Five Things I Don’t Love About Fall

Okay, so don’t get all upset and drop your pumpkin spice lattes… Yes, I have to admit, there are just some things I don’t love about fall!

Now, I’m not saying I don’t love fall, I am just saying there are some things I don’t exactly love about fall!

I love fall foliage but not everything about fall

Many times, I’ve expressed that I have a difficult time saying goodbye to summer.  So, just for fun, I thought I would do an “old time blogging” type of post today to let you know how I feel about this new season that is upon us…

Here are Five Things I Don’t Love About Fall:


Seriously, does anyone really love when it gets dark at dinner time?  Not me!  And it gets really bad when we turn back those clocks in November.  Fall back you say?  I say, let’s just fall all the way back…to summer, that is!  I’m already longing for those lazy summer days when the sun would set at 8:30/9:00 p.m.

I love how the sun sets so late in summer!

This photo was taken around 8:50 p.m. on the first day of summer a couple years ago.  Need I say more?


Yeah, I know…how Un-American of me…

It’s not that I hate football, I just don’t love it.  Sure, it’s fun to go to a college football game and engage in some pre-game tail-gaiting and socializing festivities. That’s the part I like…well as long as the weather is nice. The part I don’t like is the actual watching of the game, especially if it is cold and I don’t have one of those butt-warming cushions to sit on.

Football - not a fan

Watch it on TV, you say?  Oh what a snooze-fest.  Honestly, I have no interest in that either.  After all these years of being married to a former high school and college football playing husband, I still haven’t developed a love for the game.  Oh well, at least we have two boys who enjoy watching it!

My Shoe Situation –

Goodbye darling flip flops…

Draper James Jack Rogers sandals for summer

And hello to uncomfortable boots and shoes that I can’t squeeze my ghastly bunion into!  After wearing heels for work for so many years, I am now paying for it with a practically deformed foot that really should be fitted for those granny-type of orthopedic shoes.  Sure, I can deal with it during the summer because my bunion is happy and free in sandals but when fall comes, I’m in trouble.  Basically, I can wear just a few select boots and some random loafers if they’re cut right.  Yes, shoe shopping becomes a nightmare this time of year.

The Grass is on its way out

I always love the first day our lawn service shows up in the spring.  The smell of a fresh cut lawn is just heavenly.  As fall approaches, some leaves have started to fall and the lawn scent is just not the same.  Don’t even get me started on what my flowers look like this time of year.  Though, I’ve never claimed to have a green thumb, not much can be done with those dying blossoms this time of year.

Golden retriever loving the lawn

Rosie knows how to appreciate a green lawn!


With a monster of a hurricane currently heading towards the east coast, you can’t tell me I am the only one who is thinking about this aspect of fall.

Downed power lines and other inconveniences from hurricanes - things I don't love about fall

During Hurricane Sandy, we lost power for 12 days.  Yes, twelve long days.  I still have flashbacks every time I smell gasoline because we had to fill up our handy-dandy little generator that entire time.

Generator in driveway - things I don't love about fall

Every year, my husband talks about installing a whole-house generator.  Have we done it yet?  No, of course not.  Now we have the storm of the century heading towards us and we are basically unprepared.  Can you see why there are things I don’t like about fall?

Oh wait, one more thing – I don’t love how the deer always eat our pumpkins! 

I know that’s actually six but I forgot this one until the last minute!

Every year, the deer eat our pumpkins

Country living…what can I say?

But there are plenty of things I DO love about fall! 

Just in case you don’t believe me now, here are some posts where I have obviously embraced the season:

Are there any things you do not love about fall?

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5 Things I don't love about fall


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  1. We have talked about the whole house generator numerous times, but EXPENSIVE! We make do with a generator similar to yours and simply power refrigerators, septic pump, and the necessary items that we truly have to have during a power outage. I guess it's better than no power at all and losing all of the meats in the freezer. Hope this hurricane that's coming is kind to you…. we are far enough inland that we should only see lots of rain and not the wind factor. Good luck!

    1. I know, it is ridiculously expensive but I would love one! We are in inland NJ so we shouldn't get a direct hit, probably just rain and wind. You never know when we will lose power, though. It seems to happen more frequently these past few years. Prayers to everyone in the southern coastal states!

