A Lego Themed Birthday Party

To celebrate my son’s 9th birthday, we hosted a Lego Themed Party…at our house…with 15 boys.

Yes, 15 boys…Inside…I can’t believe I agreed to it.  But somehow we managed to survive the crazy day!…

Lego Themed Birthday Party

Welcome to the Lego Themed Party:

As they guests arrived, the Lego door sign welcomed them and set the tone for the party. (Although, I drove myself insane trying to find the right colors to make a pattern. I finally gave up and decided it didn’t have to look perfect.)

To fill up the 2 1/2 hour event, I had a whole schedule of activities planned.  The party began at 4:00 p.m. and ended around 6:30 p.m.  Of course, things don’t always go as scheduled, especially with 15 boys!

As each parent dropped off their child, several wished me “good luck”!  Obviously, that made me a little worried!

Guess the Legos in the Jar:

But like I said, I had a plan…First, I had each boy fill out a card to guess how many Legos were in the jar.

Guess the Legos Game

For the guesses, I covered a tissue box in Lego wrapping paper left over from another birthday.  Most of the kids actually guessed pretty well.  The total number was 268 and my son guessed 265!  Honestly, I don’t think he cheated because I had the jar hidden until the party started.  Of course, he gave the prize to the two boys who were tied for second place anyway.

After settling in, the boys headed down to the basement playroom to horse around for a few minutes.  Although, the second my husband and I walked down there, we knew we would have to start some games soon or else there would be a head injury to deal with!  Those crazy boys were jumping all over, wrestling, throwing footballs.  Total mayhem!

Party Games:

For the first game, my son wanted to set up in the family room…so they could be near the snacks in the kitchen.  We ushered the crowd back upstairs where they munched on some veggies and pretzels for a few minutes.  Then we got started…

Lego Toss Game

The Lego Toss Game:

For this activity, we set up three of these Lego Toss Games in a row and lined up the kids in 3 lines of 5.  We gave each team a cup filled with 20 Legos and instructed them to aim for their target without stepping over the line.  Since my husband coaches many of these boys in football and baseball, all he had to do was make an announcement, and they all listened.  I, on the other hand would be like, “Ok guys, now we are going to…” and no one would even pay any attention.  Actually, it was quite funny.

So I let my husband take charge of the game while I stood at the end, cheering for each team and announcing what number their piece would land in.  The kids were really into playing the game and were jumping up and down yelling and cheering for each other.  We went through about 3 or 4 rounds and they all had a great time.

Ninjago Wrap Contest:

Now, my next planned activity was the Ninjago Wrap Contest.  Unfortunately, that game never happened because all the boys just wanted to just run around and play.  Of course, my son waited until the last moment to inform me that he’s “not really into the Ninjago guys anyway”.  Just great.

Lego Party Games

The plan was to have three teams.  Each team would designate one person to wear the mask and the rest of the team would wrap him up to look like the character, Zane, (pictured in the upper right).  Now, I know nothing about these Lego characters but I discovered that Zane looks like he is wrapped in toilet paper anyway, so it made sense to use him for this game!  If this game had gone as planned, I would have set a timer for 3 minutes and the boys would wrap their teammate in toilet paper.  At the end, we would judge the best Zane.

Now, I happen to know from experience at a school Halloween event, that boys love wrapping someone up in toilet paper.  I just knew this game would be a hit…but like I said, we never got around to doing it!  Oh well.  If any of you decide to try it, let me know how it goes!

Another plan was to play a Pass the Lego Game (like Hot Potato) but that never happened.

In addition to those, I planned a Build the Highest Lego Tower game… never happened either!

But what did happen was lots of running, wrestling, jumping, football playing, a tiny bit of Lego building and some Wii.  And you know what…they all had a great time!  Every now and then, my husband would head down to the basement and throw the football to them and I would hear all kinds of cheering and laughing.

Party Food and Table Setting:

When the pizza arrived, the sweaty boys emerged from the basement just long enough to stuff their faces.  Before long, they were back to the basement again until it was time for cake.

