My Kitchen From Every Angle

I have mentioned way too many times how I plan to renovate my kitchen.  But as many of you have probably found in your own homes, you start with one area and it snowballs into a whole lot more.

Take for instance this view of my kitchen…

Sure, I would love to upgrade the cabinets and flooring…

But if you look again, you might notice a few more things that could use a change…

1.  The worn out oak fireplace mantel needs to be either painted or replaced.
2.  That valance has always looked like someone who cut their bangs too short!
3.  I have always hated the transition from the tile to the old nasty carpeting.  I would love to have continuous flooring in both rooms.
4.  While the peninsula may look nice, we have a big extended family and would love an island to make entertaining easier.
5.  The garbage can…I need that thing to be tucked away somewhere.

Now for the view from my dining room…

Sure, the space is open and flows well…


This window has always driven me insane!!

It’s too high and I have never loved the way the window treatments hang.

I went against my gut when I ordered these custom and have never been happy with the style.

I actually like this angle…

Except for the fact that we never upgraded our oven and microwave to stainless steel when we did the rest of the kitchen…procrastination!

Here is the view from the back hall…

And what do you notice first?

That garbage can!!!

Here is a view from the table area.

See how that peninsula cuts off the room?

Oh that peninsula…

Here is a top view of the space.

The work triangle is very efficientand the room gets a lot of sunlight so I can’t complain about everything.

But I can complain about how the sunlight has discolored the cabinets.

Look at the side of these.

They are green.  Not loving that…

So basically, I have done nothing so far.

I have a list of things I would love to change but I am just overwhelmed with the idea of renovating this whole space.

For some reason I keep talking and posting about this plan so maybe I can get myself moving on this.  I think I want white cabinets, an island, a better window and possibly wood flooring… Click over to my Pinterest Kitchen Board to see some examples…a lot of examples!  There are just so many decisions to make, so much money to spend and I am really afraid of making a mistake.

Decorating paralysis has struck…

Do you ever find yourself at a stand-still with home projects?
Have you had one project snowball into a never-ending list?


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  1. Oh yes, I have a lot of projects I would love, but mostly just had all the money they will cost. You do have a great space and all of your ideas would be fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  2. your kitchen is large, lots of great space. I too procrastinate about projects but that's just how it goes…they will get done. I will say that I am so relieved that my kitchen finally got finished, so i know how you feel when it comes to that space. good luck with whatever you decide.

  3. You have fabulous ideas and just start and do what you can one day at a time or one project at at time. Don't think about all of it and how big it is. Wood floors through out most of our first floor was the best thing we did. We had chopped up spaces too. The kitchen was white linoleum and then carpet in the great room, dining room, and sitting room and a hard wood foyer. Once we did it all the same the house looked so much bigger. Most of my projects have the domino effect.

  4. Shelley you have such a great space to work with and look at the job you did on your office – you can pull it all together. I know it's overwhelming, I felt the same way, but at least you can identify what it is you want to change and don't need any major structural work. If you go to a kitchen designer they will help you iron out all the details. Sounds like you've already made some big decisions – change out the window, change out the peninsula for an island, redo the flooring. It's already a fabulous light filled space, I can just imagine the changes you are proposing!

  5. Gosh, I know how you feel when you look around and all you see are those red arrows in your mind. You do have such a nice space to work with, though- it's so bright and open. I like Kim's advice about how one change can make a big difference, too. Now I just need to take that to heart. 🙂

  6. It does seem overwhelming with so many decisions to make before starting a huge project like this. Good luck!

  7. I think everyone who has a project list procrastinates on some of them. You'll get there. Start small (with the trash can maybe!).

  8. I think you have a fantastic space to work with. Most of the things you mentioned are not hard or expensive fixes, and I'm sure you're creative enough to make it perfect. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!AlisonNancherrow

  9. When you are a busy mom it is hard to start something you know is going to snowball. Budget is also a consideration, though sometimes I find that watching cost makes me more creative. Although many things bother you about your kitchen, it is actually a very nice space. I am thinking it is just not your style. That also makes change hard because it is hard to change out perfectly good things. However, you can donate good stuff to your local Restore store. They sell household items and used cabinets, hardware etc. and use the money to support Habitat for Humanity. Someone with really horrible cabinets will love your old ones.Take down the valences – donate them. It will be easier to imagine what you want if they are down. Window treatments are so hard! Change out the window if it is in the budget because that is a stand alone project. If new cabinets are not in your budget, paint a few at a time. (I actually like natural wood cabinets, but white is very pretty too!) You can have the panel routed out in some of the uppers and replaced with glass and / or beadboard. (Beadboard might not go with the existing backsplash and tile.) The most expensive project will be the floor and changing over to an island because that has to be done at the same time – and moving the stove. You can probably fashion an island from existing peninsula cabinets. A hardwood floor will look really nice!I suspect the big problem with the garbage can will be training the men folk to find it someplace else:)Now you have made a post – we will be watching for progress:)

  10. Shelley, I totally feel your pain. I started with graph paper. Every square equaled one foot. Measure out your kitchen and get the exterior boundaries down on paper. Then, start playing around with where you would put everything and try to imagine it in your head. You can always lay painters tape on the floor for your mock island. I did this and ended up moving things around as I walked the space with painters tape. Also, I sold my existing cabinets and granite on craigslist for around $3000 dollars. I also sold my windows. That was a huge help in the budget. Did I ever tell you that I was also the contractor? That saves quite a chunk too! I would be happy to help you if you would like! xo, Emily

  11. Your space is very nice, Shelley, and you have some great ideas. Speaking from the experience of having done a couple of complete kitchen "gut-jobs," sometimes it really helps to get out the graph paper and look at your space from that perspective. If you aren't good at that sort of thing, Home Depot and Lowes have kitchen planners who can help you through some of the road blocks. We did that when we renovated the kitchen in our previous home, and the woman we worked with was great. I will tell you that sometimes you have to shop around for these people. We went first to a Lowes close to us, but I was butting heads with the man who was working with us; so we went to Home Depot and hit the jackpot. BTW, you might want to consider sacrificing one of your lower cabinets for one of those pull-out trash containers. We did that in our current kitchen and found a double container system — one for trash, the other for recyclables. Best decision ever! Good luck! It's definitely not a reno you want to jump into without some serious planning.

  12. Renovating a kitchen is a big job. Our home is fairly new, but it seems that we are always working on something. lol! We didn't build it , so I am gradually turning it into my style. I say just go for it and enjoy the journey! Thanks for sharing with SYC.hugs,Jann

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