Summer Flower Gardens – Saturday Spotlight

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Are you enjoying your summer so far?  Here in the the northeast we’ve had some crazy weather – from crisp and cool to sunny, hot and humid…and even a tropical storm.  Basically, we’ve had it all.  With all that moisture, our flowers and outdoor plants are doing really well… so I’m sharing some ideas for summer flower gardens!  

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Summer Flower Gardens – Ideas and Inspiration:

pink hydrangea bush by the pool - summer flowers

First of all, I should let you know that I’m no gardening expert.  Even though I’m working towards having a green thumb, I’m not there yet.  Overall, I’m not a total disaster so I’ll show you what has worked for me. 

*In addition, I’ll direct you to a bunch of bloggers and websites for tons of gardening inspiration (at the end of this post)!

Summer Flowers – Do Your Research:

Before purchasing your flowers, read the tag to check out how much sun and water they need.  Most of my outdoor areas get full sun so I have to make sure I buy the plants that tolerate that much.

If you live out in the country like me, be sure to research which flowers are deer resistant…

Deer eaten flowers in container - summer flower gardens

Obviously, I didn’t do a good job with my research!  In the past, the deer have left my impatiens alone so I didn’t worry about them.  Needless to say, I guess I better get out the deer repellent spray!  Sure, the spray smells terrible when you first spray it but once it dries it’s fine…and it works great!

Summer Flower Gardens and Landscaping:

Of course, if your yard is fenced in, you can plant whatever you want!

golden retriever in flower garden

Luckily, we have a fence around our backyard so the deer can’t reach those flowers… Although, Rosie our golden retriever likes to play around back there!

When we planted our flower gardens in the backyard (and by “we”, I mean our landscaper), we chose flowers that bloom during different times.  That way, there’s always something blooming out there.

white daisies - summer flower gardens

You might want to consider doing the same.  That way you can enjoy color all season long!

A few years ago, I attended a garden tour which gave me a ton of ideas.  If you have a garden tour in your area, I highly recommend going!

pink and blue hydrangeas - summer flower gardens

Summer Container Gardening Ideas:

If you don’t have the space to plant a full flower garden, consider planting some flowers in containers.  Just make sure you water them frequently.  That’s always been my biggest downfall.

purple petunias - summer flowers

7 Ways to Update Your Deck for Entertaining

petunias on plant stand - summer gardening ideas

Helpful Tips for Container Gardening

Summer Flower Decorating:

If you’re like me and haven’t achieved a green thumb status yet, you can always just decorate with your summer flowers!…

hydrangeas in galvanized milk can - summer flower gardens

Last year, I shared my 7 Easy Ways to Decorate with Hydrangeas and recently, I used spring and summer flowers to decorate my foyer table.

To keep flower arrangements fresh longer, make sure you change the water every couple of days.  Also, pull off any dead leaves and stems.  If needed, you could always downsize the arrangement and move it to a smaller vase.  

Flower Garden Inspired Shopping Finds:

Now, here are some great gardening finds for your outdoor spaces!

As I mentioned above, if you have deer in your yard, this spray is a lifesaver!


At some point, you’ll need to do some pruning and these pruners have great reviews.


Get the look of a wood barrel with this resin garden planter.

For even more ideas for summer flower gardens, here are some helpful finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, some of these ideas will inspire you to create a beautiful summer flower garden of your own!

Do you have any flower gardening tips you’d like to share?

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Summer Garden Ideas


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  1. Your garden looks wonderful. I love impatiens and hydrangeas. I was wondering, do you live in the country, is that why you have a problem with deer? We have wild deer in the bush (forests) and behind us where there is bush but they never venture into people’s gardens. I find this fascinating. The only thing a threat to my plants are creepy crawlies, things that fly and the biggest danger – my cat who likes to dig everything I plant up.

    1. Thanks Carol! Yes, we do live in the country with woods close by. The deer actually come through our yard on a regular basis. Luckily, my dog Rosie chases them out when she’s out there but they seem to eat our flowers at night.

  2. Darn deer! Something just ate my Morning Glory.
    Your gardens look absolutely beautiful! I think you have a green thumb.
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I can’t take the credit because we’ve had a lot of rain and I haven’t done much except weed them.

  3. The deer eat quite a few of our trees/plants as well but usually only in the winter. I haven’t seen them nibbling on any of our flowers yet this summer. The hydrangeas are just beautiful!!

  4. It seems that I’ve hardly had to water my container plants this summer, with so much rain! I’ve found that Vinca is deer-resistant (now that I’ve said it, I’ve probably jinxed myself!). They look like impatiens but need full sun.

    1. Yes, I think I had vincas before…maybe that’s what I had last time and I just thought they were impatiens… Ha! Anyway, I’ll have to try them again!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! I got a kick out of you saying your landscaper did the planting! I do miss the climate up in Ohio where I could grow so many beautiful perennials. I do love the photo where you captured your sweet pup in the garden!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I couldn’t take the credit for my landscaping…we had it put in when we they installed our pool a couple years ago. And yes, Rosie loves exploring out there. Sometimes she’ll find a bunny or something to chase!

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