Lego Table Setting with Gift Wrap as a Table Runner

Most likely, they barely noticed the Lego table settings…or even cared.  Originally, I bought actual Lego tablecloths with the “City” theme of helicopters and police cars on them.  Of course when I opened them up, I discovered that the scene was only on the edge of the tablecloth and the middle was just white.

Since I wasn’t happy with how the table looked, I pulled out my simple white tablecloths.  Then I cut some Lego wrapping paper into table runners to lay down the middle.  For the “centerpiece”, I just enlarged a Lego logo and pasted it onto a piece of card stock.

Lego Place Setting and Gift Wrap Table Runner

Luckily,the silver plates (square for Legos) I bought to go with the original table cloth matched the new “runner”.  To match it all, I just switched the navy napkins to red and I was all set.  For seating, I used the dining room table and the kitchen table instead of attempting to fit all the boys in one room.

DIY Lego Themed Decor:

The table settings ended up fitting in well with the Happy Birthday banner I made for the fireplace…

Lego Party Decor - Homemade Banner for the Mantel

Lego Party Banner for Lego Themed Birthday Party

The DIY banner ended up being a bit of a challenge because when I tried to download some Lego fonts, I picked up a computer virus (which I am still trying to completely get rid of).  Instead of using the “actual” Lego fonts, I ended up finding some very similar small fonts.  For some reason, I couldn’t enlarge them on the computer so I made copies and blew them up on the printer.  Of course, the copies didn’t enlarge well and were very light so I had to fill them in with a Sharpie.  From there, I just outlined them in yellow, cut them out and glued them onto red card stock.  To hang them, I punched holes in the top and strung them up with long shoelaces.  Yes, they took a bit too long but I was happy with how they turned out.

DIY Lego Themed Goodie Bags:

Finally, the party came to a close as the parents arrived between 6:00 and 6:30.  Most of the kids were not ready to leave, which I guess was a good sign.  The basement felt like a sauna from all the sweaty boys running around.

As everyone departed, my son handed out the goodie bags he helped me make. (There was one extra due to a last minute cancellation).

Lego Goodie Bags To make the bags, we just cut out circles and attached them with puffy double sided stickers onto plain colored gift bags.  For the treats, we filled them with a Lego 3-in-1 car kit, a Whoopie cushion and some candy…because the kids weren’t quite sugared up enough!  As expected, they were very excited about the Whoopie cushions!  Boys!!!

Thankfully, my son was thrilled with his party.  His friends had a blast and my husband and I survived the 15 boys…or should I say – our house survived 15 boys!  (The 15 included my 2 sons).   Luckily, everything ended up working out…my niece even came and picked up Rosie for the evening so she got to play with her doggie friends.  A fun night for everyone!

If you want to throw your own Lego themed party, but would rather just buy the items, I  listed a few ideas below for your convenience.

(They are not exact but similar to the ones I used and made.)

Please note that the links listed are affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission at not additional cost to you if you click and purchase something.  

Building Blocks Deluxe Party Set (Includes colorful plates, napkins, cups, tablecloth)Brick Party Tablecloth (Another option)
Blue Square Party Plates (These would match the Brick Tablecloth above.)
Small Gift Bags in Primary Colors (They also come in medium and large sizes.)
Mini Popcorn Boxes
Brick Party Decorations
Happy Birthday Banner (More colorful than the one I made.)
Brick Party Suckers (You can’t forget the candy – great for the goodie bags!)
Building Block Novelty Bracelets (Another idea for the goodie bags.)
Whoopee Cushions (Boys love these in goodie bags!)
Lego Creator 3 in 1 Car Kit (These are similar to the ones I bought for the goodie bags.)

Have you thrown any indoor house parties for your kids?

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**And if you are looking for even more party ideas, check out my ideas for a Winter Themed Party!

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Lego Birthday Party Ideas - Decor, Games and Gift Bags


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  1. Such a great party — what a cute theme. I had to laugh when you told about the activities you didn't do. That's the way with kids, isn't it?

  2. What a wonderful party theme! You are one brave woman with all those boys! lol! We've had home parties and they are so much work, so I applaud you! It sounds as though it was a great success! Love the door sign, party games, and table setting!

  3. Would you totally dislike me if I copy this party in March? M would love a "lego" party this year and all of your ideas are spot on!!!!