  2. I'm kind of laughing, but it's a sympathy laugh! Seriously, I do hope all goes well for you and this hurricane is not as bad as they are predicting. I guess every place has it's pros and cons. We often get asked why we choose to live in AZ…."It must be like living in the Sahara Desert all year round, right?" Yes, people have actually said that. As we huddle inside mid-June thru Sept., you are outside enjoying Summer. While you are busy preparing for the Fall/Winter seasons (and hurricanes), we are washing off the patio furniture and getting ready to spend lots of time outside from Oct thru May. We don't have an issue with that "Fall-back" or "Spring-forward,"because we don't ever change times! As much as you hate giving up those cute shoes, I am so ready to pull out my "Winter-ware!" I've even been known to put my booties on with my shorts from time-to-time in the Summer….just so they know I have not forgotten them. So many pros and cons.Again, I wish you all the best of luck with this storm. I'm praying for your safety.Warm (literally) hugs,Carol

    1. The latest report doesn't look as bad and should be fine by the time it heads north to NJ. Phew! Yes, every area does have its pros and cons. I forgot that Arizona doesn't turn the clocks back! Enjoy your nice weather – and thanks for the hugs!

  3. Oh those horrible hurricanes, hopefully they turn way out to sea! I feel your pain with shoes. Autumn is my favorite season…stay safe!

    1. Thanks, Pam. NJ should actually be fine in this storm. It looks like it will stay further south. I do love autumn too…as much as I sound like I am complaining! Lol!

  4. I do love fall, especially the cool but not colder days. However the darkness is one of the trade offs. Not a fan of the shorter darker days. Every season has its challenges. This summer was both hot and wet which meant I didn't enjoy and I was thrilled when the cooler temps finally made there first appearance this weekend.

  5. I had to laugh, the only thing I don't care for with fall are pumpkin spice lattes!! I love football, and don't mind the dark. I love wearing boots and sweaters. We are being told to prepare for Florence, with high winds and flooding with power outages predicted even for us in the mountains!

    1. Too funny! I have never had a pumpkin spice latte myself…Yes, I do enjoy the coziness of fall too. Stay safe in this monster of a hurricane!

  6. I love your unorthodox post– especially the first sentence about don't drop your PSL– because I created a PSL printable this season! hahaha… Great post. I agree! Except that I am glad to wear boots and shoes because then I don't have to have well-manicured toes… shhhh…

    1. Oh too funny – I will have to look at your printable! Ha – well my toes could use a good pedicure these days as well!

  7. I have to agree with you about this!! I don't love it when the green grass and foliage goes away. I love it so much! I love my flip flops and saying good by to those is always painful…literally. And long spans of darkness just make me sleepy.

    1. Yes, so much to love about summer! I do love every season though, and I will be ready to embrace fall once the weather stays cool!

  8. I don't like giving up my sandals, and I don't like when it gets dark so early, but I'm ok with not having to pay someone to weedeat my yard for a few months. And I LOVE watching college football. 🙂 Not the NFL, just college games. I also love cozy warm clothes and pretty colored leaves. Happy fall – summer will be back again before long!

    1. Yes, those sandals are so hard to give up, aren't they? All seasons have their pros and cons…just thought it would be fun to discuss this topic! Thanks for your thoughts!

  9. I completely agree about the darkness, there's not many things I don't like about Autumn, but darkner nights would be top of the list!

    1. I hear you! I don't want to leave the house once it gets dark, yet in the summer I am all over the place! Thanks for joining with your thoughts!

  10. I soooo agree with you, girl!! where do all those fall lovers come from anyway??:) They think luring us in with pumpkin spice and velvet pumpkins is gonna make up for flip flops and fresh vegetables from the garden and long, lazy days, and birds singing and flittering butterflies, and digging in the dirt, ha!! p.s. what is this thing you call football:)

  11. Haha you made me laugh because at first, I couldn't think of a single thing I didn't like about fall. But, as soon as I got to your number 1 I couldn't agree more. And then, the dead plants and the cold… Great post!

    1. Thanks, Cristina! I do love fall for the most part but there are those few things that do annoy me! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Yes, the darkness! I hate the darkness! I really dread it. Fall used to be my favorite season, but not so much anymore. I do love pumpkin muffins and taking fall pictures though!

    1. I know…I don't feel like going out again after it gets dark! I love pumpkin muffins, pies etc as well. I just take a while to get in the mood!

  13. Oh my, you hit the nail on the head except for hurricanes, which we don't have here in Michigan. But in place of your number 5 would be we're that much closer to the real cold and snow that we get in Michigan. Plus, with fall and winter we have more cloudy days than sunny days because of us living so close to Lake Michigan. It can really get to you after awhile! Thanks for sharing this with Share Your Style!

    1. Thanks, Carol! I was hoping I wouldn't upset anyone because everyone seems to love fall so much! Yes, I could imagine how cold it gets where you live. I do love fall for the most part – just not everything about it! Thanks for stopping by to comment…enjoy the rest of your weekend!Shelley

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