How to Decorate An Entry Table (Spring into Summer Ideas)

Do you freshen up your home decor each season?  Though it might not be realistic to make updates in every room, it’s nice to add a few seasonal items around the house.  In my home, I like to start with the foyer.  Today, I’m sharing ideas on how to decorate an entry table for spring as part of the 2021 Spring into Summer Home Tour, hosted by Kristi of French Creek Farmhouse.

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Spring into Summer Home Tour:

Hopefully, we’ll inspire you with some great ideas you can use in your home this season!

After you’re finished touring my spring foyer, please visit the other bloggers on the tour (shown in the links at the end of this blog post.)blue and white porcelain with pink flowers - how to decorate entry table for spring

How to Decorate an Entry Table for Spring:

Start with a Clean Slate:

While you’re preparing to decorate, take the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. 

Clear off all the accessories from your foyer table.  Then dust and wipe down the table and surrounding area.  If you’re like me, you find that clean spaces motivate you!

Choose a style that’s consistent with your home:

Since the foyer sets the scene for the rest of the house, use that space to showcase your decorating style.  

As you’ll see, my style leans toward casual-traditional.  Even though I can appreciate trendier furnishings, I prefer a timeless look.  In fact, I’ve had this foyer table and mirror for years.

Foyer table with flowers and blue and white porcelain - how to decorate an entry table for spring

Eventually, I’d like to replace the table with a chest with drawers for storage but obviously I’m not in a rush.  The table is classic enough to work with my style.  Plus, they say every room should have a little black…so there you go!

Pick a Color Scheme to Decorate Your Entry Table:

In my home, I love to decorate with blue. 

So for my spring foyer table, it made sense to accessorize with my collection of blue and white porcelain.  Not only do the blue and white pieces work with my traditional style, but I think they look fresh for spring and summer!

Foyer table with pink flowers and blue and white porcelain

similar blue and white pitchersimilar candleholders

And since I also love pink, I mixed in a few shades of pink flowers.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of those colors together.  In fact, for my wedding almost 23 year ago, my bridesmaids wore navy blue and we carried pink flowers.  I guess I’ve stayed true to my traditional style!

Foyer table with mirror - how to decorate an entry table for spring

similar burlap table runner

To ground all the color, I used my “old-standby” burlap table runner as a base.  When I decorate, I usually like to mix in a little bit of neutrals and textures for variety.  Plus, the neutrals really allow the bright colors to stand out.  As you can see, the burlap runner also coordinates with my sisal-look carpet runner on the stairs..  

Vary the Heights of the Items on Your Foyer Table:

When you vary the heights of your accessories, you add visual interest. 

In my case, I used different sized items.  You could also vary heights by elevating your accessories on books or other objects.

Pink flowers and blue and white porcelain on table - how to decorate an entry table for spring

Mix Real and Faux Flowers When You Decorate Your Entry Table:

A practical and less expensive solution…

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t exactly have a green thumb!  So, whenever I can get away with using artificial flowers and greenery I do it.  Though, I do love decorating with fresh flowers too.  In the spring, you can find a beautiful variety of inexpensive flowers in the grocery stores.  That way, you can mix in some real and faux flowers without spending too much.

Blue and white porcelain and flowers on table - how to decorate an entry table for spring

For my entry table vignette, I used real hydrangeas and tulips but the peonies and greenery are artificial.  Can you tell?  Well, I guess when the real ones start drooping it will be more obvious!  Maybe I’ll end up switching them all to faux to stretch out the life of my spring foyer vignette.  With the way this table vignette brightens up my foyer, I’d like to keep this look from spring through summer.

Pink hydrangeas and peonies - spring entryway table decor

similar artificial peonies

Be Mindful of the Colors in Adjoining Rooms:

As I mentioned, I’ve carried the color blue throughout my house. 

My dining room walls are navy and my curtains in the kitchen (around the corner) are also navy.  I think repeating the blue helps with the flow of the rooms.

Staircase and foyer with entry table decorated for spring

Speaking of repeating, I also added coordinated flowers to a basket on the front door.  Usually, I hang a wreath or basket on the outside of the front door but this year I also hung one inside.

Basket of flowers hanging on inside of door - Spring entryway ideas

door basketfaux flowers

The basket of flowers really livened up that side of the foyer.  So, I think I’ll be doing that from now on.  Also, I ordered a navy rug to replace the red one but it hasn’t arrived yet.  That red rug is still hanging around from my old color scheme.  But since we’re basically focusing the entry table today, we’ll get back to the rug another time…

Traditional foyer decorated for spring - with golden retriever

Hopefully, I gave you some helpful ideas on how to decorate an entry table for spring or summer!

Shop the spring entryway look:

Now, let’s continue with the Spring into Summer 2021 Home Tour!…

Get inspired by all these lovely spring and summer ideas!


I’m thrilled to be joining in today as 29 talented bloggers bring you the best of all things home! Please continue along this inspiring Spring Into Summer tour, and visit the other participants in each of the following categories.








Hopefully, we’ve given you plenty of ideas to try in your home!

From spring entryway ideas, to mantels, tablescapes, living rooms, recipes and crafts…I hope we’ve inspired you!

How do you plan to ‘spring into summer’?

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How to Decorate an Entry Table for Spring


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  1. So many fantastic tips in this post, Shelley! As always, I love all your blue and white but I also appreaciate how you layered in those beautiful pops of pink too. It’s all really pretty! Hope your spring to summer season is a special one, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much, Coco! Pink just feels right this time of year, doesn’t it? Great hopping with you!

  2. Gorgeous, Shelley! I loved what you said about mixing fresh and faux flowers–I do the same thing! It really saves the budget and when you blend them, no one can tell which ones are artificial. Such a smart tip! I also adore the view into your blue dining room. Dark and bold colors scare off most people, so I always admire people who go for it, and you did it SO well! Just a beautiful home! xo, Kristi

    1. Thanks so much, Kristi! No need to spend extra money to make our homes pretty, right? Thanks again for hosting this lovely blog hop!

  3. Your entry is so beautifully done for spring Shelley! I am with you, I love blue and white with pink. It’s a stunning color combination. I had no idea you had a mix of real and faux flowers. I do that too. The hanging basket of flowers is the perfect touch. Loved this so much.

  4. Your entry way table is styled so beautifully. I love the blue and white and of course the stunning flowers.

  5. You had me at blue and white china! I love it. I love the pops of colour from the flowers. It looks wonderful.

  6. Hi Shelley – A girl after my own heart! Blue & White with pink. I have always had some shade of blue in my homes over the years. It’s peaceful to me! Love your entryway. Fun “hopping” with you.

  7. Shelley, they’re all great tips on transitioning to the new season. Love how bright is your foyer. I’ve also been adding lots of blue accents throughout the house, I need to get me some of those pretty blue jars. 💙💙

  8. Shelley, your foyer is just gorgeous! I love those beautiful blue an white pieces on your table! Thank you for the tips of mixing real with faux, what a wonderful idea! I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Oh how I miss my entry table. We just moved into a much smaller house that really doesn’t have room for an entry table. I love the way you’ve decorated yours. The pink sets off the blue and white of the china perfectly.

  10. Beautiful post Shelley! Literally… the flowers and your great ideas! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Have a great day!

  11. Congratulations, Shelley, you are being featured at the FWF link party. Your entry way is so beautiful.
    Thanks for adding it and the other post to the party 🙂

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