    1. Don't be ridiculous! Of course I wouldn't dislike you if you copied the party!!! I got most of my ideas off the internet! I hope you have better luck getting all your kids to play all the games!

  4. Brilliant ideas and decor, Mom! I sometimes think we do this for ourselves, really, because all they want to do is "rough-house" and eat! But, you've sure made a memorable party – your bags are so clever.

  5. Great party! Yes, I've had parties at my house for many boys and always need a stuff drink after!! Love the bags! Ah, boys… All they want to do is run around! πŸ™‚

  6. Your bags and banner are ADORABLE!!! As the Mom of boys, I think the best parties are where they run and scream! And here is something sad for you . . . just last week, I packed up the legos to put away in storage. My heart broke, but they are now 13 and 16 and claim they don't want them anymore!!! I'll save them for grandchildren someday. Enjoy it now. Boys are awesome!

  7. this is super cute and cool! I just did my son's Dr. Seuss Party, check it out if you have the time. Sure this was a blast!

  8. What a precious party! To say this takes me back to my son's birthday parties is a HUGE understatement! What fun! I almost wish I had all of those sweaty boys in my house right now! there's just something special about that sweet, sweaty stage! My youngest son just turned 2 weeks ago. It was his first birthday that I didn't have his friends over…it was just family. It was really special and I think he liked it as well! I miss those days though! So glad you are in the midst of it and enjoying it! You are a wonderful mom! I would hire you for a party planner any day!

  9. You put so much time and effort into planning this party and it shows. Love the table runner, the bags, and the Happy Birthday banner (it doesn't look too long to me)! Love that you were planned out yet flexible. I have two sons but they are still young (3 and about to turn 1). I'm planning my younger son's first birthday party right now! We've had parties for my three year old here with LOTS of boys (all of our family has boys and about 13 little ones were here) but lucky for us it was nice last year for the party so we rented a bouncy!…found you at Stone Gable…

  10. This is adorable! I just did my daughter's first birthday party but my son's is coming up. Such a good idea!! I'm a new follower πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Ron! I really can't take the credit for those. I got the idea from similar ones on Pinterest!

  11. Love the Lego party!…My son and daughter in law did a Lego themed party for our granddaughter too..she loves legos!…My hubby built a "Lego raceway ramp" that was a huge hit….I will be sharing this with my son..so many cute ideas…

  12. What a great idea for a party, loved those lego bags, what a super idea…. so cute. I love themed parties and yes, I have had indoor boy parties many many times. they just don't appreciate all that cuteness like the girls do, for sure. My son adored legos, and he and my nephew used to spend hours upon hoursbuilding things, he is 35 now, but we saved all his big lego sets for his kids, they are about to have their first baby, but it is a girl, but I am sure dad will persuade her to like legos!! lolHe drags them out and plays them with his friends children at times.Best spent money we ever paid out!! lolToo bad you didn't get to play those neat games you came up with, they sounded pretty cool to me. Well, don't give up maybe you can play them as a family game with he and his brother.Thanks for sharing your cute and creative ideas…………gonna be a lot of lego parties now in blogland I bet……….Blessings, Nellie

    1. Thanks Nellie! Gotta love those Legos! And yes, my younger son is already saying he wants to use some of those ideas for his birthday this summer…ugh – I guess that means another party at our house instead of some easy place like a bowling alley! Oh well, at least we can be outside for his!-Shelley

  13. What a lovely theme ! Lego theme party sounds interesting and it is one of the favorite theme of kids.I really like decorations.I would love to have this kind of theme party for my son.Darth Vader party characters

  14. I am really glad I stumbled upon your blog, and this post! My son is turning 8 soon, and we are hosting the party at our house. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I am really looking forward to it, and the more research I do, the more I realize by reading blogs and talking to people that kids love going to parties, no matter where they are held. I feel like it will be one big, huge playdate for the boys and that as long as there are a few structured ideas and things to do, the rest can be free-play and pizza/cake time. Your Lego theme was very cool! Great inspiration!

  15. Oh how darn cute! I love this. I wish I had a little one around to throw a party for. And, the idea of guessing how many legos is adorable. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.xoxoDenyse

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