouse christmas tablescape

White pitchers work so well with farmhouse decor so I flanked the metal container with two pitchers filled with greens.

Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape

And since I still had cranberries left over from Thanksgiving, I filled some glass hurricanes with them.

simple place setting with red and white plaid napkin

To continue with the farmhouse theme, I wrapped mini gifts with plain craft paper, tied them up with red and white baker’s twine and added a sprig of fresh greenery.  Of course, these “gifts” are purely decorative.  Inside, they’re just wood blocks from the kids’ old toy box in the basement!  If you wanted to actually give each guest a party favor to take home, you could always wrap up a mini box of chocolates or even a Christmas ornament.

farmhouse christmas table with red and black

Most likely, I’ll just recreate this simple farmhouse table setting on Christmas morning.  It will only be the four of us anyway.  Each year, I try to come up with something different for our family breakfast.  In fact, I think my boys would be disappointed if I didn’t create something special each year.

christmas greens on chandelier

Even though I mix real and faux greenery on my table, last year I tried an easier way to decorate my chandelier.  Now I will never bother with the hassle of fresh greens on the chandelier again!

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas Throughout the Kitchen:

Let’s step away from the table and take a look around the rest of the farmhouse decorated kitchen…

Farmhouse Style Christmas Kitchen

Across the room, I added a few holiday touches to the stove area and cabinets.  The rustic deer and pine cones tie into the brown of the table and island for a casual farmhouse inspired look.  For the past several years, I’ve been hanging mini wreaths on the cabinets at Christmas time.  I love the look and since I leave the hooks inside the doors, each year it takes just minutes to hang the wreaths.

white stove mantel decorated in a rustic farmhouse style for Christmas

To carry the red throughout the kitchen, I used red and white checked ribbon to hang the mini wreaths.  The addition of a simple buffalo check towel ties in nicely and adds to the farmhouse feel.

Classic white kitchen decorated for Christmas

Recently, I attended one of those craft/painting parties and made this wood Merry Christmas box.  Well actually, the box was already “made” but I stained and stenciled it.  I think it makes the perfect addition to my island and definitely has that farmhouse vibe.  If you like the look of this decorative box, check out the DIY flower box I created for summer.

Farmhouse style wooden planter with greenery

As you can see, we had a beautiful sunny day today.  Unfortunately, it was freezing!  Although, I guess I can’t complain since it is December after all…

Farmhouse Style Christmas kitchen

At least my kitchen is feeling warm with all the cozy farmhouse Christmas decor!

Christmas wreath in window with a red checked ribbon

And before long, there will be snow out these windows….Fingers crossed for a white Christmas!

Classic white kitchen decorated for Christmas

Thanks for stopping by to tour my farmhouse styled Christmas kitchen.  I hope I gave you some decorating ideas and tips you can use in your home!

If you prefer a more formal look for Christmas, be sure to check out my Christmas Table in the Dining Room.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Sources:

Are you decorating your kitchen in a farmhouse style this Christmas?


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Farmhouse Christmas Decor for the Kitchen


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  1. Shelley, your kitchen looks great! Nothing overly dramatic, just pretty without being “fussy”.
    That color scheme could be used year round, with just changing out the reindeer, etc for season appropriate items. I have curtains very similar to your red and white checks, in my living, dining and tv room- its sort of an open layout here, on a small scale, in my 1880 built house. All white walls throughout. I loved the curtains so much I have them in my bedroom, and have coordinated my quilts and other things to have a country/farmhouse feel.

    1. Thank you, Sue! I am flattered that you like how I decorated. Yes, you’re right – I probably could keep some of that out year round. Originally, I planned to take the red and white curtains down but I love how they look in there…maybe I’ll leave them for awhile! I’m sure yours are beautiful with your white walls and older home. It sounds like you have a true farmhouse style in your home! Thanks again and have a happy holiday!

  2. Just beautiful. I love the way the sun filters in your kitchen too. Have a beautiful Christmas.
    Merry Christmas,

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Yes, we do get a good dose of morning sun in there – perfect for a Christmas breakfast! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Seeing your kitchen brings back feelings of nostalgia and simpler times! My daughter and kindergarten granddaughter, and I went to a make and take paint/stencil party today and left with some great memories as well some cute decorations for their first Christmas in their new home. Have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Awe, thanks Diane! How nice that you made some special memories with your daughter and granddaughter. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. These are beautiful pictures, Shelley! Love the new curtains and I would definitely considering leaving them out past Christmas. They add so much to your gorgeous kitchen.

    1. Thanks so much, Courtney! The new curtains definitely do add a lot of color to the kitchen – and I know you can appreciate red and white checks!
      At first, I thought they were too much but now I enjoy seeing them when I walk in there. We’ll see how I feel after the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Shelley, I love your Christmas kitchen … and especially the way you’ve set your farm table. I can imagine myself baking cookies and enjoying them over cocoa at that charming table. Merry Christmas to you and your family! xo

    1. Thanks so much, Juliet! Yes, lots of cookies will be made this weekend! Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!

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