Flowers on the Deck – Helpful Tips for Container Gardening

As soon as the calendar switches to May, I feel like we are finally safe from an overnight frost.

Since I love filling my deck with flowers, I am sharing my helpful tips for container gardening!

Terra Cotta Pots - Helpful tips for container gardening

Ah, spring…time to start filling those pots!

Recently, I went on a flower shopping spree to freshen up my back deck!  Unfortunately, I can’t add many flowers to my actual yard since the deer eat almost everything!

As you can see, the deck was a bit sad looking…

Actually, it is sad looking in more ways in one.  Normally, we would be power washing the deck and then re-staining it once it starts to look like this.  But this year we are leaving it since we plan to tear off the deck and replace it with an addition and patio.  That plan goes along with my kitchen remodel and I am so overwhelmed with all the decisions.  Needless to say, we have done nothing so far.  So, I am living with the sad looking deck this year.

But I am not living with the sad-looking remains of last year’s plants anymore!

 Once the weather warmed up, I started freshening things up.

I started with the flowers but I plan on buying some throw pillows to liven up these cushions. You can read about that HERE.

I pulled out this plant stand from the garage, cleaned it up and bought some geraniums.

Plant Stand - Helpful Tips for Container Gardening

I filled the pots with coffee filters.

Coffee Filters in flower pot - Helpful Tips for Container Gardening

*  Easy tip – This helps keep the wet soil from dripping through the bottom.  Last time I used these pots, I remember wishing I had done this.

Since geraniums love the sun I am lucky my deck gets full sun – all day!

 So nice to have the plant stand filled up again.

This year, I also replaced last year’s climbing plant with a new one.

Helpful tips for container gardening

In this corner is a “Mandevilla” and I buy one at Home Depot every spring.  They are annuals but they bloom the entire season. Even I can take care of this one without much trouble!

And to add more pink…

Pink Petunias in Containers


Pink Petunias in Urn

I have had this urn for years and I love the way it looks all filled up!  I just bought a hanging petunia plant and stuck it in.

A few easy additions can make a huge difference!

Glass of Wine on the deck

And now I can sit and enjoy a glass of wine out here in the evenings.

But probably not tonight…or the next night…We are having some rain for the next few days.

In that case, at least I don’t have to remember to water the new flowers!

Some helpful tips for container gardening:

  • Water frequently.  Early morning or late in the day are best to cut down on evaporation.
  • Put saucers or risers under containers so the water can drain.
  • When filling the container with dirt, put a coffee filter at the bottom to reduce soil loss.
  • Use the same color flowers for a cohesive look.
  • Fertilize (something I need to remember!).
  • Remove dead blooms as needed.

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Would you like to add any helpful tips for container gardening?

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Spring Container Gardening on the deck


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  1. Your deck looks beautiful! What big plans you have, and I totally get how overwhelming it can be to make so many decorating and building decisions all at once. I also know how wonderful it is to sit on the deck after planting all the pots for spring, and you're enjoying a glass of wine and imagining warm summer evenings and bbq's to come! The best!

  2. Your flowers bring your deck so much cheer, you are inspiring me to get going on my pots now that the ORC is behind me! I love mandevilla too and always put one at the bottom of my deck stairs….it eventually climbs up the rails and I love that! Your hot pink and purple petunias are really pretty……maybe I will do that this year! Thanks for the inspiration….hope you can enjoy a glass of wine out there soon!

  3. Your before deck looks way better than mine. Ours needs to be cleaned and painted and I haven't planted the first flower out there. Yours looks nice.

  4. Beautiful combination, Shelley!! I could use your touch on my deck, it's in sad shape and I'm hosting brunch for Mother's Day! Yikes!

  5. Looks great. I tried to buy some petunias the other day at Lowe's but was disappointed in the quality. Their plants are usually good. I am ready for flowers, too, so have to look somewhere else so I can get my boxes planted.

  6. I love your beautiful deck Shelley. The flowers are all so pretty. I hope the sun comes out for Sunday.Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Lots of gorgeous summer color sprucing up your deck! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!AlisonNancherrow

  8. Your flowers look so pretty, Shelley! Just as you are starting to add color and bring life to your outdoor spaces, we are seeing our outdoor time quickly coming to a close…..sniff, sniff. Some things will hang in there for a bit longer, like mums that were planted last fall and are in full bloom again, but even regular watering won't save everything from our "Sahara Desert" heat that is quickly approaching.Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!

  9. Disposable diapers work well in pots too! They retain moisture when you aren't able to water regularly.

  10. Visiting from Saturday Sparks. I looked around your blog, and I really like it! Adding you to my Bloglovin list.

  11. Pretty pinks and perfect for all sun. Fertilize every few waterings and they will become big and bountiful.Isn't it amazing how flowers in our environment can boost our state of mind? Enjoy the planning stage of your projects!

  12. Your deck looks great with all of your pretty pink flowers. It's so nice to see color after the awful winter we just went through. I am just planting some of my pots this week so I can't wait. Thanks for sharing.Kristi

  13. Your deck is wonderful and I love your new flowers. So pretty. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me

  14. You've chosen some of my favorite plants and colors – looks wonderful! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,Kathy

  15. Love all the flowers…We just bought a mandevilla this year and I love it!

  16. Loving all your flowers! I actually just planted a bunch today too! Thanks for linking up to the party!XOKristin

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